Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • Gurgle.......

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. This episode is the most action packed one thus far. When we open the episode we see that Madison is still missing. As everyone searches for her, the body of Richard is found. Soon Abby receives a phone call from the little girl, saying that if anyone leaves the island, then she will be killed. Soon everyone pulls together to try and find her, but some of them are trying to make it off of the island. As the episode ends, we see Henry standing near his brother, covered in blood. His brother, who has been shot, tells Abby, it's all about you.
  • Very exciting episode.

    The killer attacks the sheriff's station. Yet only the deputy died but JD and Shane weren't hurt. Which suggests the killer wanted JD out, maybe as a diversion. Bodies are turning up all over the island.

    JD's pretty stupid running around like that, so many people have guns now, any one of them will shoot him without provocation. Before he died, couldn't he have said something useful, like who the killer is, instead of a cryptic "It's all about you, Abby." It's definitely not Jimmy, he's had too many alibis that we've seen. Why is Henry covered in JD's blood?

    Very exciting episode.
  • where's richard? oh, richard's right here catching some sun, lol!

    they start looking for madison & realize now, everyone is off the island, apparently most of the locals left too! everyone starts talking & they realize they are in a slasher movie after chloe runs down the list of missing people & they start placing blame & arguing with each other & sully gets slapped, cole explains what's going on & he's not that bad guy even though he set his dogs on trish & her dad, jd is dead somehow jd is dead & henry is the killer? what! although he did almost kill hunter in his hotel room. hmmm. i hope it's just another red herring.
  • The show is moving now!

    This is the ep I have been waiting for, when everyone knows whats going on and to its true extent (well most people know anyway).

    Everyone's scared and doesnt know what to do and they all know how bad the situation is, the boat has left and the killer is not known.

    Once the rest find out JD is dead, everyone will start freaking out wondering who is the killer.

    I myself havent really decided who it is, everyone who we may think is doing it turns up dead. Reading the other reviews, I cant say its Jimmy or Henry as one user mentioned, maybe because I still think both of them are "good" guys. I cant really say it is anyone out of the wedding party, because the only ones that seemed capable were Richard and Trishs Dad.
  • Jimmy or Henry, Jimmy or Henry...

    Awesome Show~~~~

    I have never been this excited about a show in a long time!!!!

    I love this kind of who the heck is the killer game!!!

    So Thrilling~~~~~~!!

    Let's look at the two most likable suspects - Jimmy and Henry.....

    No doubt these are the two that everyone is guessing right now, I know I am! :D

    But somehow, there's still this weird feeling that it just might not be them.....but if it isn't then who else could it be??? If in the end it turned out Not to be one of them, then it would just be a let down in a way...cause then the killer would be someone we've hardly seen on the show, that would just be Stupid~~~It will kill all the excitement that has built up to this point!!!

    I'm really hoping it's not Jimmy, cause I really like him....hahaha :) Not because he is absolutely gorgeous but because he is such a Nice guy~~~~:D
    It would be so sad to see him turn into a killer......but like horror movies go, the nice guy always turns out to be the murderer....so let's see how this one turns up~~!!
    But the problem is, during the time Cole was murdered, Jimmy was actually with Abby, so he has an alibi! So how does that work then????

    I have a feeling it might not only be one killer!!
    What if Henry was in on it with Jimmy from the start??? From when they were on the island 6 or 7 years ago~~~~!!! They just might be a team or something....but then why would they want to kill abby??? Anyway....just had this dumb idea, and thought I had to get it out of my system~~hahahXD

    Just wanted to say that this Series Rocks Ass!!!
    Hope there will be more Exciting plots coming up....can't wait for the Finale~~!! :)
  • As the guests get ready to leave the island, the youngest guest goes missing. Abby receives a mysterious phone call warning her that if anyone leaves the island this young missing guess will be killed.

    Wow! That is all I can say about this show. It just keeps getting better and better. I am hoping no one was shocked by JD's death. I mean ya maybe we are 'shocked' by his death, but not because we thought he was the killer! JD was the obvious suspect from the first episode, so of course he wouldn't turn out to actually be the killer. I must say that Cole is quite creepy. Or I guess was quite creepy is a better way of putting it. I still don't understand why he sent those dogs after Trish and her father a few episodes back, I wonder if we will ever learn more about that? Anyways him and the sherrif had some interesting conversations. I would really like to know what that journal said. I thought when Cole said that him and JD had been tracking the killer that meant he KNEW who the killer was. But even if him and JD did now we will never know as both of them are gone. My suspicions are still up with Jimmy. I have been convinced he is the killer for the last couple episodes. But how is Cole's death explained? Some are spectulating Henry and Maggie as possibilites, but I just think either of them being the killer would be kind of a lame ending. Besides I don't believe Henry would ever do that to Trish and honestly we have hardly seen anything of Maggie! It would just annoy me more then anything. I'm still gonna stick with Jimmy for now. I am really anxious for next weeks episode though and to continue learning more about what happens! Just wish we didn't have to wait an entire week for a brand new episode!
  • The youngest of the wedding party goes missing just as everyone is trying to leave the island. Leaving stops being an choice after one phone call.

    The youngest of the wedding party goes missing just as everyone is trying to leave the island. Leaving stops being an choice after one phone call.

    This episode brings to light the fates of a few people that where left hanging as well as throws new light on others. So far this show has kept me on my toes as far as who is doing all the killing. The only thing that I see as a draw back is that right before someone is killed you can see it coming from two states away. Now the gore factor is a little over the top but whom ever makes the fake blood has the mix just right. This is one of those shows that I would love to spend a day watching from start to finish more then once.