Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 39

I Can't Find My Favourite Sock! (Où est passée ma chaussette ?)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Harry is trying to play cowboy, but is missing the one thing he needs to complete his outfit --- his favourite red sock with white fringe. He has one,b ut not the other. He's been searching all over for it and his room's in quite a state. He decides to search Sam's room for it. While he's searching, Sam is chatting away on her cellphone to one of her friends, saying that she's running late because she had to clean out her room. She finds Harry in her room and is aghast --- he's made a big mess of it. He asks if she's seen the sock, but she hasn't and doesn't know what his "stinky" sock would be doing there anyway. Harry complains that it was just washed by Mom, so Sam suggests Harry goes ask her. Harry leaves and Sam calls after him, wondering what she's going to do about her room.

Harry goes to find his Mom, who's actually just finished doing some laundry. She has a lot of socks, but they don't have matches and she doesn't have Harry's. Noticing Hary's cowboy getup, she suggests a quest for it, saying that she has other chores to do.

Harry returns to his room, where his dinosaurs have had just as little luck in finding the sock. They figure they've looked everywhere, but then realize they haven't searched Dino World. In Dino World, they begin the hunt. They all decide on names they want to be called, such as Harry becomes "Hopalong Harry." They come across a donkey and a hound dog who can't seem to stop arguing. They ask them if they've seen a sock and they manage to stop arguing long enough to point them in the right direction.

Next, they come across a pole and try to paste a wanted posted to it. It protests --- it turns out it's a talking totem pole. More specifically, the pole doesn't actually talk, but it's inhabited by The Great Spirit of the Totem Pole. It tells them that it'll help them, but first he wants to perform a task --- scratch an itch it has! They do so and it tells them that it saw a whole herd of socks heading south as the crow flies. It also warns them to steer clear of the Crazy Sock Saloon, which is oftened frequented by the Hole in the Sock Gang.

Harry and the dinosaurs head on the way and come to a village. They find a place that must be the saloon and Harry decides to go in, despite the warning. He walks up to the bartender and asks for cactus juice.

Just then, the Hole in the Sock Gang arrives. It turns out they aren't such a fierce gang after all. When Harry asks for their help at first, they won't, but they say that they will if he can get their holes fixed. He promises to take them to Nana --- she can fix their holes. They're astounded --- they thought Nana was just a legend.

The gang leads Harry to a valley where the missing socks have gathered. They warn Harry that the socks are akin to wild horses. They don't want to take direction because they're always looking for their mates. So Harry returns home and grabs the laundry basket. He hops back into Dino World again, and tries to approach his favourite sock. It runs away at first, but then Harry unveils its pair. The sock comes back. Harry gathers up all the others with the dinosaurs' help. Finally, he invites the Gang to come back home with him.

Mom is just returning home. Harry gives her a hug, then tells her that he found his sock and all the missing ones. He asks her if Nana can help patch up the Gang's holes and Mom agrees that Nana can.

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