Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • In summary, more people get killed. The plot twists are somewhat interesting but not interesting enough to make the show worthy of attention.

    UUUHG. I again question my own sanity for continuing to watch this show. It consists of nothing but a string of ghastly murders which are not appropriate for TV in any way. The real mystery is why this show is allowed to be on television. What really got to me about this episode is HOW did Beth either a) sneak away from the group or b) get kidnapped without ANYONE noticing at this point?? AND THEN the step mother gets stabbed with garden shears with no one knowing?? This is ridiculous. However I do like the therory that the accomplice is Trish! It makes more sense that it is her or Henry than fisherboy becaue that would be too obvious. And I certainly agree whoever it is is Wakefield's child!
  • we found madison! hurray? jd was right: that girl really is creepy.

    now that everyone has left the island they aren't distracted & say things like: where's richard? & where's beth? & where's malcolm? big bad shane is here, never mind, so is henry & he takes him down with one punch. stay down if you know what's good for you! that little guy is tough. great directing, the way the camera moved & followed henry on to the floor. ok, those tunnel scenes creeped me out, not because there could be a killer at one end, but because i can't stand the thought of getting stuck in one of those. man, i had to look away from the screen when i was watching abby & danny in those little tunnels. oh, hi beth! hurray guns! get come cal! trophy wife is dead with a gardening tool, stabbed in the back, symbolic? maybe shea is the killer? lol this really is wellington business.
  • seep...........

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. When reading from Wakefield's prison journal we learn that he and Abby's mother had a child. And so everyone no presumes that Abby is that child. Everyone works together when another member of the party goes missing. It's during this search that Abby finds Madison. She is alive and appears to be unharmed.
    When they get back to the hotel, Madison asks Abby if she enjoyed the game as the man who took her said she would. When asked what man she says you know your father, the Sheriff. Why would he take Abby and why was Henry covered in all that blood at the end of the last episode? We still don't have an answer.
  • A very creepy and interesting episode.

    I'm still wondering about the blood on Henry, JD wasn't dead but Henry wasn't near him, reappeared after Abby found him.

    It's unlikely that the killer's a woman, a lot of the killings required a physical strength a woman wouldn't have. Chances are the killer's Abby's half-brother.

    Loved when Henry went psycho on Shane, where'd he learn to fight like that? Shane is toxic, the moment he enters a room, conflict follows. When Shane locked Abby out, everyone inside just stood there and let him. Secret tunnels inside the Candlewick, the killer obviously knows about them so he can come and go as he pleases.

    The prey are doing exactly what the killer wants – he's lured them out of the hotel and then gotten them to split up. Those low crawlspace are a perfect trap, as the smallest, Abby would go in and then she can be isolated. Finding Madison, why didn't Abby ask who took her? Instead out of nowhere, Madison said the sheriff took her. I don't believe the little brat, she's trouble with a capital T and she's lied before. Probably the killer told her it's a game and to say that. The sheriff can't even walk on that leg, never mind run around killing people!

    A very creepy episode, crawling around in tunnels and finding out about Wakefield's secrets.