Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2009 on CBS

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  • Splash: Cal and Chloe final scene

    I was sad to see Cal and Chloe go as they were pretty much my favorite character's aside from Jimmy, Abby, and yes even Henry (I know who he is and yet I find his character sickeningly enticing) anyways back to Cal and Chloe, I'm glad their final scene was beautifully done, a deeply poetic exit; Chloe's last words "you can't have me" as she lets go of the rail and follows Cal in death, spoke volume as to who they were as a couple and who she was as an individual. I'll miss them in the next two episodes but at least they got a death worth dieing for...
  • Splash!

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. As Abby confronts the killer, the group's numbers seem to be dwindling. We started off with what seemed like dozens of people and now we only have a handful of people left. As more and more people get killed and with the ones left being psychologically tortured, more of them are thinking that perhaps Wakefield isn't acting alone. Another great episode. The ending of this one got more hooked and wanting more. Now we know that there is a criminal in the mix and so will he turn out to be the one who is helping Wakefield? I guess only time will tell.
  • holy crap, he's just killing them out in the open now! no discovered dead bodies anymore.

    cal seemed to be ok which was good & he got to rescue his girl, happy ending time for the blond couple right? umm, not so much. i have to say that i'm glad they used stunt people for that scene on the bridge, it was really effective & a great scene. those shotguns have proven to be completely useless. they either don't shoot until the last minute (guys, they aren't muskets: you don't have to wait until you see the whites of their eyes) or they miss. i guess it's understandable, because they're nervous, but come on! aim! it's too bad they aren't using buckshot, but i guess that's why we saw the skeet shooting scene. what?, the bad guy has an accomplice?! or is it his son? is that why the sheriff & him were buddies? the sheriff was spying on him? although he obviously didn't do a very god job. i'm sad they killed the hot bartender. she didn't last long. who's next? henry's buddies? the little girl? what a horrific scene that would be, they totally should kill madison next just for the shock value. it would be great! like the dead dad scene and then they could kill the mom, in the moment of her grief. how sick would that be?
  • Very exciting episode, there are so few survivors left.

    Shane has now started defending Abby against Trish, that's a change.

    Wakefield isn't hiding anymore, he's acting openly now. He's obviously got an accomplice, the question is who? Jimmy's appearance at the Cannery, disappearance after the fight with Wakefield then shows up at the church, completely unhurt – very suspicious.

    Sully did a great job with Cal, given how bad he looked I'm surprised he could walk afterwards. He obviously took Chloe as bait. He even speaks well of Cal afterwards to Danny. I really liked Cal and after he survived the gunshot, doesn't seem fair. Where Chloe fell from the bridge gave me goosebumps, it was so graceful and beautiful.
  • One of the best ever television episodes of a show ever ever ever!

    One of the best television episodes ever. I really mean it, it was so emotional, it actually had me tearing up. I could not believe my eyes when one of the most tragic things ever happened on the show. It's really making Harper's Island a favourite, and this episode really deserves to be there. Honestly, I have never been so sad before, and I thought Prue Halliwell's funeral from Charmed was emotional, if I watch the last few scenes of this episode again I will actually cry. One scene, which was Cal and Chloe's death scene, turned Harper's Island into one of the best shows in my opinion.
  • i LOVE this show and seriously it just keeps getting better and better.

    i LOVE this show and seriously it just keeps getting better and better. like OHMYGOD who saw CHLOE killing herself. nearly made me wanna cry!
    her and cal's love was full romeo and juliet- am i right or what?
    And gosh, i just don't reckon that jimmy could be there accomplice, i always had an eerie feeling about henry all along.
    just wish it didn't come so late in australia- 1:45 in monday morning. it was so sad and gross how Cal died- his last words were Chloe! how sweet!!!
    so creepy how she was locked in a drain anyways, i thought he was going to drown her in there or something. so glad he didn't. she can do that for herself dont you think?
  • this is a SERIES FINALE review. not the review for this episode. tv.com wont lemme post on the finale yet.

    I live in canada where i get to watch harpers island before it actually airs so tv.com wont lemme comment yet cuz it didnt air in the US yet. So heres what happens on the finale. sully and danny capture wakefield and lock him up in the jail cell. jimmy comes back and says trish had fallen off a cliff and leads abby, sully, and henry to the cliff where trish says that she actually fell and jimmy is not lieing and she found a radio that they use to call the coast gaurd who is on his way to rescue the remainder of the survivors. back at the jail wakefield breaks free and kills danny. it is then revealed that jimmy is not a killer. wakefield attacks trish at the cabin while she is waiting for henry to come back, she runs through the woods and runs into henry. Henry then says to trish that he slipped the key to wakefield and that he is wakefields accomplice, he then kills trish and it then reveals that henry is wakefields child. henry goes to the shack where sully is waiting at the radio, sully tells henry that he just put maddison and shea into a small boat and they left the island. henry and sully then goes to the marina where the coast gaurd tells them to wait for the rescue team. henry tells sully that he is wakefields son and he just killed trish, he then kills sully. henry leads jimmy and abby to the church where wakefield is waiting. jimmy and wakefield have a fight and jimmy and abby run out of the church which then catches fire and bruns to the ground. abby realizes that henry is the killer. wakefield tells henry that he has to kill abby but instead henry stabs and kills wakefield then knocks out abby and takes her to a secluded house in the woods. henry reveals to abby that he is wakefields son and her brother and that nobody is going to be looking for them because everyone thinks they all perished in the fire, and that henry is in love with abby and jimmy is alive tied up in the garage because he wants it to look like jimmy is the accomplice. henry tells abby that the only way jimmy will sign a confession is if he can say goodbye to abby. abby will not say goodbye, instead stabs henry in the foot with a screwdriver and runs down to the shore. jimmy breaks free and runs after them and tackles henry off a cliff. abby goes down and sees jimmy hurt but alive. henry comes up behind abby, but abby realizes this, grabs a boaters knife and thrusts it through henry who then dies. It shows jimmy and abby sitting in a rescue boat sharing a kiss. the show ends with video of most of the victims throughout the shows run congratulating trish and henry on getting married.
  • More things go wrong as the guests get drawn out into the open and Wakefield finally appears. However, when Cal's girlfriend gets taken, it's up to everyone to find her before it's too late for both her and her man.

    I have to say that this was the saddest episode of Harper's Island yet, actually causing me to tear up. The character deaths in this episode were reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet with neither wishing to live if the other is dead and/or gone. However sad an ending for the two lovers in the end they were together, turning Cal's cruel demise into the beginning of forever for the two finally united in death. This was also my favorite however, finally revealing the "mastermind" behind the many murders on the island (Wakefield),and I cannot wait to see the finale next week!
  • Series finale in two weeks! Some sh** went down in this episode! ***MAY BE SPOILERS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED***

    I know that this show is cancelled and will not be back, but I don't think CBS realized that it would have a good following. This episode revealed so much to us that when the episode ended, you just were so mad that it didn't continue on.

    So we know that John Wakefield is the killer and we know that he has an accomplice. There is no way that all the murders committed on the island could've been done solely by him. It is revealed later on, but I'll get to that shortly.

    We are down to the last few remaining guests on the island and am terrified for what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes. When the show first opens, it starts off where last week's ended. Abby is confronted by Wakefield and wants to get revenge to kill him, but is interrupted by Henry Danny running up. They go chasing after him in the woods but with no luck, retreat back to the Cannery where Trish, Shea, Shane, Chloe, Madison and an injured Jimmy are waiting. Jimmy, as you remember, was brought back barely alive last week after suffering an explosion on the docks. He is unconscious, but breathing. When they are waiting for Henry and gang to return, Wakefield shows up at the Cannery and forces his way in and kills Shane and the local girl that was with them. Shea, Trish, Chloe and Madison all escape through the bathroom window out into the open night. Once out in the night, they run to the Sheriff's house where they hide in his attic, with all of the Wakefield newspaper articles. While waiting there, Henry, Abby and Danny show up to the Cannery to see everyone gone and sees Shane dead, but also sees that Jimmy is gone. When they are in the attic, Trish finds blueprints of a tunnel system that runs under the Candlewick Hotel and under other places throughout the island. She takes them for use later. At this point, Madison is going through all of the newspaper clippings and stumbles upon one of someone they know, who is not Wakefield. The article suggests that Wakefield may not have worked alone when committing the murders now and 7 years ago. The picture she finds is that of Jimmy.

    While Henry, Abby and Danny are at the Cannery and Trish and company are in Sheriff Mills house, they hear the church bells ringing and instantly think it is either the other group ringing the bells or it is Wakefield setting a trap. Nonetheless, Trish and Chloe leave Mills' house and Henry and Abby head to the church from the cannery. Once inside the church they realize that this was a trap, but Abby is insistant on exacting her revenge. All of a sudden this is commotion and lights outside and the group is reunited with Sully and Cal, but we also see that Wakefield is inside the church. After they realize that there was nothing to be concerned with, they realize Chloe is missing. Panicking and worrying something horrible has happened to Chloe, Trish realizes she has the blueprints. She pulls them out and finds there is a door to the tunnel in the church, which is how Wakefield got Chloe out of there. The group decides the best thing to do is split up in teams, with Henry, Cal and Abby going into the tunnels to look for Chloe, Sully and Danny going to close off all other exits and entrances to the tunnel and Trish and Jimmy to wait at the drain pipe where Madison was found. Everyone is armed and guns loaded and ready to find Wakefield. Down in the tunnels, Henry, Abby and Cal search around until they come upon a pipe that leads outside. It goes out to a dam area where there is no way of getting out unless you go back the same way you came. While out there, Cal goes off on his own to find Chloe and finally finds her in a shallow drain well that Wakefield put her in. When they are reunited, we are so happy, but know it will most likely be short-lived. As they are hugging and kissing, Cal asks Chloe to marry him and she says yes. They figure the only way to get out is to climb the electric fence to get to the other side over the dam. As they are trying to do this, Wakefield shows up and Cal fires two shots at him, while Chloe stands on the edge of the narrow bridge, with the raging waters many, many feet below. Cal misses the two shots (then is out of bullets) when Wakefield charges at him and stabs him and kills him and tosses him down into the ravine. Knowing that she loves Cal and is now devastated, Chloe tells Wakefield that he can't have herm and with that throws herself off the bridge. Very sad moment!

    Meanwhile, Danny and Sully make their way out into the woods from the tunnels to see Wakefield and try to take shots but miss and the show ends with Trish in the car with Jimmy (who may be Wakefield's accomplice). We have two more weeks until the two hour series finale. It should be an interesting one.
  • This has been so sad!


    This is the saddest episode for me.

    I really liked Cal and Chloe and I thought that they maybe could go out from the island. The last moment of Chloe when she says "You can't have me" or something like that has been so emotional...I hate Wakefield!

    4 deaths in this episode. Seem that they are going to be murdered all of them, because I don't think Sully or his friend survive in the next episode...

    From my point of view, I think Henry is the other murderer. Because he told Cal to stay alone, searching for Chloe, and in the Hotel, when Wakefield was running away from Abby, he didn't let her go after him. What do you think?
  • I think the Acomplice is...

    Last night episode was cool, the ending was very sad :(
    I really like both of those characters...

    For next series finale:
    My Theory- Henry is the bad guy behind everything, he is obsessed with Abby. He killed Trish's ex,
    and father. He wants Abby to himself, that girl that planned to live with Abby, and his brother that also was cool with Abby, he killed Thrish stepmother and the guy she was with.

    The only thing that I dont know is why he killed his uncle and try to kill Trish at the pool.
    if he killed all this trish family why try to kill her too?
    Lets see in 2 weeks if im right :)
    He wants to kill the fisherman who likes Abby
  • Excellent episode in a show that is just average and sometimes borderlines mediocre

    This episode was excellent, for the first time it looked like a great episode of a tv show, instead of something out of a cheesy soap opera where Abby keeps making a scared face at every mention of Wakefield.

    Trying not to spoil, the deaths also were very emotional, and some new revelations are shown, for the first time since the show started, I actually cared about the people who died and look forward for next week's episode, If they finish the show if the same level of quality that this episode have, it just might have a second season.
  • Some good a lot of bad.

    There was a great scene in here with Cal and Chloe that was powerful and emotional, but I had some serious problems with the actions of Wakefield and those around him.

    First off he becomes too ballsy. He bust into a room full of people with shotguns carrying nothing but a big blade thing. The scene fell flat when they ran out of the room WITH the shotgun and left a guy with a small knife to take him out. Huh? All they had to do is shoot him with the gun.

    Then he just stood there as Abby and Henry approach him with shotguns and shoot. And she misses. With a shotgun from 20 feet and totally miss and he casually strolls away. What?

    He stands about 15 feet infront of Cal(who has a shotgun) and he MISSES and just hits a spot on the ground to the left of his foot. Again, this is a SHOTGUN.

    Two other scenes, one with Danny and Sully and with Shae in another, of them shooting their SHOTGUN a door with Wakefield behind it. Ofcourse they don't hit him, but from 5 feet away they blow holes in the door the size of softballs and the rest of the door is peppered with buckshot holes. So the fact that he just stood there and they MISSED completely with the shotgun really bugged me. I loved this show till now, but it is just silly they ways they are making people react in scenes with him.
  • My summary is in my review.

    Episodes 10 and 11 were positively the best ones yet. -Warining.If You Did Not Watch Show Yet, Do Not Read-. Nikki's, Shane's and Chloe's death were really, really cool. But the most gruesome death in this show was Cal's. I was upset when he died because he was my favorite character. I ruled out some people who can't be Wakefields associate. When Danny and Sully (Chris) were blocking the entrance to the tunnels in the kitchen, a gun came through the wall. It wasn't Wakefield because he was outside locking up Chloe. So that rules out them. In the world of tv, they wouldn't reveal the killer like they showed Jimmy's jail record, so I don't think it's him. So that leaves Abby, Henry, Trish, Shea and Madison. However, Shea and Madison weren't in the tunnels that episode so that rules out them. But,Abby, Henry and Trish were all together and unless one of them snuck away without the other two noticing or unless they're all killers, it can't be them so that leaves... nobody. But, this show is based on the Agatha Christie book "And Then There Were None". And in that book, the killer was already thought to be dead at the end. So, maybe the killy is "dead". It can't be Booth because there's no way he could survive being burried. It can't be Maggie because she was hanging there for hours. It could be Cousin Ben because we all think that that guy under the boat in the first episode was him because of his phone vibrating when Trish called. But that doesn't mean it was him. And, It could be Chloe because she landed in water when she jumped off the ledge so we don't know if she's dead or not. So other than those two people, I'm completely stumped. Plus, did you notice that in the first episode, Uncle Marty was taking pills and you saw a bag with a load of money and a gun. In episode three, Hunter was leaving the Island with that same bag with all that money and the gun. That has to mean something, right?
  • I guess I was wrong?

    So if anyone has been reading my reviews they will know that I thought Cal was the killer (or I guess accomplice) for the longest time. This episode has proved me so very wrong. This just wasn't Cal's episode. I really wanted Cal and Chole to make it out alright. I had become very invested in them and and I cried like a little girl when Cal was killed right in front of Chole. I became hestaric when Chole looked Wakefeild in the eyes and said "you won't have me" (or something along them lines) and then leaned back.
    This was another episode full of deaths and I loved it. There were 4 deaths and many more possible red harrings thrown in to keep us guessing. Did Madison and Shay find out that Jimmy is Wakefeild's accomplise? Does that mean he is Wakefeild's child and that is why Cheif Mills began to cozy up to him? So many more questions just spinning in my head. It's hard to believe there are only 2 more episodes left with so much left unsaid.
  • AMAZING...This is the Best Episode of ANYTHING I've seen all year. I cried...oh that ending...It's really incredible to see Wakefield step out of the shadows. Can't wait for next week!

    Sully manages to patch up Cal and get the bullet out so they go off to get the boat Cal ordered (or whatever) but...it's gone ([sigh] nothing's easy on this Island) so they return to the others.

    Henry and Danny find Abby and Wakefield having a little chat, Wakefield runs off (before he can explain WHY he's doing this) and Henry restrains Abby from going after him - they load the Sheriffs body into the car and head off back to the Cannery (the bar)

    The rest (Shane, Nikki, Chloe, Trish, Madison, Shae and a passed out Jimmy) are fine worrying about the others and fighting amongst themselves until an alert Madison (SOMEONE has to be while a serial killer's lose) raises the alarm that Wakefield's coming. They don't have time to freak out, he kicks in the door and strides in (and you think Oh he's going to say something useful...not on your life, as if they really want us to know what the hell's going on in this show...where would the fun be in that?). Nikki dives behind the bar for a gun, Trish stands in front of Chloe and Shane leaves Jimmy's side to shoo Shae and Madison out. Wakefield (with his trusty spear thingy) takes offense to the gun geting and spears Nikki through (blood splatters the bottles behind her) and then drags her over the bar to throw her on the ground (i think he stabs her again, can't remember too many things happen this ep)- she's dead. Shane gets more forceful in getting Madison and Shae out and they finally start heading for the back (to the bathroom), Trish helps and gets Chloe to leave too (she's holding a shotgun and all i can think is Wakefield is Standing right there Soot Him! But she doesn't) she follows behind the others leaving Shane to deal with Wakefield. He tells Wakefield he's not scared and pulls a knife on him, they swipe at each other and Wakefield is the only one to draw any blood from his opponent...he then stabs Shane through (as is his style) and Shane looks about dead. Trish gets the others through the bathroom window and turns to face the closed door, Wakefield burst through it (after she's used two shots and run out of ammo) and gives her a 'What are you doing here' look - a bit like he's not sure how to approach her...like its awkward that he ruined her wedding by killing all the guests or something, anyway Shane drags himself to the doorway and gets Wakefield's attention, he leaves to finish him off (doesn't like leaving anything undone is Wakefield) while Trish escapes out the window to safety...otherwise known as the sherriff's creepy attic.

    Henry, Abby and Danny come upon the empty Cannery, find Nikki and Shane's bodies (Shane's strung up)...there's a lot of blood so they don't know who's alive...oh and Jimmy's gone (that guy's getting MORE and MORE suspicious, I mean come on he SURVIVED that explosion last week? I don't think so! Not unless he's working WITH Wakefield...Father and Son team anyone? But that's just my speculation). They then hear the church bells ringing...It really does feel like they have no choice but to go, so they go hoping its the others and Chloe and Trish do the same (leaving Shae and Madison to the attic rifling).

    They find each other in the church cemetery outside the church and decide to head in ANYWAY to see why the bell isn't ringing anymore. They find the second dead deputy and there's banging on the doors which freaks EVERYONE out and i see someone skulking and i think its Wakefield but the doors open and its Sully and Cal - they're all relieved until Cal's like where's Chloe? and I realize i totally saw Wakefield.

    Its morning and they're scouring over the map tunnels Trish thoughtfully brought with her (she's moved up in my list of people i don't want to die, especially after this episode's tragic deaths) when bloody (not literally, because he barely looks scratched) Jimmy wanders in- Fantastic he's out of his coma...but whatever Abby's happy to see him. Cal finds the tunnel entrance and they work out which entrances to block off so they can find Chloe and Wakefield. Henry's giving the orders (hey, he IS the groom) sending Trish off with Jimmy (of ALL people, if he kills Trish I am going to be so PO'd) to sit on the grating that they found Abby and Madison in, Sully and Danny to the kitchen at the hotel, while he, Abby and Cal will go down into the church entrance.

    Sully and Danny block off the door with some two by fours and give themselves a pat on the back, not pretty but it will do...Sully's decided that he wants what Cal and Chloe have, that he needs to let people in and blah blah blah (I'm starting to like Sully more, since he like Cal more but does he need to do this NOW?) then someone starts banging on the other side of the door and they jump and freak, shooting holes in it - do you think we got him? they step a little closer and out shoots the spear through on of the holes - Well SOMEONES not happy! they jump back and stand there for a while- finally deciding that since their friends are down there they should go down there too (?).

    At the sheriffs', Madison (child detective) does some digging through his files and hands some to her mother when she freaks out and tells her that she said NOT to touch any of the Wakefield things...Madison points out that he's not the only person that the sherriff's been collecting information on...Hmmm a boxful of Jimmy, a mug seattle mug shot, whatever could THAT mean...that explains why he's so paly with Jimmy all of a sudden- he's been investigating him! We get a LOVELY shot at the end of the episode of Trish asleep in the car (guarding the hole) with Jimmy trying to get a gun out of her hands. Crap.

    Cal, Henry and Abby come out of the tunnel into the forrest and they split up, Cal looking for Chloe and Henry and Abby trying to find Wakefield (Abby tells Henry NOT to get in her way, she's gonna kill him). Wakefield has locked Chloe in a hole (part of the pipe system?) near a bridge over the roaring water of the river. Abby and Henry spot Wakefield (who JUST STANDS there) and Abby shoots and misses...of course. He wanders back to Chloe as asks if her fiancee would give his life or hers - Chloe whimpers and he wanders back into the woods. Cal through shouting and Chloe shouting finds her and shoots the lock off to rescue her, they hug and kiss and comfort. they get outta there and head for the woods. They stop and take a moment, Cal asks her to marry him again and she stops crying long enough to say yes, they kiss and puff and then Chloe spots Wakefield (doing some more standing), Cal takes a shot and misses-hitting the dirt, then he's outta bullets and they run for the bridge. The bridge which has a very unhelpful locked gate so Cal sends her over (telling her he loves her) while he tries to hold off Wakefield (who calmly stride towards them). Cal tries to use the useless gun as a bat and Wakefield hits him a couple of times and throws it off the bridge, Chloe's frozen on the outside of the bridge not wanting to leave Cal, screaming as he gets close to the inevitable. Cal gets the stabby treatment and manages to look at Chloe and gurgle her name (urging her to go), Wakefield pushes a little harder and there are squishy noises while Chloe screams his name hysterically. Wakefield pulls his spear thingy free, Cal's dead and Chloe cries, suddenly Wakefield pitches Cal's body over the rail and into the river why Chloe screams at him to stop. We get a moment to watch him fall and float (I can't believe it...I was really hoping they survived and i'm teary and whatever the song is it ROCKS), Chloe's in shock. We get to see Henry stop Abby run off a cliff...that she doesn't see- they can see Chloe and Wakefield on the bridge. Chloe glances at Cal's body, then back at Wakefield who raises his spear, she looks steadily at him - "You can't have me." he lowers the spear realizing what she's going to do, she emotionlessly lets go of the rail. Chloe has a slo-mo fall into the river with Cal, as Wakefield, Abby and Henry watch on. Cal and Chloe's bodies float away and Wakefield rests his arms on the railing staring at Henry and Abby. He takes off for...well where ever he lives probably.

    Danny and Sully come out of a pipe in the forrest just in time for....wait, they missed everything so in time for NOTHING. They throw a shocked look at the river (but I don't think they saw Cal and Chloe).

    We end with Jimmy warning Trish about sleeping with a loaded gun...well Gee Jimmy there's a SERIAL KILLER out there...how does that make any sense? He takes it off her and she goes back to resting against the window with her eyes closed while he stares at her creepily. Fine, I'll admit it. Jimmy is kind of more attractive and interesting now that's he's possibly dangerous, instead of just Abby's ex boyfriend- the good guy, the local, that EVERYBODY likes.

    I'm really going to miss Cal and Chloe they were my fav's, i was sad to see them go- I wish they'd gotten off the island and had a chance to get married. So now I'm rooting for Henry and Trish to get off the island, maybe this has something to do with Trish since Wakefield didn't kill her or Madison....?