Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • After twelve gory and suspenseful episodes, Harper's Island comes to an end.

    Henry Dunn: groom, best friend, and murderer. Wow. Seeing him kill Trish in the previous episode was a big shock, despite the fact that I had my suspicions for a little while throughout that whole episode. But why, Henry, why? That, I'm sure, was the question on everyone's mind before watching this episode.
    The remaining wedding guests survive as this episode contained only two deaths: Sully and Henry. Seeing Henry kill Sully was a little sad because Sully simply didn't have a chance. It was too late for him once he went with Henry to go to the marina. However, Henry almost made up for it by killing Wakefield, his real father, and putting his remains in the burning church. Now comes the seemingly strange part.
    Shea, who previously made it off the island accompanied by Madison with Sully's help, is informed by the police that everyone is dead and they are the sole survivors of Harper's Island, but wait! Henry, Jimmy, and Abby are all still alive, cooped up in Abby's old home on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Henry revealed his reasoning for doing this is that he loves Abby and he wants to live forever with her, an old childhood promise come to fruition. But...isn't Abby technically Henry's sister? Yes...and ewww...
    This strange explanation for everything was saved, in my eyes, by the acting of Christopher Gorham. Henry was shown to be just plain crazy, so any half-baked and seemingly dumb motives for what he did would make perfect sense to him. I know this, to some, may be a cop-out by the writers, simply making Henry insane to not have to come up with a good reason to his madness, but when you're insane, you don't need a reason to explain your actions. Henry was crazy, as simple as that. Seeing Abby stab him with his own knife was great and a nice way to end an otherwise strange last twenty minutes. In the end, Abby and Jimmy make it off the island together and the episode ends with the four remaining survivors' fates up in the air and Harper's Island abandoned, as it should be.