Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 7

Thrack, Splat, Sizzle

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 30, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. As the wedding guests prepare to leave the island, new evidence is found, which means that no one can leave the island. We also have a lot of flashbacks in this episode, during which we see Abby and her mother. We also see that it was Abby who discovered the killer's victims, including her mother and that she was nearly killed by the killer. We also learn that her mother used to date the killer many years before the killings started. But since they won't show his face, and we have seen it in newspaper clippings, does this means that Wakefield is not the killer?
  • Flashbacks show what happened 7 years ago.

    Flashbacks: Henry and Trish were dating 7 years ago. The burned guy, Cole, was burned in the dock explosion. Abby witnessed one of the murders and found the bodies. Jimmy saved Abby's life. Wakefield was involved with Abby's mother and Mills had him sent to prison. The flashbacks mostly weren't great but the events surrounding the murders were interesting.

    After all the effort Malcolm went to to hide the money, Sully finds it because of a joke. Malcolm burning the money was a nice gesture, after all the misery it's caused. It's a little sad that after that, the killer kills him. The same thing will happen as when Booth disappeared, they'll think he took off with the money.
  • flashbacks? more like flash-fails

    there were a bunch of flashbacks to the day that abby's mom died & wakefield was on his rampage. we learned that poor jimmy didn't get to hit that in high school & we saw how the burned face creepy guy got that way. it was ok, but not really tension filled. they probably should have shown the mom getting abducted & being killed, that would have kept the show scary, but they opted to concentrate on abby & it wasn't as effective because we've already seen when she discovers her dead mom, so no shock or scare. too bad, it would have been cool to see wakefield kill abby & kelly's mom. it was a big missed opportunity. which brings us to muttonchops. malcolm is so stupid, what an idiot. he shot a boat, stole money, got punched in the face & passed on sleeping with a hot blonde all for nothing because like an idiot he decided 2 burn the money. why? it won't bring booth back. oh well, he had a good run. showing the burning hand on the furnace was new, sizzle! i'm all for new ways for these people to die. his getting punched by danny was unexpected but when you think about it, it was a real reaction. guys would probably do that in the same situation. it was another good scene. oh & they caught JD & he was lucky henry didn't beat the hell out of him! daddy? nope, sorry madison. daddy is dead. how amazingly awesome would it be if they kill madison next episode?
  • Another fantastic episode!

    My last review discussed how good the show was, but this episode makes the past one look bad! The intensity is snowballing episode by episode. The character that died this week deserved it. I hated them and was glad to see them gone. However, the cliffhanger leaves me wanting more. The promo for next week also looks outstanding. Things just get better and better. I liked how this was an Abby centric episode, with flashbacks and such. It almost had me positive she was going to die, which was a relief when she didn't. The only thing I'm not clear about is why the title of this episode is 3 words long if only 1 person died. I was expecting 3 gruesome deaths. Oh well, fantastic episode anyway. As I said last time, now is the time to catch up because you don't want to miss it, and by the looks of it, this show is just getting better and better and better.
  • Just a theory (general)

    I'm glad that global (in Canada) is showing this show a day earlier than CBS. So I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet & tell them who the victim or victims are. Ha ha!

    But this is just a interesting theory that I have.

    Nearly everytime they show Wakefield committing the murders they never show his face. Why? We know what he looks like thanks to newspapers & so forth. So why is his face concealed? Is it possible Wakefield DIDN'T commit the crimes all those years ago & that person is still around going on a killing spree again?

    Just a thought. What does anyone else think about this?