Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's a new day on the island and while Abby swims and has fun with the groomsmen, Henry discusses becoming a "Wellington" with Shea's husband, Richard. Richard tells Henry that he will have to find some way to keep himself happy as he looks toward Thomas and his wife. Henry, Thomas and Richard compete in a skeet shooting contest and before Henry goes, he receives an ominous card which he pockets. Henry comes close to tying Thomas, but Thomas wins. Afterward, Henry asks Trish if she would choose him over her father and she tells him that they will be together forever. After Trish leaves, Henry pulls out the card and it says: "Hunter Jennings is at the Pines Motel". Trish heads into town and while trying on lingerie, Hunter enters the dressing room. It gets a little heated until they are interrupted by the salesperson.

Elsewhere, the sheriff asks the medical examiner to rule suicide in Kelly's death. Upon examination of Kelly, they find tattoos about John Wakefield's murders and also realize that her eyes are completely red from blood. The examiner states that Kelly showed signs of having sex and the sheriff wants to know if it was consensual. Sheriff Mills heads to tell Abby about Kelly and finds her at the pool with the other guests. Abby tells her father that it doesn't make sense that Kelly would kill herself. When he asks her if she saw Kelly with anyone the previous day, Abby doesn't disclose the fact that J.D. was with her. Abby decides to visit J.D. She knocks on his door and as he just got out of the shower, he pulls a shirt over his body that has scratches all over it. J.D. opens the door and Abby tells him that Kelly is dead. He says that's weird and says that she didn't act like someone who wanted to off herself the previous night.

Trish tries on her wedding dress for her sister and Beth. Beth sees that Hunter is calling Trish. Trish assures them that she is taking care of the Hunter situation. Elsewhere, Henry pays a visit to the Pines Motel. Henry searches Hunter's room and finds his itinerary, which is being billed to Trish's father. Hunter enters the room and almost catches Henry, but Henry escapes unnoticed.

Richard heads to Katherine's room and it seems they have an on-going affair. Sully continues to woo Chloe, but she and Cal play a trick on him that ends up with him covered in feathers. Meanwhile, J.D. is walking through the woods and a truck runs him over and J.D. is knocked out. Abby goes to her father's station and tells him that she doesn't think that Kelly killed herself. Sheriff Mills heads over to question Shane about Kelly and also asks about J.D. Shane says that he hasn't seen him. After the sheriff leaves, Shane opens the back of his truck and J.D. is inside tied up. Abby talks to Nikki about Kelly and Nikki tells her how Kelly would see John Wakefield everywhere. Abby goes to Shane's house and finds J.D. strung up in a trap to hang himself. Abby tries to talk some sense into Shane and tells him that John Wakefield killed Kelly. Sheriff Mills busts into the room and Shane is arrested.

Hunter goes to Thomas and demands $50,000.00 to leave and not tell Trish about their deal. Trish receives a note under her door from Hunter saying "let's make this work" telling her to go to room 214. Trish heads to the room, but notices her engagement ring and doesn't go in. What she doesn't know is that Henry sits in the room waiting to see if she would come. At dinner later, Henry confronts Thomas and tells him that he knows he sent Hunter to the island and he says that he won't tell Trish. Henry says that he will marry Trish and make her happy even if Thomas doesn't approve of him. Henry gives a toast to Thomas and it goes over well. Hunter appears in the dining room and sends Thomas a text demanding money. Thomas gives into Hunter and sends him on his way with a check. Hunter takes his boat and starts to head to the mainland. Suddenly, Hunter's boat sputters to a stop and when Hunter opens the engine hatch, a rigged shotgun shoots and kills him.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Mills is searching Kelly's house when the medical examiner calls and tells him that the red in Kelly's eyes was ink. Sheriff Mills looks at a newspaper clipping with the words "You found her, now find me."