Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • WOW!

    Weirdly and sadly enough this was the first episode of this show that I saw. Afterward I was immediately entranced. Of course that means I didn't get to go through the fun process of trying to figure out who the killer was. Truthfully I was rather confused but could you blame me. I had never even heard about this show before until I happened to change the channel on it one night. I watched this one and the last one in the same night. Even though it was obviously the end I still wanted more. I ended up watching the other episodes on the internet. From this one episode though I fell in love with the show. In my opinion more shows should be like this. The acting was great and the whole thing kept me on the edge of my seat with excitement.
  • WOW! The second killer is revealed!

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. With only 8 people left on the island, the struggle to keep fighting for survival. Soon they manage to capture John Wakefield, and put him into a cell. They also manage to get a message for help out and help is finally on its way. But soon things go from good to very bad, when John Wakefield escapes. Soon we learn that he does have a son and that son is helping him with the murders on the island. As the episode draws to a close we learn who his son is, it's Henry.
  • Very intense episode, not everyone is who they appear to be.

    A win for the good guys, Wakefield is captured and thrown in a cell. Shea must seriously control Madison better, she's a nightmare! She's constantly lying, causing trouble and just being a general nuisance. She lies about the sheriff then lies about his accomplice. How did Wakefield get out of the cell?

    Jimmy's story was farfetched and I'd have acted exactly like Henry and Sully did. Trish was lucky not to be hurt but at least she found the radio. I realize why she wanted to have sex right then but seriously, the wedding dress turned out not to be the best plan ever!

    Jimmy was always too obvious, I've been suspicious of Henry for a while now. Somehow Trish dying in her wedding dress was quite fitting.
  • Exciting!

    I'm sorry I have to say this but...I KNEW IT!!!

    When Henry locked Wakefield in jail i knew he was guilty. I thought it may be him when the sheriff was killed, because he didn't let Abby to go after Wakefield!

    So sad when Danny dies, I really liked him. And Trish...i thought she would escape from the island. The end of this episode it's so sad.

    Another thing...Madison is so stupid. I mean, why she has to tell that there was another person when she was kipnapped in that moment? She could have told to her mother years ago! Silly girl...
  • ~OMG~ Shock of my life

    ~OMG~ It was the shock of my life. It was a freaking amazing episode. Through the whole thing I have been thinking the wrong thing. It just shocked me to know that Henry was John Watfield's child! Who would have guessed that. The only difference was that JD and Henry didn't look alike. The way Danny died was just a real sucky was to die, but he did put up a good fight though. Then, Henry killing Trish in the end what in the world was that. Now the only question left is why would he do all of this in the first place.
  • one of the best series finales to date

    So heres what happens on the finale. sully and danny capture wakefield and lock him up in the jail cell. jimmy comes back and says trish had fallen off a cliff and leads abby, sully, and henry to the cliff where trish says that she actually fell and jimmy is not lieing and she found a radio that they use to call the coast gaurd who is on his way to rescue the remainder of the survivors. back at the jail wakefield breaks free and kills danny. it is then revealed that jimmy is not a killer. wakefield attacks trish at the cabin while she is waiting for henry to come back, she runs through the woods and runs into henry. Henry then says to trish that he slipped the key to wakefield and that he is wakefields accomplice, he then kills trish and it then reveals that henry is wakefields child. end of part 1.