Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 40

I Promise! (Je le promets)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Harry's friend Charlie has an action-figure named Sergeant Shout that Harry really wants to borrow. Charlie doesn't want to let it go and won't give it up at first. After three attempts, Charlie finally gives in when Harry promises to take good care of it and not take it out of his room. Later, we see Harry and the dinosaurs in Harry's room. He wishes that he was a real soldier. However, there's one problem: he's not supposed to take it out of his room. Sid reinforces that technically, Harry would still be in his room if they go into Dino World.

Harry and his dinosaurs arrive and find that Sergeant Shout has come to life. They tell him that their soldiers, but Sergeant Shout mocks them, calling them the most pathetic group of soldiers that he's ever seen. He decides to try to whip them into shape. He forces them into ill-fitting military uniforms then makes them do tiresome drills including push-ups, running and marching. They soon tire of the drills and Harry asks if they can do something else. Sergeant Shout says that he's the one directing them and makes them march. They fall over in exhaustion and Shout sends them to bed, telling them they'll have to train ten times harder tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Harry and his dinosaurs are woken by Sergeant Shout's reveille. They're all still very tired and really want a good breakfast. Instead, they're greeted by water and bread. Taury tries some and finds that the bread is stale. With this, they all decide that they're quitting Sergeant Shout's army. He, however, wants to stay in Dino World.

They try to reason with him, saying that Harry needs to have him for Charlie. If he doesn't, he'll be breaking his promise. Sergeant Shout is not impressed, so Harry and the dinosaurs challenge him to a race. He wonders why he should accept and they say that he's afraid they'll beat him.

Sergeant Shout creates an obstacle coruse. First, they have to run through a tunnel, then go through a field of donuts, and finally through a suspended rope bridge. The first one to reach the finish tree wins. Patsy gets stuck in the tunnel, and when Taury gets Patsy out of the tunnel, the tunnel flies off and lands at the start of the donut field. Trike climbs onto it, and it starts to roll off. The characters all reach the rope bridge, but their combined weight causes the bridge to snap. Harry and the dinosaurs swim to shore, and Harry almost made it to the Finish line when Sergeant Shout emerges from the water - he can't swim. He's flailing around and nearly drowning.

Harry and the dinosaurs go back to rescue him, and they accidentally fling him to the finish. He declares that he's won. They protest that he wouldn't have won if they hadn't saved him. He doesn't listen. Harry and the dinosaurs decide that they have had enough and practically drags Sergeant Shout out of the bucket. Harry hears the doorbell and he goes to get it. It's Charlie, and she's dropping by to see how Sergeant Shout is holding on. Harry returns the Sergeant Shout action figure, citing that it's not as fun as he thought it was. However, Harry has another toy he'd like to borrow from Charlie on his mind: the toy tractor Charlie has got for her birthday.

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