Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Harper's Island, the following happens. When Trish and her father go out for a bike ride they get involved in an accident, which causes Trish to hurt her ankle. They see someone who can help them; only instead of helping them he unleashes his dog on them. As they hide they think that it's safe and when the father goes out he gets attacked by the dog, and ends up killing the dog with a broken bottle. Later on who see who attacked them and that he is scared from a fire. As they get to the church for the run through of the wedding, the lights collapses and kill the father.
  • If the rehearsal is this exciting, don't know how the wedding party will top it for the wedding itself.

    Trish and her dad sprung a brilliant trap. That was very cool. What was with the freak with the dog? Are the burn scars significant?

    Liked the sheriff's creepy wall, not just the original Wakefield murders but he seems to have been tracking new murders.

    Don't know if JD was responsible for the church but he's a nutjob and if what we've seen so far is any indication, Henry's really not going to like this new 'surprise'. I don't think JD was responsible for the falling blade though, he's not that crazy.

    Now that the bodies are being found, it can only get worse from here. I am seriously enjoying this series.
  • lucy's dog is going to be the only survivor on the island!

    sorry dad, your wife is cheating on u, how's my face? it was a nice bike ride but they shouldn't have gone off the trail, 1 more dead body, what do animals not count? the rehearsal had the bride's dad killed in front of everyone!! the cat is out of the bag now, everyone knows now, the show has to switch into full horror movie mode now, i can't wait for the next episode! this show rocks! the sheriff found the priest's body parts & there is no keeping any of this a secret. where's lucy? -with her boyfriend? where's chloe? -with cal? where's booth? -family emergency? because chloe shows up later with an excuse it makes other people's absence less suspicious. it's brilliant. of course people are also kind of distracted by the rehearsal & the bride's dad's head being split open! cal & chloe's wedding ring story at the bar was a great light-hearted scene that we probably won't see anymore of.
  • Warning ****SPOILERS**** Trish and Thomas bond during a bike ride while Abby finds out something disturbing about her father. And the wedding rehearsals to end all wedding rehearsals.

    One of the better episodes of the series thus far. So much revealed and a few shockers.

    Henry tells Trish to take a little time off for herself. She goes bike riding with her dad where Trish swears she see's Lucy's dog. But Lucy left the island for a few days and will be back for the wedding, at least Trish thinks so. She and Thomas follow and come upon a trap. A tree truck is rigged to knock them out. When they come to, they begin the long walk back to the hotel. They argue a bit about why Thomas doesn't think Henry is right for Trish. Thomas says he doesn't trust Henry and Trish tells her father that his wife Katherine is having an affair with Richard. They spot a man up on a hill and call out to him for help. The man sets his German Shepherd loose on them and they hide in the back of a broken down truck. When they think it's safe, Thomas crawls out only to be attacked by the dog, he kills it with a broken bottle.

    Sheriff Mills visits Abby to find that Jimmy is there. He and Jimmy invite Abby to have breakfast with them. Abby is shocked to see this because her dad hated Jimmy when they were dating and now their "best friends". Charlie tells Abby to come over to his place to pick up a few of her things. She gets there and visits her old room and goes into the attic. There she finds that it's turned into a "murder room". Her dad has tons of newspaper articles and case files from not only the John Wakefield murders but others all along the Pacific Coast. Abby sees her dad pull up and rushes out of there. When Charlie goes up, he notices an pen file door.

    JD and Madison play a trick on "substitute bride" Henry during wedding preparations by setting off firecrackers. Henry goes to the church to let the priest know the when they will have the rehearsal and finds a dead raccoon at the alter. On the floor he finds a firecracker. Henry confronts JD and says he's done with him. JD says to wait for what else he has in store.

    Malcolm wakes up and thinks Joel is somehow alive and in the shower. He goes into the bathroom and no one is in there but the shower is running. He and the other groomsmen wonder what happened to Joel. The theories run from he's hurt or dead somewhere to he stole the money. They all agree to tell people that he had a family emergency and had to leave.

    The wedding rehearsal begins. Absences are explained and everyone is having a great time, so it seems. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mills and his deputy come across something strange at the pond. A piece of wire or fishing line (I'm not really sure what it was). Attached is what is left of the priest's body. Charlie tries to call Abby but she ignores the call because of the rehearsal. Abby goes to turn off the lights and a sound from the light fixture grabs everyone's attention. There's a spade set inside the fixture which falls and kills Thomas Wellington. Thwack!

    Next week's episode looks to be just as good. I can't wait!
  • Characters develop, some questions answered, and a surprising killing.

    Well, after a disappointing episode last week, Harper's Island returns with a much better episode. Many of the ongoing issues that I had with this show have finally started being delt with, and the death this week was a surprise. Added to all that was some much needed character development which should lead to something interesting in the weeks to come.

    First off, it will soon become apparent that something is amiss as some of the previous missing victims are now being noticed for their absence. It will be interesting to see how this will unfold. There are some characters that are very obvious that they are not the killers, but the list of the usual suspects continues to grow. Another noce thing about this episode is the very likely development of some red herrings for who the killer is. Some of the characters become dead give aways as a suspect, which for a show of this nature means that they are likely to get bumped off right at the moment we are convinced that it is them.

    Finally, after a disappointing death last week, we are rewarded with a last minute shocker. It really takes the idea that nobody is safe to a new level. Just don't blink, or you may miss it.