Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

In light of recent tragedies, the guests at the Candlewick are being evacuated. Henry announces that the boat is approaching and he'll meet them at the dock. Meanwhile Shea is searching for Madison, a chambermaid says she has not seen a little girl anywhere. Trish is standing by the steps of the hotel and looks at the picture of her and Henry that Abby gave her. Henry asks if she's ready to leave and Trish shows him the picture. Henry looks at it lovingly and Trish wishes he was going with her. Henry says he wants to make sure Thomas' body is properly taken care of and they embrace. Sully, Beth, Chloe and Cal walk by. Sully says he feels bad for Henry because today was supposed to be the best day of his life and Beth is glad to just be going home. Chloe is relieved that the killer was caught and Cal questions whether J.D. is the killer. Sully says J.D. was a really good guy and he and Henry were best friends.

In his jail cell, J.D.'s hands are cuffed as Shane mouths off saying that J.D.'s been telling him about the murders. Shane asks when he's getting out and Charlie tells him to shut up. Charlie looks over some paperwork and tells J.D. that the state police will come in the morning to take him for his arraignment on San Juan Island. He turns around and asks J.D. to help him understand why he did the murders. J.D. says he didn't do anything and Charlie tells him the evidence points to him as J.D. leans back into his chair despondently. Charlie asks about Cole Harkin and if he can really exonerate him why not tell him where he is. J.D. tells Charlie that Cole is living in an old hunting shack and that he doesn't like him much. Back at the Candlewick, Jimmy asks Abby when he can visit her in LA and she says that they can find room on the boat. Jimmy says he can't leave yet and they kiss. Shea comes down the stairs towards Henry and Trish in a panic because Madison is missing. Henry suggests she asks Richard where she may be and Shea says that no one has seen Richard either. Katherine starts to suggest that Richard may have taken her but Trish cuts her off and assures Shea that they will find her. Henry says he will delay the boat so they can search for Madison. Henry runs down to Sully, Danny, Beth, Chloe and Cal and tells them that Madison is missing and they need help to search for her. Cal immediately volunteers and the others reluctantly follow suit.

Back in the jail, Shane is tormenting J.D. by telling him that if he had succeeded in killing himself none of the murders would have happened. J.D. tells him he had his chance to finish him off and got cold feet. Shane grabs J.D. by the throat. Deputy Garrett comes in telling Shane to shut up. Shane lets go and asks who the coward is. The lights go off and the deputy is shot. J.D. and Shane are paralyzed with fear and another shot is heard. The lights come back on, a door is heard closing and J.D. reaches for the keys that Deputy Garrett dropped. J.D.lets himself out, drops the keys and leaves and angry Shane behind.

Back at the Candlewick, Maggie lets Shea and Trish into the room Richard moved himself into. It's apparent that Richard never even used it. Trish tries to assure Shea that Richard would never do anything to harm Madison and they will find both of them. Sheriff Mills drives along a long and winding road. He stops and gets out to continue on foot. He passes the same "No Trespassing" sign that Thomas and Trish passed during their bike ride several days ago. Henry, Abby and Katherine cross a bridge calling Madison's name. Back at the Candlewick, Chloe and Cal meet up with Trish and Shea to report no sign. Cal asks if Madison would go down to basement and they head down. Danny, Sully and Beth enter Malcolm's room. Beth wonders if Malcolm would leave without his bag. Danny becomes concerned and Sully says Malcolm can take care of himself and they should focus on finding Madison.

In the woods, Charlie stops and hears a jingling sound. He pulls out his firearm not noticing the trip wire near his feet. Out comes Lucy's dog GiGi. Charlie goes to corral the dog and sets off a booby trap, a long pole armed with spikes which stab his thigh. Charlie pulls out the spike despite being in excruciating pain. Back at the Candlewick, Sully, Danny and Beth begin to search the kitchen. Sully spots a dead rat in a trap on the floor and is disgusted by the sight of it. Sully is becoming annoyed by the possibility of missing the boat because of the search and Danny says Madison is probably scared out of her mind and traumatized over seeing her grandfather killed right before her eyes. Beth goes to search the pantry and Sully and Danny discuss what they do about Malcolm and how to find Booth's body if he took off. Beth enters the cooler and is freaked out over what could be a body under plastic. She uncovers it and it's only a suckling pig. Sully comes up behind, startling her and asks if she found anything. They agree that they both hate the island. Henry, Abby and Katherine search a small playground. Henry thanks Abby for giving the picture to Trish. She says she found more pictures at her dad's and wants to give him one of him, J.D. and their parents. She realizes it may not be appropriate during the present time, but Henry says he'd love to have it because of his parents. Cal, Trish, Shea and Chloe search the basement and come upon the incinerator room. Shea says that Madison would never go in there because it's too creepy. As they turn to leave, Trish and Cal notice a handprint burned onto the incinerator door. Cal prevents Shea from opening the door and burning herself. He covers his hands with his jacket, turns off the incinerator and opens the door. Cal grabs a shovel to dig around in the incinerator and pulls out a skull. He assures everyone that it couldn't be Madison because of he of the skull.

Henry wonders why Madison would run off when she knew they were all leaving. Katherine surmises that she does it for attention. Henry finds the end of a rope and follows it to a large tree stump. On the other side of the stump he finds Richard tied to it, a harpoon stuck into his chest. Abby's phone rings and Henry begs her to answer because they need help. Abby answers and it's Madison. She says that if anyone leaves the island she will be killed. As they approach the Candlewick, Henry and Abby are unable to get a cell signal in order to call Charlie. Henry, Abby and Katherine each try to call from the hotel's phones but the lines have been cut. Abby insists on contacting he dad, but Henry says this is too big for him to handle and they need to contact the mainland and they head off to gather the others. Back together, everyone discusses why anyone would do this and why Madison would contact Abby in particular. Cal brings up the point of J.D. being in jail when Madison made the call and now there is doubt to his guilt. It has been revealed that Richard has been found dead. Sully concludes that this is "Wellington business" much to the dismay of Henry who vehemently disagrees. An argument ensues over who the target is and Henry reveals that Uncle Marty was also murdered. Sully gets up to leave and asks why her life is more important than anyone else's which causes Trish to slap him.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Charlie finally manages to extract the spike from his leg as a man approaches. Charlie sees his gun on the ground and passes out. Back at the Candlewick, Chloe is making a list of those who they have just now realized are missing. On the list are Cousin Ben and Lucy, whom Beth fears is also dead. Also on he list are the found dead and Chloe asks is anyone has seen Booth and Malcolm lately. Danny questions whether or not the disappearances are all related and Chloe insists they are since the island already has the history of tragedy. Trish tells her to shut up and Chloe says that everyone is thinking the same thing. Everyone is silent and then the lights go out. Maggie is upset to learn that the wedding party is still at the hotel as she takes Sully, Danny and Cal to the gun cabinet and distributes shotguns. Cal points out that more people are killed accidentally by their own weapons than the people they are protecting themselves from in which Sully responds with an "I don't care." It doesn't take much convincing by Sully to get Henry and Abby on board. Maggie reports that the fuses are fine and Sully concludes that the same person also cut the phone lines and probably to the entire island. Maggie says there is an old generator that may be used for power. The group is startled by noises and lights flashing and raise their guns to protect themselves, it's Jimmy. Abby fills Jimmy in on Richard's murder and Madison's kidnapping. Jimmy announces that the boat already left.

Shea wonders why the boat would leave without them and Cal points out that with the phones being out there would be no way for them to know the current situation. Sully, Beth and Chloe offer to pay Jimmy anything to get them off he island, over Henry's objections for Madison's safety. Abby suggests she and Jimmy try to contact Charlie on the CB radio at the sheriff's station. Meanwhile, Charlie is laying down with his leg bandaged up and he sees GiGi near him and a man sitting at a table holding his gun. He asks if that was his trap. The man says yes and we see the man is Cole Harkin. Charlie asks when he returned and Cole says he's been around for weeks now. Charlie says that J.D. sent him and now believes he was set up. Cole says it's not a set up and that J.D. knew Charlie wouldn't believe him. Cole says he and Charlie are after the same thing, a maniac, and he needed to know that the man who maimed him was really dead. Cole says that if Wakefield is dead then someone is imitating him. Charlie didn't want Abby involved and Cole says she's involved no matter what. Cole gets up, hands Charlie a book and asks him what's the most precious thing that he can lose.

Danny tells Henry he feels like they're being punished for taking the money from the dead man on the boat. They get to the generator and Danny stops Henry suggesting that it may be booby trapped. Using extreme caution, Henry attempts to start the generator, but the battery is blown. Danny fears the worst, but Henry has an idea, he can jump using a nearby truck. Abby and Jimmy arrive a the Sheriff's station to find the CB radio has been busted. From the back they hear Shane call out for help and find the Sheriff's deputy dead. Shane explains that the lights went out, the deputy was shot and J.D. left him there. Abby frantically asks Shane what happened to her dad and he says he knows where he went and he'll tell her if she gets him out of the cell. Henry attaches the jumper cables from the truck to the generator and it starts right up. Henry and Danny find Trish, Shea and Katherine in the kitchen and they realize that Sully, Beth, Chloe and Cal have left. Henry says he'll go find them and asks Danny to stay behind with the ladies.

Back at the cabin, Charlie is reading what is revealed to be Wakefield's prison diary and says that if anyone wanted to imitate him all they would need to do was to read the diary. Charlie asks why J.D. was involved and Cole says J.D. and Mr. Dunn were the only who visited him in the hospital after the accident. Charlie says that he had his own problems to deal with back then. Cole says the J.D. helped him track the killer, despite Charlie being convinced that J.D. is the killer. Cole says J.D.'s just in a lot of pain and Charlie asks who is the killer because he looks like a good suspect too because he also blames him for his pain. Wakefield spent his 17 years in prison plotting revenge. Coles says Abby's return started the ball rolling and Charlie insists on getting her off the island. Cole takes the diary and offers to get medical help for Charlie's leg. Cole steps out with GiGi under foot barking and he gets shot with an arrow, dropping his lantern and setting the porch on fire. Cole calls out to a helpless Charlie and another arrow is shot through the window. Cole is shot in the chest with another arrow which kills him and Charlie passes out on the floor.

Charlie comes to and crawls over to the table to get his gun as Abby and Jimmy arrive. Charlie begs Abby to get Cole's bag containing the diary. Abby rounds the corner to see Cole pinned to the wall surrounded by flames. She uses a pole to grab the bag as Charlie pleads with Jimmy to take him to the marina. At the marina, Sully's idea is to steal a boat. They pick one and Sully looks for and finds the keys hidden on it. Cal hesitates, he knows if something were to happen to Madison he and Chloe would never forgive themselves. It takes some convincing, but Chloe decides to go with Cal and eventually so does Beth. In the background Cal spots J.D. running along the dock and all four go after him. Abby, Jimmy and Charlie arrive at the marina and Charlie begs Abby and Jimmy to leave for the mainland. Abby says she's not leaving this time and Sully pops up beside the truck with the news that J.D. is there. Jimmy follows telling Abby to stay with Charlie but Abby goes with him. As they walk along the dock, Abby and Jimmy hear some noises and Jimmy goes to investigate. Abby hears someone moaning and goes to see what it is. Behind a barrel she finds J.D. stabbed in the stomach. As a dark figure walks in the shadows, she asks who did it and J.D. says it's her, it's all about her. J.D, dies, Abby turns her head and sees Henry with tears in his eyes and blood all over him.
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