Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • The series deserved a more interesting ending.

    I thought the the mom and daughter should have been killed, leaving them alive was a predictably TV thing to do. The guys who played the killers could have learned a thing or two about portraying suspenseful creepiness from the girl who played the daughter. Good for her!

    TV.com: I don't like your requirement that these reviews have to be at least one hundred words. Not only is it a barrier to interaction but it sends a "for people serious about TV, it's not just entertainment" kind of message. Damn. Still not enough words. Six more…and now I am done.
  • A bit of a let down to the previous episodes but managed to maintain dignity in the face of a sloppy script.

    So I watched the final episode of Harper's Island last night and although I was hooked by the series all the way through, the finale failed to pack the same punch as say… episode 11 which left me itching for more. Yes, it did what it promised, revealed the killer / accomplice to John Wakefield and left a small group of survivors but the writers seemed to shy away from any reasoning beyond insanity (and incestuous love?) for wiping out almost the entire population of an island, plus a reasonably large wedding party. The episode did keep up the suspense to the end but this was mainly reliant on the audience's desire to see their favourite characters survive than any real skill. I knew from the beginning that this was no masterpiece but it managed to fake it's way through twelve episodes without any cringeworthy speeches (the anger of a man being overcme by love had me searching for the remote to avoid my own mortification) or pushing my belief to it's limits. This was a series that required suspended belief for any real enjoyment but there are limitations to everything, and the last twenty minutes pushed mine to the brink. However, it wasn't all bad. It had the promised gore that caused my initial curiosity. It left my favourite couple comforting each other in the safety of their embrace. And it had some beautiful shots of a fog laden pacific coast island. Dialogue may have been iffy but the meaning and feeling wasn't lost. There was no search for undeserving redemption and the simplicity of the ending almost made up for the fact that it left a lot of questions that will never be answered. Almost
  • Was expecting more

    Overall i think was a good show, but there were some BIG fails. Specially in the last couple of episodes.
    There were a lot of great and scary scenes and the whole thing with Jimmy to make the audience focus on him was good, but the ending result i think was bad.
    I think that Henry being the killer was too wrong, i mean, all that drama about being lied to his whole life, c'mon you were adopted, get over, it it not a reason to go and kill a lot of people, and people that had nothing to do with, he could just tried to hook up with Abby instead of making all that story, that to me was a big downer.
  • I can't believe it. Henry is with John Wakefield?


    How could this be? Henry is Abby's best friend and he was going to marry Trish, but it was all a roose. Henry wanted Abby because their half siblings and Henry murdered Trish, half of Trish's family, his friends, and his own foster brother, that's just wrong. The final two episodes are prombly done by a fourteen year old's fanfiction story, that's how I see it. I never thought this series will go this brutal, now I feel bad for some of the characters who have been killed. If they are going to do a Season Two, it better be good. It might have Henry's ghost being the killer just like that third "I Know what you did Last Summer" movie, "I'll Always know what you did Last Summer". That is how the second season should be, Thank You very much!

  • The finale and overall series

    Although I was right about who the Killer was there wre enough red herrings to keep me second guessing myself til the end. Two hours was a little long but I was overall satisfied with a show that I got hooked on first time I saw it. Really want more shows like this, serial type with a beginnin a middle and an end. I thought the acting was suberb and to be able to fit a love story in the middle of the series was touching and made it sad that they had to die. Never expected to be frightened by a prime time TV show. Great scares!!!
  • After twelve gory and suspenseful episodes, Harper's Island comes to an end.

    Henry Dunn: groom, best friend, and murderer. Wow. Seeing him kill Trish in the previous episode was a big shock, despite the fact that I had my suspicions for a little while throughout that whole episode. But why, Henry, why? That, I'm sure, was the question on everyone's mind before watching this episode.
    The remaining wedding guests survive as this episode contained only two deaths: Sully and Henry. Seeing Henry kill Sully was a little sad because Sully simply didn't have a chance. It was too late for him once he went with Henry to go to the marina. However, Henry almost made up for it by killing Wakefield, his real father, and putting his remains in the burning church. Now comes the seemingly strange part.
    Shea, who previously made it off the island accompanied by Madison with Sully's help, is informed by the police that everyone is dead and they are the sole survivors of Harper's Island, but wait! Henry, Jimmy, and Abby are all still alive, cooped up in Abby's old home on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Henry revealed his reasoning for doing this is that he loves Abby and he wants to live forever with her, an old childhood promise come to fruition. But...isn't Abby technically Henry's sister? Yes...and ewww...
    This strange explanation for everything was saved, in my eyes, by the acting of Christopher Gorham. Henry was shown to be just plain crazy, so any half-baked and seemingly dumb motives for what he did would make perfect sense to him. I know this, to some, may be a cop-out by the writers, simply making Henry insane to not have to come up with a good reason to his madness, but when you're insane, you don't need a reason to explain your actions. Henry was crazy, as simple as that. Seeing Abby stab him with his own knife was great and a nice way to end an otherwise strange last twenty minutes. In the end, Abby and Jimmy make it off the island together and the episode ends with the four remaining survivors' fates up in the air and Harper's Island abandoned, as it should be.
  • AMAZING Finale.......

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. So this is the series finale for the show, and what a finale it was. Everyone learns that Henry is Wakefield's son. But soon there aren't all that many of them left. We se Madison and her mother off of the island and they are safe. Hey are told that everyone else on the island has died. But that is not true, as we see Abby waking up in a strange house. Henry is there, waiting to place happy families with her. We learn that when they were children she said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and now he is making it happen. We also see that Jimmy is still alive. Long story short, Abby kills Henry and she and Jimmy leave the island, to start their life together.
  • Sigh...

    A lot of people don't seem very happy with this ending. Personally I loved it. It was such a big twist that I never would have guessed. The acting was very great, was all convincing to me. The action didn't really slow down until the very end. Course this reaction could be from the fact that the first episodes I seen were the last two of the series but I really doubt I'm the only one who thought this ending was great. I think it's a great show that ended very well. I only wish they would make more shows like this.
  • Very cool ending.

    I have so enjoyed this series and the whole Abby-obsession was my favourite, as well as the twisted reasons behind it.

    Henry's little list of crimes is impressive, his plan with the money and Malcolm was hilarious, talk about mind games! He even used Trish, used the wedding to lure Abby back to the island, wanting to be with his sister forever (okay, not getting a totally 'brotherly' vibe). It's so incredibly sweet in a completely psychotic way. I'm sorry, I was rooting for Henry, poor guy. After everything he did for her, she kills him!

    I am so sad it's over, it's been really fun. It became noticeably less commercial as it progressed which was a real improvement.
  • The finale disappointed many. Not me. It was a perfect twisted twist of an brilliant murder-mystery show seen in ages… Great for summer time

    The finale disappointed many. Not me. It was a perfect twisted twist of an brilliant murder-mystery show seen in ages… Great for summer time

    I didn’t know who would be Wakefield’s child. Something wasn’t right about henry. But to find out he was Wakefield’s son made it for a terrific ending and that he didn’t kill Abby. He did it all for her to be alone on Harper's Island, loosing all logic of it all and yield to Wakefield’s troubled judgments.

    Yea babies remember things when they are in the womb but I would have had a test done to make sure. Then if it was true It would explain the craziness always going through his head.

    The conclusion is - the two were just naturally demented
  • many got disappointed by the finale. not me. it was a perfect twisted twist of an excellent murder-mystery show seen in ages.

    i guess a lot of people wanted or rather expected Henry to be the hero. but that's what made it so great of an ending. they try to grasp on the WHY, WHY, WHY? but the real question was, and has always been - WHO, WHO, WHO. who was the killer and the accomplice? Henry started killing because he was just plain crazy, no explaination about it. he wanted so much to be alone with Abby on Harper's Island, that he lost sense of it all and succumbed to Wakefields own disturbed thoughts. and people want to understand how Henry just look at John Wakefield and had a connection, is it possible? yes. in rare cases of psychological findings, babies remember songs that they heard when they were still months old. or even voices. for example, a father sings to his child and loses her. after 21 years, if the child hears that same person sing, he or she will have a familiarity with the voice. it will even sometimes sound, soothing to them, a sense of trust develops. sooo in the end the short version is - the two killers were just plain psychos!
  • Abby retutns to her home town, harpers island, to go to her best friends wedding. The wedding party would not live to tell the story because they all become part of a revenge on the main character.

    I absolutley loved the show. It was different and more interesting to watch compared to everyday reality crap you see on tv. everyone has the right to there opinion but i deffinetley dont understand the 1's that people rated the show. It obviously wasn't that bad if you continued watching it. I hope there is another season, and i will tell all my friends because i deffinetly will say i was hooked! I was glad that jimmy was alive in the end because it just killed me to think that he could of died, than i would of been disappointed but i was thilled to find out that he was still alive and in the end henry got was he deserved.
  • A perfectly 'executed' finale!

    24 hours later I am still buzzing!! This was an AWESOME ending!! No question left unanswered and almost no one left alive...I loved it! Well acted and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Plus it even had a 'happy ending' forsome. Every time you thought it was over, hopeless; the plot turned again! I am a bit sad it is over now. I'm sure there were at least a few more horrifying ways to kill. Still this series was a fantastically tragic, terrifying and exciting event. I am so glad I was able to watch it all the way through to the end!
  • one of the best series finales to date

    part 2 starts off with in the past where it shows a young abby and henry playing togethor where abby tells henry that she wants to always be with him. In the present henry goes to the shack where sully is waiting at the radio, sully tells henry that he just put maddison and shea into a small boat and they left the island. henry and sully then goes to the marina where the coast gaurd tells them to wait for the rescue team. henry tells sully that he is wakefields son and he just killed trish, he then kills sully. henry leads jimmy and abby to the church where wakefield is waiting. jimmy and wakefield have a fight and jimmy and abby run out of the church which then catches fire and bruns to the ground. abby realizes that henry is the killer. wakefield tells henry that he has to kill abby but instead henry stabs and kills wakefield then knocks out abby and takes her to a secluded house in the woods. henry reveals to abby that he is wakefields son and her brother and that nobody is going to be looking for them because everyone thinks they all perished in the fire, and that henry is in love with abby and jimmy is alive tied up in the garage because he wants it to look like jimmy is the accomplice. henry tells abby that the only way jimmy will sign a confession is if he can say goodbye to abby. abby will not say goodbye, instead stabs henry in the foot with a screwdriver and runs down to the shore. jimmy breaks free and runs after them and tackles henry off a cliff. abby goes down and sees jimmy hurt but alive. henry comes up behind abby, but abby realizes this, grabs a boaters knife and thrusts it through henry who then dies. It shows jimmy and abby sitting in a rescue boat sharing a kiss. the show ends with video of most of the victims throughout the shows run congratulating trish and henry on getting married.