Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • An improvement over the pilot, but just barely.

    Things get complicated during the second episode of Harper's Island. The members, still unaware that they're being picked off, are beginning to enjoy themselves, or in some cases, revisit old rivalries, as is the case of JD, Shane, and Henry. The drama unfolds at a decent pace, but seems to balk whenever Trish, her father, and Hunter enter the picture. For some odd reason, that storyline just seems way out of place in terms of how it's written and portrayed. But nevertheless, the problems that were present in the pilot, are somewhat rectified here.

    "Crackle" for the most part is a pretty good episode, up until the end where everything seems to fall apart. The deaths and drama, as mentioned beforehand, are all well done, and the character development, with a couple of exceptions, is well done as well. But right before the episode ends, everything falls apart as the final scene is reminiscent of an overused scene from horror movies that it simply kills the momentum the episode had, not to mention no one is questioning where the two victims from the first episode are. They seem blissfully ignorant of their compatriots thus far, which is somewhat unreal. Someone should have noticed a few disappearances by now, you'd think.

    "Crackle" is a good episode that shows the cast's acting ability to an extent and the continuation of a couple of good story lines, yet you can't help but wonder if they can stay away from poor slasher film scenes. This should be all about setting the mood and then watching it explode near the end. So far, they're getting some of it right. But still, this is an improvement over the pilot.