Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on CBS
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Eight out of the original 25 suspects strive to be one of the few final survivors as all answers are finally unveiled in the series finale.

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  • I can't believe it. Henry is with John Wakefield?

    How could this be? Henry is Abby's best friend and he was going to marry Trish, but it was all a roose. Henry wanted Abby because their half siblings and Henry murdered Trish, half of Trish's family, his friends, and his own foster brother, that's just wrong. The final two episodes are prombly done by a fourteen year old's fanfiction story, that's how I see it. I never thought this series will go this brutal, now I feel bad for some of the characters who have been killed. If they are going to do a Season Two, it better be good. It might have Henry's ghost being the killer just like that third "I Know what you did Last Summer" movie, "I'll Always know what you did Last Summer". That is how the second season should be, Thank You very much!moreless
  • AMAZING Finale.......

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. So this is the series finale for the show, and what a finale it was. Everyone learns that Henry is Wakefield's son. But soon there aren't all that many of them left. We se Madison and her mother off of the island and they are safe. Hey are told that everyone else on the island has died. But that is not true, as we see Abby waking up in a strange house. Henry is there, waiting to place happy families with her. We learn that when they were children she said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and now he is making it happen. We also see that Jimmy is still alive. Long story short, Abby kills Henry and she and Jimmy leave the island, to start their life together.moreless
  • A bit of a let down to the previous episodes but managed to maintain dignity in the face of a sloppy script.

    So I watched the final episode of Harper's Island last night and although I was hooked by the series all the way through, the finale failed to pack the same punch as say… episode 11 which left me itching for more. Yes, it did what it promised, revealed the killer / accomplice to John Wakefield and left a small group of survivors but the writers seemed to shy away from any reasoning beyond insanity (and incestuous love?) for wiping out almost the entire population of an island, plus a reasonably large wedding party. The episode did keep up the suspense to the end but this was mainly reliant on the audience's desire to see their favourite characters survive than any real skill. I knew from the beginning that this was no masterpiece but it managed to fake it's way through twelve episodes without any cringeworthy speeches (the anger of a man being overcme by love had me searching for the remote to avoid my own mortification) or pushing my belief to it's limits. This was a series that required suspended belief for any real enjoyment but there are limitations to everything, and the last twenty minutes pushed mine to the brink. However, it wasn't all bad. It had the promised gore that caused my initial curiosity. It left my favourite couple comforting each other in the safety of their embrace. And it had some beautiful shots of a fog laden pacific coast island. Dialogue may have been iffy but the meaning and feeling wasn't lost. There was no search for undeserving redemption and the simplicity of the ending almost made up for the fact that it left a lot of questions that will never be answered. Almostmoreless
  • The series deserved a more interesting ending.

    I thought the the mom and daughter should have been killed, leaving them alive was a predictably TV thing to do. The guys who played the killers could have learned a thing or two about portraying suspenseful creepiness from the girl who played the daughter. Good for her!

    TV.com: I don't like your requirement that these reviews have to be at least one hundred words. Not only is it a barrier to interaction but it sends a "for people serious about TV, it's not just entertainment" kind of message. Damn. Still not enough words. Six more…and now I am done.moreless
  • Sigh...

    A lot of people don't seem very happy with this ending. Personally I loved it. It was such a big twist that I never would have guessed. The acting was very great, was all convincing to me. The action didn't really slow down until the very end. Course this reaction could be from the fact that the first episodes I seen were the last two of the series but I really doubt I'm the only one who thought this ending was great. I think it's a great show that ended very well. I only wish they would make more shows like this.moreless
Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie

John Wakefield

Guest Star

Ava Rebecca Hughes

Ava Rebecca Hughes

Young Abby Mills

Guest Star

Alex Ferris

Alex Ferris

Young Henry Dunn

Guest Star

Gina Holden

Gina Holden

Shea Allen

Recurring Role

Cassandra Sawtell

Cassandra Sawtell

Madison Allen

Recurring Role

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

Christopher Sullivan

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (8)

    • In the flashback at the beginning of the episode, Henry's father calls him Henry James Dunn when he runs off on the beach with Abby. In the first episode, we can see on Abby's wedding invitation that Henry's middle name is written with a 'W'.

    • The title of this episode, which is Sigh, refers to the sound Henry Dunn makes after being stabbed by Abby Mills.

    • Goof: Henry's adoptive father refers to his wife as Karen, but her name is given in the credits as Cheryl.

    • Goof: Trish's wedding dress is different from the one she showed to her bridesmaids earlier in the season. The first dress had a dark maroon sash. The one she wears in this episode has a cream-colored sash and flowers at the waist.

    • John Wakefield's victims: Uncle Marty Dunn, Sheriff Charlie Mills, Kelly Seaver, Lucy Daramour, Danny Brooks, Cal Vandeusen, Chloe Carter, Beth Barington, Shane Pierce, Nikki Bolton, Maggie Krell.

    • Henry's victims: Reverend Fain, Richard Allen, Katherine Wellington, J.D. Dunn, Trish Wellington, Christopher Sullivan, John Wakefield, Cousin Ben, Malcolm Ross.

      Abby Mills
      Jimmy Mance
      Madison Allen
      Shea Allen

    • DEATHS:
      Christopher 'Sully' Sullivan: He gets a knife in his back.
      John Wakefield: He gets stabbed in the chest with a boarding knife. Henry Dunn: He gets a boarding knife through his stomach.

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