Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • A bit of a let down to the previous episodes but managed to maintain dignity in the face of a sloppy script.

    So I watched the final episode of Harper's Island last night and although I was hooked by the series all the way through, the finale failed to pack the same punch as say… episode 11 which left me itching for more. Yes, it did what it promised, revealed the killer / accomplice to John Wakefield and left a small group of survivors but the writers seemed to shy away from any reasoning beyond insanity (and incestuous love?) for wiping out almost the entire population of an island, plus a reasonably large wedding party. The episode did keep up the suspense to the end but this was mainly reliant on the audience's desire to see their favourite characters survive than any real skill. I knew from the beginning that this was no masterpiece but it managed to fake it's way through twelve episodes without any cringeworthy speeches (the anger of a man being overcme by love had me searching for the remote to avoid my own mortification) or pushing my belief to it's limits. This was a series that required suspended belief for any real enjoyment but there are limitations to everything, and the last twenty minutes pushed mine to the brink. However, it wasn't all bad. It had the promised gore that caused my initial curiosity. It left my favourite couple comforting each other in the safety of their embrace. And it had some beautiful shots of a fog laden pacific coast island. Dialogue may have been iffy but the meaning and feeling wasn't lost. There was no search for undeserving redemption and the simplicity of the ending almost made up for the fact that it left a lot of questions that will never be answered. Almost