Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 21

It's a Kitty! (C'est un chaton !)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Harry opens the door of his house and finds Charlie, who's holding a new kitty named Buster. Upon a suggestion from Nana, they take it out to the back, where the dinosaurs are sunbathing in a sandbox. They notice the new kitty and aren't sure what to make of it. At first they think it's a new toy and then they think it's the dreaded "fluffasaurus." When the kitty approaches them, they get scared of it and flee to Dino World. Buster follows after.

Harry goes into Dino World to look for Buster while Charlie stays back, in case Buster comes back. Harry arrives in Dino World, but it seems to be deserted. It turns out the dinosaurs have taken refuge in a cave. He manages to coax them into helping him find Buster.

The search commences, taking them through a thick jungle. They eventually find him Buster hiding atop a tree. Here, the dinosaurs realize that Buster isn't so bad after all --- he's just a cute little kitten. The cute little kitten swings away on a vine. Harry and his dinosaurs take pursuit in a parody of a cop-show chase, but Buster gets away.

They track him to the Soda Fountain Valley, where he crosses a narrow ravine. Harry decides that persuing Buster is a bad idea - he should make Buster come to them instead. Harry leaves out coconut milk for Buster and she takes the bait. They all return back home, where the kitty lands on top of the dinosaurs, squashing them all. They don't mind, however. Harry's Mom arrives. She's happy to see the new kitten and offers some orange punch, but Harry would rather have coconut milk after his experience in the Soda Fountain Valley.

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