Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another great episode

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. We open this episode seconds after the previous one ended. We see everyone as they react to seeing someone murdered in front of them. Soon there is talk that Wakefield is still alive and that it is he who is committing the murders. So Abby and Henry take matters into their own hands, and dug up the body of Wakefield, and find a corpse inside. Thus proving that he is dead, or does it?
    The police's main suspect in the murder is killed at the end of this episode. Overall yet another good episode, and with each episode the show seems to be proving and becoming more gripping.
  • Very interesting revelations about Wakefield.

    This is the first time someone has been murdered in the open, in front of people. Love how the sheriff's reaction is to protect Abby, then go to the body. Then them making up later, very sweet.

    The sheriff will have a difficult time solving the murders. Small island, no real police force, no lab, forensics will be a nightmare. The sheriff shouldn't even be considering letting everyone leave with the crimes unsolved.

    JD just set up another stunt with a firecracker but talk about terrible timing. Unlike Abby, I wouldn't have followed him out into the woods alone. It doesn't say much for their relationship that Henry believes so easily that JD is the killer. Doesn't help that JD knows that creepy guy in the woods.

    Chloe is awesome, that stunt to get the ring back was great. Of course a girl like Chloe would go for Cal, he's so dependable and sweet.

    Things are getting very interesting, all the news about Wakefield.
  • wow, they changed the show intro, nice!

    what a powerful opening scene. i wasn't expecting this show to take it seriously but they did, each character reacted appropriately, the 2 daughters, the wife, the granddaughter & the guests. the slow-mo & muffled audio made it more serious. they actually showed the body which i did not expect. as if things weren't stressful enough trish let shea know richard was cheating on her. awkward! of course he won't be getting custody of madison now! totally in mid-sentence, i was caught off guard when richard ate it. jd gets help from the burned face guy & it looks like they are responsible, but i doubt it. madison is just too into keeping secrets from people. a great episode & the show just keeps getting better. i am so excited about this show, i can't tell u.
  • Best Episode Yet

    In this episode of Harper's Island, many interesting things happen. For one, the bodies are beginning to be discovered as our party guests discover what is going on. Not to spoil too much if you haven't seen it yet, Uncle Marty's body is discovered and Thomas's death is ruled murder. The guests become increasingly anxious and the action picks up. Now, the story gets very interesting and I can see where the show is going. After a few (Still fantastic, however) slow episodes, the action picks up. If the first 4 episodes were about setting up the premise and the horror element, the show's new focus will be on the action. Things are going to get really good, and the cliffhanger is one to die for. The show's been canceled, so we may not see a spin-off next summer (Harper's Safari, Harper's Castle, etc. etc.)but we will be getting the rest of the season, which is a relief. An amazing television show has just gotten better, and I do hope that people begin tuning in, as the show is just getting started, and CBS "uncancels" it if you will. Fingers are crossed. I'd hate to see a show with such quality writing and amazing suspense. Watch this show! You can watch the episodes online and get ready for this Saturday! Trust me, you don't want to miss it, especially now of all times.