Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 7

Thrack, Splat, Sizzle

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 30, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sheriff Mills and his deputy arrive at the Candlewick, Sully, Malcolm and Beth are in the lobby wondering why they're there and how bad the entire situation is. They know that J.D. and Richard are being questioned. Sully says the murderer could be anyone, which upsets Beth who wishes the boat had arrived already to take them home. Danny arrives and says the sheriff is going to be searching all the guest's rooms. Despite not having a warrant, all agree that it's OK because they don't have anything to hide. Malcolm heads up to his room. Madison asks Shea where her daddy is, Shea says she's not sure, but he's around. Madison asks if he's gone because of what she said to the sheriff or if he killed grandpa, and Shea replies that he loved her grandpa. Malcolm is in his room preparing to hide the money he stole as there is a knock on the door. He takes the bag and drops it out the window into the bushes outside. It's Beth who thanks Malcolm for comforting her the day prior, Malcolm is visibly nervous and thanks her for her thanks and says he'll meet her at the boat and says everything will be okay. Beth takes notice of his nervousness.

Back at their room, Henry talks to a still shaken Trish about returning to Seattle. He offers to stay behind to take care of her father's body. People are asking about the wedding, all Trish can say is okay. Jimmy meets Abby at the Candlewick to see how she's doing, he just heard about Thomas and sees the similarity to the Wakefield murders. He says that he doubts Abby will ever come back again and wants to say goodbye, Abby asks if he was afraid she would leave without seeing him before she left. He says that there's always something getting in their way.

Flashback: seven years prior. Abby and Nikki are talking about the "camping" trip Abby is taking with Jimmy that night. Abby says that she's not sure about what will happen, but the time may be right for them to finally have sex since she's going to college soon. Jimmy comes up behind them and overhears some of the conversation. Being coy he says he heard nothing and Abby hints to Nikki to take off. Jimmy asks if they're "going camping" and she says yes and they kiss.

The present. Charlie is searching through J.D.'s bags and Henry comes in. Charlie finds firecrackers and asks if Henry was ever going to tell him about the dead raccoon. Henry says he was trying to protect J.D. Charlie points out all the meds in J.D.'s bathroom and Henry admits that J.D. probably stopped taking his meds which prompts Charlie to ask if J.D. is psychotic enough to kill. Henry wants to say no and Charlie finds a cell phone in a pocket. It turns out to be Uncle Marty's phone, Charlie believes he has found the killer. Abby observes Trish rebuffing Henry across the way. Henry comes over and breaks the news about Uncle Marty's phone to Abby. Abby doesn't believe it and Henry says her dad does and so does Trish. Abby says that even if it's true, Trish won't blame him, but she just did with her reaction. Charlie returns with scent dogs to search for J.D. and Henry convinces him to let him help as long as he stays back and doesn't interfere. Abby walks through the gardens and is surprised by the gardener trimming the hedges. Behind another bush, someone is watching her. She brings food to Trish and they talk about how her dad is supposed to be walking her down the aisle now. They talk about J.D. and Wakefield and how they want/wanted them dead for what they did.

Flashback. Abby and her mom are arguing about the camping trip. Abby tries to lie and says she's going with Nikki. Her mom knows it's Jimmy and that she's too young to be dating a boy "like that". She says she likes him but he's a wild card and she used dated boys like that. Abby responds with how she married someone safe and her mom says that her dad treats them very well. Abby asks about wanting love and passion. Her mom responds that her dad is passionate, he's passionate about hating Jimmy and the mood is lightened.

The present. Abby suggests that Trish go and "talk to her dad", tell him that she loves him. She says she did the same thing right before her mom's funeral and it helped to get her feelings out in the open and heal. Abby asks what she would say and Trish says she would have done things differently if she knew it was their last day together.

Flashback. Abby leaves for her camping trip. Her mom says to be back by breakfast. Abby asks her not to tell her dad and her mom says why, she's going camping with Nikki. They hug. Jimmy jumps out and startles Abby. She feels guilty for lying to her mom and admits her mom knows. Jimmy says it's good she cares, his parents wouldn't notice if he disappeared for a week. As they walk they discuss the future, Abby going off to college and jimmy staying on the island and wonder if they'll stay together. Abby points out that Trish and Henry were still together, Jimmy asks if they'll ever get married. An explosion at the marina.

The present. The hunt for JD continues and Charlie asks Henry why he felt he was responsible. After their parents died he felt he should have done more for JD when he started changing, instead he went back to college and JD lived with Uncle Marty. Uncle Marty wasn't the best parental figure but Charlie feels that no matter what the circumstances, most people wouldn't resort to murder and Henry is not to blame. Back at The Candlewick, Malcolm goes to retrieve the bag of money without making the gardener suspicious. The police are still searching the guest's rooms as Malcolm sneaks back into his own to switch bags. As he heads out he is surprised by Sully and Danny who confront him on why he's so nervous about the cops searching the rooms. They know why, because he has Muffin! Malcolm says he doesn't know where she is and Sully says it's in his bags and grabs it from him. He opens it to find the stolen money, he and Danny are shocked and ask where's Booth. At the clinic, Trish prepares to see her father's body. The coroner remind Abby that Trish shouldn't look under the sheet. Trish is having doubts about seeing her father and Abby says she doesn't have to do it but Trish muster the courage and walks in the room.

Flashback. The explosion and fire at the marina. Abby runs up to Henry who is trying to help Charlie's deputy, Cole Harkin, who's face is severely burned. Charlie doesn't know what triggered the explosion but orders Abby and Jimmy to both get home for safety.

The present. Malcolm is explaining what happened to Booth. That he bled out so fast it was impossible to save him. He didn't think that Sully and Danny would believe him and Sully says they would have because they're friends. Malcolm admits it was all for the money, he was desperate and Danny punches him. He says that he killed Booth over money, Malcolm is in tears and says not to say that and Sully has to pull Danny off of Malcolm. Danny says that when Malcolm comes down they're going to the Sheriff and he's confessing and they need to find Booth's body. Charlie and Henry are talking about why JD blames Henry and Uncle Marty for the path his life has taken when JD was in high school, he and a girl he dated made a suicide pact Henry came home and was able to save JD but the girl was already dead. He and Uncle Marty put JD in the psych ward for a year. Trish thanks Abby for bringing her to her father and Abby says she did it because she cares about her and Henry. Trish says things will never be the same for them. Abby asks the coroner to take Trish bask to the Candlewick, she needs to go to her dad's to get some things. Abby looks around and lets herself into her dad's house.

Flashback. Abby gets home and calls out to her mom, she's no where to be found, the back door is jimmied and the phone rings. It's Charlie, she tells him that her mom is gone and he orders her to lock the house up and stay inside, he'll find her mom. Abby locks up and hears her mother screaming.

The present. Abby leaves her dad's house with a box and is surprised by Cole Harkin, Charlie's former deputy. Abby recognizes Cole from the marina seven years ago, Cole says he was the match Wakefield used to trigger the explosion. He says he's there for Abby and that Charlie is chasing the wrong man, JD is innocent and her dad can't be trusted and is a liar. Abby says Charlie's kept the island safe and Cole tells her to ask him about the first time Wakefield came to the island and that when he was burned it was for revenge and was after Charlie.

Flashback. Abby searches the woods for her mother and hears a man begging for his life. She sees the man being dragged along the ground and get killed by another man with a head-spade. She screams and the killer turns towards her. Jimmy pulls up in his truck and distracts the killer away from Abby so she can escape.

The present. Charlie tells Henry that when they catch JD he's being turned over to the state police. The deputies shout out that they've found JD. JD runs for his life and stumbles. Henry sprints ahead despite Charlie's warning and catches up to JD on the dock and tackles him. JD says they're all going to feel stupid when he's locked up and some one else is killed. Abby meets up with Henry, who announces they got JD, and Charlie and tell her dad she needs to talk to him. She asks him if he's lying about Wakefield and is her mom dead because of him.

Flashback. Abby is walking through the woods and discovers the tree with all the bodies hanging on it, including her mother. Charlie walks up and stands beside her.

The present. Abby tells Charlie about what Cole said and asks if it's true. Charlie tells her Wakefield did not come to the island for him, he came for her mother. He tells her that her mom dated Wakefield when she was a young woman and it ended badly and that's how she came to the island. He tracked her there and tried to hurt her. He needed to stop him. Abby is in shock and he says it wasn't her fault

Flashback. Abby asks her dad why he's sending her away, what she did wrong, she'll apologize. Charlie pours a drink and Abby knocks it away. Abby says it was his fault, if he loved her he would have tried harder to save her. Charlie asks if she ever thought her mom got what she deserved. Abby runs away as Charlie calls out to her.

The present. Charlie tells Abby the first time Wakefield came to the island he tried to hurt her mom and kidnap her, he told his deputies to teach him a lesson. Wakefield cut up Cole and Charlie charged him with attempted murder of a police officer and sent him to prison. That's what brought him back seven years ago. Charlie didn't tell Abby because he wanted to protect her mother's memory, it was easier to let her hate him. Shea asks Trish where's she's been. She's been concerned for her and Richard. Trish tells her she went to see their dad and she's calling off the wedding, permanently. She can't bear to even look at Henry knowing his brother killed her father. Madison is sitting in the living room, someone looks in the window and slips an envelope under the door. Madison reads the note and walks away. Malcolm goes to the incinerator and starts tossing the money in the fire, someone grabs him and we hear hacking sounds and sizzling when he grabs the edge of the incinerator. Trish thanks Abby for going with her. Abby tells Trish she's been thinking, mostly about Wakefield and how she chose to shut everyone out. She mentions what Trish said about not being sure about her and Henry and gives her a picture of the two of them when they were kids. Abby says she's always believed they've belonged together and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did.

Flashback. Abby is preparing to leave to live with her grandmother in LA. Charlie says it's for the best and Abby angrily replies that it's best for him. Charlie asks that she call when she arrives, Abby turns, gets on the boat and leaves without saying goodbye. Jimmy runs up and calls her name as she goes off into the night.

The present. Abby meets Jimmy at his boat and tells him about the incident with Wakefield and how he saved her. He admits that he saw her. She asks if he ever thought about what would have happened between them if she never left and Jimmy says they would have done a lot of camping. Despite being covered in fish, Abby kisses him. At The Candlewick, Madison looks at the note, looks around. She approaches a room and calls out for her daddy, she enters, calls for her daddy again and the door slams shut behind her.