Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • Jimmy or Henry, Jimmy or Henry...

    Awesome Show~~~~

    I have never been this excited about a show in a long time!!!!

    I love this kind of who the heck is the killer game!!!

    So Thrilling~~~~~~!!

    Let's look at the two most likable suspects - Jimmy and Henry.....

    No doubt these are the two that everyone is guessing right now, I know I am! :D

    But somehow, there's still this weird feeling that it just might not be them.....but if it isn't then who else could it be??? If in the end it turned out Not to be one of them, then it would just be a let down in a way...cause then the killer would be someone we've hardly seen on the show, that would just be Stupid~~~It will kill all the excitement that has built up to this point!!!

    I'm really hoping it's not Jimmy, cause I really like him....hahaha :) Not because he is absolutely gorgeous but because he is such a Nice guy~~~~:D
    It would be so sad to see him turn into a killer......but like horror movies go, the nice guy always turns out to be the murderer....so let's see how this one turns up~~!!
    But the problem is, during the time Cole was murdered, Jimmy was actually with Abby, so he has an alibi! So how does that work then????

    I have a feeling it might not only be one killer!!
    What if Henry was in on it with Jimmy from the start??? From when they were on the island 6 or 7 years ago~~~~!!! They just might be a team or something....but then why would they want to kill abby??? Anyway....just had this dumb idea, and thought I had to get it out of my system~~hahahXD

    Just wanted to say that this Series Rocks Ass!!!
    Hope there will be more Exciting plots coming up....can't wait for the Finale~~!! :)