Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 21

It's a Kitty! (C'est un chaton !)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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It's a Kitty! (C'est un chaton !)
Charlie brings a new kitty named Buster over to Harry's house. Harry thinks the new kitty is very cute and small and Nana suggests that they take the kitty out to the backyard. There, Harry's dinosaurs spot the kitty and believe it to be some kind of new toy, or a new dinosaur. Then, the kitty scares them all and the lot of them end up in Dino World. Harry heads to Dino World to search for Buster, while Charlie waits in case Buster comes back. Harry convinces the dinosaurs that Buster is a nice kitty and they all go on a safari to get him back. They face obstacles including think jungle and the legendary Soda Fountain Valley.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In each episode Taury usually catches Harry when arrives in Dino World. But in this episode Taury and the other dinosaurs aren't there so Harry lands hurt.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Harry and his dinosaurs enter the forest with the Dino Mobile, looking for Buster.)
        Harry: Here, Buster! Buster! Buster! (stops the mobile) He could be anywhere.
        Taury: Leave it to your tracker, Harry. (gets out of the mobile and starts sniffing the path) I'll tell you where he could be Harry.
        Harry: Where?
        Taury: Anywhere. But here. The nose knows.

      • (Harry and the dinosaurs find Buster on top of a coconut tree.)
        Buster: Meow!
        Harry: Buster!
        Pterence: That's Buster? (flies up towards him) He's so small. He's even smaller than me. (laughs)
        Taury: Yes! But he's still a vicious jungle beast!
        Steggy: B-b-but he's just a little kitty!

      • (after they have caught Buster)
        Harry: You're a little kitty. But you're big trouble.
        Buster: (nuzzles Harry on the cheek)
        Steggy: Watch out, Harry! He's trying to eat you!
        Harry: (laughs) He doesn't wanna eat me, Steggy. He just likes me. And he likes all of you too.
        Buster: (nuzzles Sid on the cheek too. Sid smiles)
        Taury: He likes us? (The others say 'aww'.) Disgusting.

      • Taury: Harry, you're a real master trapper. Coconuts have milk and kittens love milk.

      • Patsy: Now you listen to me. You shouldn't have attacked us back at Harry's house.
        Buster: (nuzzles Patsy on the nose)
        Patsy: Aren't you more adorable than a...
        Harry: (as Buster swings away on a vine) Oh, no! Buster! Come back! We've got to catch him! (Cop show theme begins, Harry sounds siren.) This unit two, bravo six in pursuit of one furry feline.
        Taury: Use caution, suspect is armed to the teeth. Really sharp teeth.

      • Steggy: What's that?
        Sid: Get a hold of yourself, Steggy. Dinosaurs are not afraid of snakes.
        Steggy: Oh. Okay.

      • Sid: (regarding Buster, who is in Dino World) Well! He shouldn't have come here in the first place!
        Harry: (as Taury holds him) But he's probably really scared. We've gotta find him. Now who's with me?
        Trike: We're all with ya, Harr... (sees Sid, Steggy, Pterence and Patsy frowning at him) Uh, no. I guess we're not really. No. No. Uh, we're not with ya. Sorry.
        Harry: (Taury puts him down.) But it'll be fun. Like a safari, tracking the jungle cat.
        Pterence: A safari?
        (Harry nods)
        Taury: A safari? Hmm... Tracking the jungle cat?
        Harry: So, guys, what'd ya say?
        (The dinosaurs look at him then at Taury.)
        Taury: Hmmmm... OK, Harry. We're in!
        Harry: And we're off!

      • Charley: He's gone!
        Harry: Buster's in Dino World!
        Charley: Now he's really far away from home.
        Harry: Don't worry, Charley. I'll find him and bring him back safe.
        Charley: But what if he comes back by himself? I'd better stay here, just in case.
        Harry: Good idea. 1 2 3... (jumps in the bucket)
        Charley: Good luck, Harry!
        Harry: Whee! I'm on my way to... (lands on the stomach) Dino World? Where is everybody? Taury? Pterence? Where are you guys?

      • Pterence: It's a new toy.
        Taury: It's not a new toy. It's a new... dinosaur.
        Trike: A new dinosaur? Cool!
        Taury: No, not cool. It's the dreaded fluffasaurus.
        Sid: Oh, please! "Dreaded fluffasaurus."

      • Harry: It's a kitty!
        Charley: Hiya, Harry. This is Buster.
        Buster: Mew!
        Harry: He's so little.
        Nana: Why don't you take little Buster out back? But take care he doesn't run off.

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