Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Cartoon Network (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Where's My Penguin?
      Harry wants to bring a paper-penguin that Nana gave him to show-and-tell, but must first find it in Dino World.
    • Let's Go to Africa
      Let's Go to Africa
      Episode 51
      Harry scours Dino World for the perfect show-and-tell item.
    • Space Captain Harry Part 2
      Harry and his dinosaurs are joined by Charley in the second part of their space adventure. This time, they must return a lost star.
    • Space Captain Harry Part 1
      Harry and his dinosaurs go on a space adventure to explore constellations. Along the way, they meet a mischievous pirate who is stealing stars.
    • What Does This Key Open?
      Harry and his dinosaurs hunt for the lock that fits a key.
    • I'm on a Quest
      I'm on a Quest
      Episode 47
      When Harry learns about quests, he wants to go on one of his own.
    • That's Strong
      That's Strong
      Episode 46
      Harry wants to grow stronger when he finds himself too weak to help Nana and Sam move some heavy boxes.
    • There's Got to be Something!
      Harry and his dinosaurs search for lost toys in Dino World to give to Charley's new baby cousin.
    • Where Did the Wind Go?
      Harry and his dinosaurs search for the missing wind in Dino World, so that they can fly their kite.
    • School's Out
      School's Out
      Episode 43
      Harry's dinosaurs want to attend school.
    • My Hair is Short
      My Hair is Short
      Episode 42
      Harry dislikes his short new haircut and searches for a way to make it grow out quickly.
    • It’s An Elephantostrich
      When Harry combines his toy animals in strange new forms, they come to life in Dino World.
    • Now You See Me...
      Now You See Me...
      Episode 40
      Harry learns hide-and-seek tactics from Albert, Steggy's invisible friend.
    • The Silly Pencil
      The Silly Pencil
      Episode 39
      Harry hopes to learn how to draw a straight line with a pencil in Dino World.
    • I'm Really Hot
      I'm Really Hot
      Episode 38
      Jackfrostasaurus spoils the weather of Dino World.
    • I've Got Giggles
      I've Got Giggles
      Episode 37
      When Harry and his dinosaurs get a case of contagious giggles, they face off against the Fairy Princess, who has banned all laughter.
    • Dino Snap
      Dino Snap
      Episode 36
      A spectacular board-game adventure awaits Harry in Dino World.
    • Emergency!
      Episode 35
      When Trike gets a case of tinselitis, he sees the Dino World doctor, who also faces another emergency.
    • Jungle Harry
      Jungle Harry
      Episode 34
      When Harry's jungle play disturbs Sam, he and the dinosaurs explore the jungle of Dino World instead.
    • I Want to Make a Movie
      Harry wants to make a movie, but Sam needs the videocamera for a school project. Nana suggests Dino World as the perfect place for filmmaking.
    • It's an Alien!
      It's an Alien!
      Episode 32
      Zazzabop the alien meets Harry and his dinosaurs.
    • Home
      Episode 31
      Upon returning from Dino World, Patsy is still full-size.
    • Do You Like My Tent?
      Harry and his dinosaurs try to earn badges when they go camping.
    • Cool Shadow!
      Cool Shadow!
      Episode 29
      Harry and his dinosaurs try to track down their lost shadows in Dino World.
    • Choo! Choo!
      Choo! Choo!
      Episode 28
      A ride on the Dino Express includes a visit to Pepper Rock Station, where a lone sheep longs to be returned to her flock.
    • Join the Parade
      Join the Parade
      Episode 27
      Harry and his dinosaurs perform in the National Dino Day parade.
    • Harry the Inventor
      Harry the Inventor
      Episode 26
      Harry learns about inventing and what makes a good invention.
    • Hurray for Pizza!
      Hurray for Pizza!
      Episode 25
      Harry seeks the perfect Pizza in Dino World.
    • Aaargh Treasure!
      Aaargh Treasure!
      Episode 24
      Harry and his dinosaurs pretend to be pirates, setting sail for treasure.
    • Is That Really a Lamp?
      A magic genie named Bob refuses to grant any wishes, saying that he's on vacation, and instead grants Harry genie powers.
    • Somebody's Moving
      Somebody's Moving
      Episode 22
      When snow comes to Harry's area, some of Harry's neighbors move. Harry and Charley decide to become movers themselves, in Dino World.
    • Yeehaw!
      Episode 21
      Harry's wild-west playtime is interrupted by bathtime, but his rubby ducky is missing. Seems that some varmint called the Ducky Rustler / Tickler Kid has snatched it, so he and the dinosaurs must work together to snatch it back.
    • Jump!
      Episode 20
      When rain puts an end to Harry's jumping fun, he hops into Dino World to continue. There, he travels to the world of Boing.
    • I See a Seashell!
      I See a Seashell!
      Episode 19
      While building a sandcastle, Harry comes across a great seashell for it. When the shell turns out to have a living creature inside, it leads to an exploration of aquatic life.
    • I Wish it Were Yesterday!
      Harry had so much fun yesterday, he wishes he could do it again. Sid suggests that they could turn back time in Dino World, but doing so turns out to have deleterious consequences for all of them.
    • Harry the Explorer!
      Harry is in the mood for exploring and decides Dino World is the perfect place for it. But what will they find when they reach the World's outer limits?
    • Costume Party!
      Costume Party!
      Episode 16
      Harry and his friend Charley search for the perfect costumes to win a contest at a costume party. In Dino World, they discover magic costumes that have the ability to transport them to another reality.
    • My Tooth Came Out!
      My Tooth Came Out!
      Episode 15
      Harry loses his first tooth. He leaves it for the tooth fairy, but is so excited, he just can't wait. He heads to Dino World hoping to find her, but discovers someone else instead.
    • Two Plus Two!
      Two Plus Two!
      Episode 14
      Dino World is the place where Harry hopes to find the solution to a mathematical puzzle. He finds plenty of puzzles there, but also discovers his own skill.
    • I Want to Go Faster!
      Riding about in the family car has become too slow for Harry. Craving high-speed fun, he and his dinosaurs build racing cars in Dino World.
    • Splash!
      Episode 12
      Harry loses his favorite bath toy inside the magic bucket that serves as a portal to Dino World. He and his dinosaurs embark on a high-seas quest to rescue "Ducky."
    • Mirror Mirror!
      Mirror Mirror!
      Episode 11
      Harry and his dinosaurs imagine stepping through a magic mirror. A visit to Dino World satisfies their wish and provides some fun but bizarre backwards serutnevda.
    • I'm King Harry!
      I'm King Harry!
      Episode 10
      When Nana loses her glasses, it leads to a quest. Harry must prove his bravery and nobility in Dino World.
    • Zooom!
      Episode 9
      Harry tries to prepare his family's vacation, but has trouble pleasing everyone. In Dino World, he discovers a simple truth about what would make for the best vacation.
    • Harry, Bug Hunter!
      Harry goes searching for bugs in his Nana's garden. A fun-filled adventure in Dino World leads to discoveries about caterpillars and butterflies.
    • I Want to Help?
      I Want to Help?
      Episode 7
      Harry wants to help out with decorating his house. He heads to Dino World to learn about decorating. He and the dinosaurs meet up with Nancy the Nanosaurous, a dinosaur who calamity always seems to follow.
    • What a Cold Nose!
      A cute little puppy becomes a dino-sized problem when Harry decides to take it for a walk in Dino World.
    • I Wish I Could Fly!
      Harry loses a balloon and wishes he could fly high to retrieve it. He heads off to Dino World for some real high-flying adventure, but it's not the simple fun he thought it would be.
    • I Love Strawberries!
      Harry really wants strawberries from his Mom's garden, but they're not yet ripe to eat. He imagines a "Great Strawberry Nibbler" who will steal all the strawberries before he has a chance to eat them.
    • Superheroes Don't Dance!
      Harry enjoys playing superheroes with his best friend Charlie, but is reluctant when she asks him to join a dance party. He believes superheroes don't dance. They're too busy saving the world.
    • Once Upon a Time
      Once Upon a Time
      Episode 2
      Harry has created a story about a naughty Troll, but needs a green crayon to illustrate it. When Sam seems unwilling to share, Harry ends up learning a lesson about manners.
    • What's Thunder?
      What's Thunder?
      Episode 1
      Harry visits Dino World to learn about thunder and lightning. There, he meets two very noisy characters --- Mr. Thunder and Mrs. Lightning.
  • Season 1