Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 40

I Promise! (Je le promets)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network



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    • Harry: Um, Sergeant Shout? I think it's time we all went home.
      Sergeant Shout: Fine. You go, I'm staying.
      Harry: What?
      Sergeant Shout: Why not? I like it here.
      Harry: But I promised Charlie. We can't go without you.
      Sergeant Shout: Then stay.
      Harry: (to his dinos) What are we going to do?
      Patsy: (to Sergeant Shout) This isn't fair. Harry made a promise, it's not right for him to break it.
      Taury: Yeah. A real soldier wouldn't do that.
      Sergeant Shout: What would you know about being a real soldier?
      Taury: More than you. You're just a mean little old bully who's only good at shouting.
      Sergeant Shout: Oh yeah?
      Taury: Yeah!

    • Harry: Bread and water?
      Taury: Stale bread?! That's it! I'm not playin' anymore. Hands up, all those who want go home. (Harry and his dinosaurs all raise their hands.)

    • Sergeant Shout: You're a disgrace. Useless. You'll have to work ten times harder tomorrow. Turn in.

    • Harry: Maybe we should try another drill?
      Sergeant Shout: I decide what we do, not you. Time to march! Hup, two, three, four! Hup, two, three, four! Hup, two, three, four! Hup, two, three, four!

    • Harry: Hi! I'm Harry. We're soldiers.
      Sergeant Shout: (miltary theme begins) Soldiers?! You lot? (snickers) That's a joke. Look at you. (points at Steggy) You're out of shape. (points at Trike) Your hooves are dirty. (points at Pterence) And you're too small! You're the most useless, miserable bunch of soldiers I've ever seen!
      Taury: Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been trying to whip these guys into shape for ages.
      Sergeant Shout: (pokes him in the stomach) And you talk too much! If you want to be real soldiers, we've got work to do. What are you waiting for?! Move out!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The drill sergeant in this episode is likely a homage to drill sergeants on classic cartoons such as Looney Toons or pretty much any other cartoon drill sergeants. Like most of these other drill sergeants, he is stereotypically one-dimesonal, endlessly giving orders and shouting.

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