Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • locals are safe...umm...not so much

    oh noes, jimmy is exploded. hot niki is at the bar. hurray for hot blondes! wait, shouldn't she be asleep? go get the boat shane. oh noes cal was shot, that's a lame way to kill him, he deserves a better death scene than bleeding out like booth. oh noes jimmy is not exploded. oh noes the sheriff was totally lying to her, oh noes abby's dad is strung up like her mom. oh noes kelly & jd were right. it was cool watching the sheriff get yanked out of the room like that. at least he wasn't shot like the state police (man, that was a lame scene, he couldn't drown them by waiting in the water & handcuffing their ankles with weights or something?) oh noes wakefield is alive and wants to go camping with abby. i
  • The killer is revealed but who's his accomplice?

    The explanation for the brat's insistence that it was the sheriff who took her is that someone is pretending to be the sheriff, he can't even walk. I knew the kid lied, it was the way she said it, like she was gauging Abby's response to it. The killer won't let them leave the island, he's spent too much effort keeping them here.

    The theory about the locals doesn't hold, it would have been cool if it did, it would have made it more clear who the killer's targeting.

    Pity the sheriff's dead, I love Jim Beaver, and it was pretty harsh how he killed him. Wakefield really is alive but he's targeting Abby, the question is why? Wakefield's child is still out there, is that child working with Wakefield? It would explain how everyone more or less has alibis for the murders and why we haven't been able to narrow it down.
  • Ohh Snap!

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. While attempting to get to a boat at the marina to get off the island, the group stumble across the dead bodies of the officers who had come to the island to help them. Then an explosion happens, and everyone has to run for their lives.
    Before too long more and more people die and when Abby goes to confront her father, we learn that Wakefield is not her biological father. He was never killed; another body was in his grave as her father made a deal with him. Then her father is killed and we see Wakefield. Madison also admits that it wasn't Abby's father who took her.
  • Wow

    With the list of suspects getting shorter one thing is clear, no one is really safe. Madison has no clue who kidnapped her and if she does we don't know that yet. Abby is the only one we can rule out as an acomplise and I doubt it's Madison either. With people getting killed left and right it's hard to say who it might be. There is of course the possiblity of someone not really being dead and only trying to trick us. There are some though that we know are dead for sure (hard to survive being harpooned or cut in half). If anyone out there has any theroies please feel free to share them with me. My personal opinon was Cal. The head spade in the church went off while we was sailing and every other murder has happened while he was on the island. Of course, I'm not opposed to people saying there are mulitple murders and at one point or another everyone got a turn to kill (with some exceptions)
    Anyways looking forward to next week, till then don't go in the woods alone.