Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • The last 10 minutes were great.

    This episode was not as good as the first 2 but it was still pretty entertaining.

    The first of the discovered murders is beginning to stir things up. The red inky eyes were quite creepy. It seems that the villain may have a vendetta against the Sheriff. Shane and JD are both creepy.

    Henry, Thomas, Hunter and Trish butt heads and in the end one is dead. While this may still be the work of the psycho murderer the other three benefit from this one.

    For lighter moments we have the dorky, lovable British guy, the abrasive frat boy and the intelligent blond girl.

    A good episode over all. While this show for me is not the best in its time slot it is worth TiVoing and seeing later because it is a 13 episode mini series and a lot of dedication would not be required to watch it.
  • As the third episode hit screens, the writing gets better, yet everyone is still seemingly blissfully oblivious to what's going on.

    Splash, and suddenly Abby is surrounded by a group of men from the wedding, as at the same time Henry begins to challenge his future father-in-law in skeet shooting, and begun the third episode of Harper's Island has.

    "Ka-Blam" so aptly named, revolves more around the death of Kelly and the drama unfolding around Henry, Trish, and Hunter. Acting comes to the forefront, and with the exception of the still awkwardly portrayed Hunter subplot, everything moves at a great pace. Revelations are made about the stature of the previous murderer John Wakefield and slowly a few people are beginning to understand that something may be happening here. Yet, it's the slowly part that keeps "Ka-Blam" from getting anywhere. Five people are dead, and with the exception of Kelly, four of them have yet to be discovered. While it can be argued that one of the deaths would be hard to trace, that still leaves three members of the wedding group gone with no one showing the least case of worry towards their disappearances. Taking into consideration as to who were killed, it's unreal and unreasonable why everyone isn't noticing they're gone or even asking a simple "Oh where's so-and-so?" The series does have 13 episodes to get through, but delaying discovery or worry this long isn't working.

    "Ka-Blam" isn't a complete failure as the writing does show a continued improvement. Yet, keeping everyone blissfully in the dark and oblivious to missing party members creates an unreal situation that's more in line with an episode of Survivor than a horror series. Overall, though, "Ka-Blam" is a decent addition to the series.
  • alright! abby in a bikini! moar pleez!!

    today is spa day so again, people are separated like during the scavenger hunt & are preoccupied so it's easy to lose track of people & not notice that someone from the wedding party is missing. sully got "tarred & feathered" which was pretty funny. of course people are preoccupied with everything that is going on so it's not like anyone is keeping tabs on everyone. it's a wedding, people go off on their own, especially on a resort island. i was a little disappointed that hunter was just shot, guns just don't belong in horror movies or horror tv shows, but at least it had a little "saw" thing going for it, which i guess makes it ok. it's interesting that uncle marty's bag of cash & gun were on the boat. i guess the killer put it there to avoid questions in case someone found it back at the candlewick? henry's toast was brilliant & now the sheriff knows kelly was murdered
  • Moe people are dying......

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. As the episode opens, Abby's father tells her about Kelly's death and apparent suicide. Of course Abby believes that Kelly didn't kill herself and soon makes it her mission to uncover the truth. As the autopsy takes place the redness in her eye seems strange. As the episode ends, the M.E. phones the sheriff and we learn that the red in her eyes was in fact ink. We then see the Sheriff reading a note that says, you found her now find me. Clearly a note from the killer. Overall another good episode, I don't think we have seen enough yet to start jumping to who maybe the killer.
  • Now that the introductions and setup are over, things are getting very interesting.

    JD is worrying – his comment about not 'burning or maiming' anyone, is that just a sick coincidence?

    I didn't think Cal had it in him – revenge is sweet! That was brilliant! Then Cal taunting him afterwards.

    Until now I thought Shane was just a jerk but he's a psycho, he ran down JD with his truck. Abby read Shane right, when the chair slipped, he lunged forward to help him.

    Henry's hard to read – why didn't he confront Hunter? Is he afraid of him? Why not take the letter which proves Trish's father brought Hunter here to Trish? Henry's note to Trish was smart, it gave him insight into where Trish's head is at. His toast was genius – after such beautiful words, how can Thomas ever say a word against him?

    What did Trish ever see in Hunter? What a scumbag, he comes to the island to cause trouble then blackmails Thomas into paying him to leave by cheque. Yet there's a bag of cash and a gun on the boat. Complete with boobytrap. No one will mourn him.

    I love Jim Beaver in Supernatural and he's just as wonderful here.

    I'm really enjoying this, all the characters provide variety, the interactions are interesting, the murders are creative and great actors.
  • The discovery of Kelly's body leaves many questions. Meanwhile, Hunter is still hanging around. ****SPOILERS****

    ****SPOILERS**** Events may be out of order as I'm typing as I recall them. However, the final few events did occur at the end of the episode.

    Episode three, the body count continues to mount and still no clear suspect.

    So far, only one body has been discovered, Kelly, the local girl whose mother was also murdered by serial killer John Wakefield. Sheriff Mills informs Abby of Kelly's death personally. Abby is convinced that foul play was involved. The sheriff has an autopsy performed on Kelly, her eyes have a strange red tint to them. Henry is still struggling with the fact that Thomas can't stand him and thinks he's not good enough for Trish. Henry also discovers that Hunter is on the island and wonders if Trish still has feelings for him. Henry test's Trish's loyalty by sending a fake message from Hunter asking for a meeting. Trish makes her way to the room but stops at the door, she glances at her engagement ring and realizes that Henry is the only one for her. Henry is in the room and sees her shadow under the door. Sully attempts to apologize to Chloe and Cal but is rebuffed. Later, Chloe invites him to the resorts spa for a treatment. Sully is being coated in a honey and herb mixture and he thinks that he still has a shot at Chloe. Cal comes in with a feather pillow and dumps the feathers all over Sully, sweet revenge. Shane hits JD with his truck and kidnaps him. JD is in the bed of the tuck when Sheriff Mills comes around to question Shane about Kelly. Abby also comes by to talk to Shane and discovers JD. Shane surprises her and Abby tries to talk him down by telling him that Wakefield killed Kelly. Abby's dad, the sheriff, busts in and takes Shane into custody, he also suspects JD in Kelly's death. Hunter confronts Thomas about the lie he told Trish. Hunter offers to leave for $50,000. At during cocktails, Henry confronts Thomas about Hunter and says there is nothing he can do, he is marrying Trish. Hunter text's Thomas offering the payoff again. Thomas meets him at the pier and hands him a check. As Hunter drives off in the boat, he discovers Uncle Marty's money and gun, he goes to stash it and is blown away by a rigged shotgun. Sheriff Mills goes back to Kelly's place to have another look around. He discovers several articles about Wakefield, the investigation, and him. The coroner calls and says the substance that made Kelly's eyes red was ink. The Sheriff is looking at an article in which a picture of himself has red eyes and the message "You found her, now find me".

    Another taut episode from beginning to end. Only one death this time, the slimy Hunter. Not at all upset about it. Now Sheriff Mills is aware that something is going very wrong on Harper's Island. Tune in next week to see what the investigation will entail. How many more will die and will there be a clear cut suspect?