Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Abby awakes after sleeping in her dress still a little upset about seeing the newspaper clipping of her mother's death taped to the bathroom mirror. Hoping to relieve some stress, she decides to go for a run. Once in the woods, a hand closes over Abby's mouth and it turns out to be Jimmy. He is with his friend Shane and they are hunting deer. Abby tells them that she doesn't want to see any more blood on the island and runs off. Jimmy and his friend discuss Abby as they walk and approach their truck. They see a dead deer on the hood with the word "psycho" in blook written on the windshield.

Henry goes to J.D.'s room to ask his brother to stay out of trouble. J.D. talks about how the locals don't like him and only tolerated Henry because of Abby. Henry leaves as J.D. remains in the bathroom washing what seems to be blood off of his hands. Trish meets with Hunter and tells him once again that she is marrying Henry and that he had his chance 3 years ago. After leaving Hunter, Trish rushes to meet up with Henry and the rest of the guests.

Henry and Trish send the guests out on a scavenger hunt around the island. Cal is disappointed when he realizes that he and Chloe are not on the same team. Abby takes Cal by the hand and says that they are going to kick butt. Abby's team ends up at the Cannery answering questions about Henry and Trish. While their, Abby notices a girl and realizes it is Kelly Seever, a girl whose mother was also killed by John Wakefield. Abby and Kelly talk about Abby's life and Abby excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Kelly follows her and tells Abby that she sees John Wakefield even though Abby's dad killed him.

Reverend Fain is at the church preparing for the wedding guests to come and be part of the scavenger hunt. The Reverend walks through the woods and is caught up in a rope snare. He calls for help, but is soon silenced when an unseen person decapitates him.

Abby's team convinces Cal to go look for Chloe and Cal takes off. Chloe has convinced her team to check out John Wakefield's grave and Sully moves in for a kiss, but is rejected. Cal is walking through the woods when he suddenly becomes caught in a rope snare and is left hanging upside down.

Kelly tries to talk to Abby again and asks to come live with her in L.A. Abby brushes it off and watches Kelly leave and go talk to J.D.. Abby makes it back to her room and talks to Henry about Jimmy's friend Shane. Henry decides to go and talk to Jimmy about Shane backing off. Henry invites Jimmy to the party that evening. Meanwhile, Trish confides in Lucy about Hunter being on the island. Trish decides to go to her dad for help and finds him with Hunter. Mr. Wellington, however, makes it seem like he sent Hunter away.

Later, Henry is looking for Trish and finds a trail of blood leading to the bathroom and finds a dead deer in the bathtub. Abby arrives and she and Henry decide that Shane put the deer head in the tub. Abby agrees to go talk to Jimmy about it. Jimmy tells Abby that he will have a talk with Shane and asks Abby to give the people she left behind on the island a second chance. Abby goes to see Kelly and tells her that she can stay with her in L.A. Kelly is ecstatic and heads back into the house to have sex with J.D. Later that night, Nikki arrives to pick Kelly up, but soon discovers that Kelly is in the room, hanging from her neck.

At the bonfire party, Shane shows up and Henry promptly punches him and Shane walks off. Sully, Chloe and Abby go in search for Cal and find him still alive. Hunter watches the party from afar. Lucy's dog wanders off and as she is looking for the dog, she falls in a pit. Suddenly, gasoline is poured on top of her and a lit match is thrown into the pit ultimately burning Lucy alive.