Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Oh, no ! They killed the film editor again. And the icescream has already melted.

    Even if the pilot wasn't good at least it managed to bring back some old memories of the first scary films. The problem with this episode is that it had the same flaws and didn't bring anything new to the table. So after watching it I don't see the point of going back to it. The characters didn't grow on me, some of them are really annoying and their behaviors so predictable, the editing was even worst than last time when I thought it wasn't possible, the script is only a bunch of ridiculous scenes filmed one after the other, it's everything but scary… Last but not least the previews revealed so many things that it shows how much the show is actually empty.

    It wasn't even entertaining, there was nothing enjoyable about it and I can already see the viewers escaping the island one by one. Do yourself a favor, don't waste your time watching it. It just doesn't worth it.
  • having a weeklong wedding party on an island is a great way for people to not be aware when someone is missing. but holy crap, they killed 3 people!

    1 of them was a priest! i can't believe they showed his head after it was cut off. how do they get away with this!? i guess if they show any blood then they can't show the wound & if they show the wound then, they can't show any blood? ok, one of the deaths was made to look like a suicide but still, that girl is dead. and setting the girl with the dog on fire: man, that was horrible way to go. you need a priest to have a wedding so i think at some point someone might notice that the priest is missing! lol! i have no idea who the killer is & i'm hoping it's not someone in the main cast, i hope everyone does get murdered until it's just abby running around on the island alone. (preferably in a bikini, because she was hot in that red dress) but who knows what the plan is, i'm not worrying about it right now, i'm just enjoying the ride. oh & i love the episode titles. this show totally rocks. thank you jon turteltaub, man this guy is original. first jericho & now this show. he's the new joss whedon. (cause dollhouse sucks.) that jd actor is an old looking guy.
  • With a scavenger hunt, 3 deaths and some sound development in various storylines, this second episode of Harper's Island maintains the high standard set by the first episode.


    While Uncle Marty's absence is briefly mentioned by Henry, no-one seems to think too much of it – I wonder how long this can last after the kill count went up fairly significantly in this episode.

    First the Reverend Fain, who I did not expect to see die this early after introducing him, if at all. Clearly someone is out to stop this wedding, which would support Thomas Wellington, the father of the Bride, as the killer, but I don't buy it – he's too nasty and therefore too obvious a choice. Then there was Kelly – the symbol of what Abbey could have become if she had stayed on the Island (though we still don't know exactly why she left). This girl was creepy most of the time, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for her as she's clearly a victim of circumstance. That she was killed just after finally hearing that she could escape her hell is tragic. Her Wakefield sightings are interesting too – is John Wakefield really dead? Given the '25 suspects, 1 killer' slogan of the show, one of our wedding party or the locals we've already met must be the killer, but that doesn't mean Wakefield isn't lending a helping hand...I guess we'll see...

    And then there's Lucy. We really didn't know her that well, except as the blonde one with the dog she carried everywhere (I did enjoy Nikki telling her off for having the dog on the bar). The danger with an ensemble cast this big is that some of them are going to die before we can really get to know them, and that's what happened to Lucy. Though being burned alive is undoubtedly a horrible way to go, it wasn't as emotional as it could have been had she been developed a bit more first.

    We do have a lot of mystery set-up here, such as the missing headspade at the museum, seen later being used to decapitate the Priest. The only thing slowing down the episode is the Hunter storyline, which I'm still not a fan of. While he's standing around looking menacing, I don't buy him as being behind this and hope this storyline will be wrapped up soon. No disrespect to Victor Webster, who I like in other shows, but this plot just doesn't interest me at all.

    JD is being made to look very suspicious, what with the creepy music as he showed his tattoos in Episode 1, and the blood on his hands now – yet I wouldn't put any money on him being the killer, he seems too misunderstood for all that.

    Shane, on the other hand, is a douche. His rants about Abbey, his taunting of Kelly – this guy is not likable at all! Jimmy, in comparison, seems like a nice guy, and clearly cares deeply for Abby – I'm definitely routing for a reconnect for these two down the line... Also in the douche category is Sully, for leaving Cal hanging in the woods (I was very worried he'd be chopped to death too, so happy to see him still breathing at the end!), but points to Chloe for rebuffing his advances. Her fascination with killers, and Wakefield in particular, make her an intriguing character and one to watch as the killings continue!

    Overall, a solid episode with lots going on, despite the basic premise of a scavenger hunt, which even the groom admits is a lame idea... Look forward to seeing the reaction to these deaths next time!

  • Another strong episode

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. As the wedding party take part in a scavenger hunt, it is not all fun and games on the island. The bride learns that her father has brought her ex to the island in the hopes that she will call off the wedding. Abby runs into an old friend, and offers her to stay with Abby in LA after the wedding. But as the episode ends, we see that the girl is dead, most likely murdered, but it has been made to look like a suicide. Overall another good episode, more deaths and more of a story developing.
  • A very enjoyable second episode, especially now that we're getting to recognize who's who.

    The story is being fleshed out character by character and we're becoming familiar with who's who. Some of the back story of the original island characters is being filled out as well as the relationships between them.

    I'm shocked Cal survived – the last guy who got caught in the snare got his head chopped off, so either the killer's busy or didn't realize the snare had gone off. I hope he survives for a while, he's a total wimp but he's also quite adorable.

    I'm definitely liking this and from the preview at the end, it looks to get even better. This is very well done, obviously no expense has been spared if you look at the magnificent setting and the quality actors who've been cast.
  • Trish and Henry arrange a scavanger hunt so the wedding party can mingle and get to know each other better.

    I am really enjoying this series. Each week I am wanting more and anticipating next week's episode.

    Abby is out for a morning run and runs intoJimmy and Shane, who are hunting deer. When the men return to their truck,they discover the dead carcass of a deer on the hood. Meanwhile, after a meeting with the wedding planner, the church's priest is caught up in a trap and is decapitated. Trish and Henry organize a scavenger hunt which will take the wedding party around the island. The point is to have fun and to mingle and get to know each other. Everyone is split up into "random" teams designated by colored bandennas.

    Abby's team ends up at the local saloon and she runs into a former friend, Kelly, who's mother was also murdered years ago by the seriel killer. They renew their friendship and discuss becoming roomies when Abby returns to LA. Kelly's ex Shane harrasses them and Jimmy intervenes.

    Cal decides to split from his group and hookup with Chloe. He ends up in the same of trap as the priest and is abandoned by Sully.

    Trish decides to tell her father about Hunter's presense on the island. Instead she finds Hunter talking to her father. Hunter leaves and Thomas lies to his daughter. Meanwhile, Henry finds a deer head in his bathtub.

    Abby tells Kelly that she can room with her in LA. Kelly is excited and celebrates with JD. That night, the police are called to her apartment, Kelly was found hanging from the rafters. Chloe finally finds Cal hanging in the woods. Meanwhile, Lucy, chasing her dog, falls in a pit and is set on fire. Episode 2 and three deaths, bringing the body count to FIVE. Stay tuned to next week!
  • Another great episode with good character development and plenty of action and suspense. (Spoilers)

    I believe I would be right to say that every episode of this new show is pivotal, since at least one character dies every episode. This episode, three people were killed off. It was definitely a suspenseful, and very surprising episode. My favorite character so far is definitely the groom, and I hope that he ends up surviving the events taking place on Harper's Island. The ways that people are being killed are pretty original so far. Nothing too out of the ordinary yet, but it's still pretty entertaining to see. I can't wait to see next week's episode. Overall, I give this episode, Crackle, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • An improvement over the pilot, but just barely.

    Things get complicated during the second episode of Harper's Island. The members, still unaware that they're being picked off, are beginning to enjoy themselves, or in some cases, revisit old rivalries, as is the case of JD, Shane, and Henry. The drama unfolds at a decent pace, but seems to balk whenever Trish, her father, and Hunter enter the picture. For some odd reason, that storyline just seems way out of place in terms of how it's written and portrayed. But nevertheless, the problems that were present in the pilot, are somewhat rectified here.

    "Crackle" for the most part is a pretty good episode, up until the end where everything seems to fall apart. The deaths and drama, as mentioned beforehand, are all well done, and the character development, with a couple of exceptions, is well done as well. But right before the episode ends, everything falls apart as the final scene is reminiscent of an overused scene from horror movies that it simply kills the momentum the episode had, not to mention no one is questioning where the two victims from the first episode are. They seem blissfully ignorant of their compatriots thus far, which is somewhat unreal. Someone should have noticed a few disappearances by now, you'd think.

    "Crackle" is a good episode that shows the cast's acting ability to an extent and the continuation of a couple of good story lines, yet you can't help but wonder if they can stay away from poor slasher film scenes. This should be all about setting the mood and then watching it explode near the end. So far, they're getting some of it right. But still, this is an improvement over the pilot.