Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • With a scavenger hunt, 3 deaths and some sound development in various storylines, this second episode of Harper's Island maintains the high standard set by the first episode.


    While Uncle Marty's absence is briefly mentioned by Henry, no-one seems to think too much of it – I wonder how long this can last after the kill count went up fairly significantly in this episode.

    First the Reverend Fain, who I did not expect to see die this early after introducing him, if at all. Clearly someone is out to stop this wedding, which would support Thomas Wellington, the father of the Bride, as the killer, but I don't buy it – he's too nasty and therefore too obvious a choice. Then there was Kelly – the symbol of what Abbey could have become if she had stayed on the Island (though we still don't know exactly why she left). This girl was creepy most of the time, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for her as she's clearly a victim of circumstance. That she was killed just after finally hearing that she could escape her hell is tragic. Her Wakefield sightings are interesting too – is John Wakefield really dead? Given the '25 suspects, 1 killer' slogan of the show, one of our wedding party or the locals we've already met must be the killer, but that doesn't mean Wakefield isn't lending a helping hand...I guess we'll see...

    And then there's Lucy. We really didn't know her that well, except as the blonde one with the dog she carried everywhere (I did enjoy Nikki telling her off for having the dog on the bar). The danger with an ensemble cast this big is that some of them are going to die before we can really get to know them, and that's what happened to Lucy. Though being burned alive is undoubtedly a horrible way to go, it wasn't as emotional as it could have been had she been developed a bit more first.

    We do have a lot of mystery set-up here, such as the missing headspade at the museum, seen later being used to decapitate the Priest. The only thing slowing down the episode is the Hunter storyline, which I'm still not a fan of. While he's standing around looking menacing, I don't buy him as being behind this and hope this storyline will be wrapped up soon. No disrespect to Victor Webster, who I like in other shows, but this plot just doesn't interest me at all.

    JD is being made to look very suspicious, what with the creepy music as he showed his tattoos in Episode 1, and the blood on his hands now – yet I wouldn't put any money on him being the killer, he seems too misunderstood for all that.

    Shane, on the other hand, is a douche. His rants about Abbey, his taunting of Kelly – this guy is not likable at all! Jimmy, in comparison, seems like a nice guy, and clearly cares deeply for Abby – I'm definitely routing for a reconnect for these two down the line... Also in the douche category is Sully, for leaving Cal hanging in the woods (I was very worried he'd be chopped to death too, so happy to see him still breathing at the end!), but points to Chloe for rebuffing his advances. Her fascination with killers, and Wakefield in particular, make her an intriguing character and one to watch as the killings continue!

    Overall, a solid episode with lots going on, despite the basic premise of a scavenger hunt, which even the groom admits is a lame idea... Look forward to seeing the reaction to these deaths next time!