Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 21

It's a Kitty! (C'est un chaton !)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In each episode Taury usually catches Harry when arrives in Dino World. But in this episode Taury and the other dinosaurs aren't there so Harry lands hurt.

  • Quotes

    • (Harry and his dinosaurs enter the forest with the Dino Mobile, looking for Buster.)
      Harry: Here, Buster! Buster! Buster! (stops the mobile) He could be anywhere.
      Taury: Leave it to your tracker, Harry. (gets out of the mobile and starts sniffing the path) I'll tell you where he could be Harry.
      Harry: Where?
      Taury: Anywhere. But here. The nose knows.

    • (Harry and the dinosaurs find Buster on top of a coconut tree.)
      Buster: Meow!
      Harry: Buster!
      Pterence: That's Buster? (flies up towards him) He's so small. He's even smaller than me. (laughs)
      Taury: Yes! But he's still a vicious jungle beast!
      Steggy: B-b-but he's just a little kitty!

    • (after they have caught Buster)
      Harry: You're a little kitty. But you're big trouble.
      Buster: (nuzzles Harry on the cheek)
      Steggy: Watch out, Harry! He's trying to eat you!
      Harry: (laughs) He doesn't wanna eat me, Steggy. He just likes me. And he likes all of you too.
      Buster: (nuzzles Sid on the cheek too. Sid smiles)
      Taury: He likes us? (The others say 'aww'.) Disgusting.

    • Taury: Harry, you're a real master trapper. Coconuts have milk and kittens love milk.

    • Patsy: Now you listen to me. You shouldn't have attacked us back at Harry's house.
      Buster: (nuzzles Patsy on the nose)
      Patsy: Aren't you more adorable than a...
      Harry: (as Buster swings away on a vine) Oh, no! Buster! Come back! We've got to catch him! (Cop show theme begins, Harry sounds siren.) This unit two, bravo six in pursuit of one furry feline.
      Taury: Use caution, suspect is armed to the teeth. Really sharp teeth.

    • Steggy: What's that?
      Sid: Get a hold of yourself, Steggy. Dinosaurs are not afraid of snakes.
      Steggy: Oh. Okay.

    • Sid: (regarding Buster, who is in Dino World) Well! He shouldn't have come here in the first place!
      Harry: (as Taury holds him) But he's probably really scared. We've gotta find him. Now who's with me?
      Trike: We're all with ya, Harr... (sees Sid, Steggy, Pterence and Patsy frowning at him) Uh, no. I guess we're not really. No. No. Uh, we're not with ya. Sorry.
      Harry: (Taury puts him down.) But it'll be fun. Like a safari, tracking the jungle cat.
      Pterence: A safari?
      (Harry nods)
      Taury: A safari? Hmm... Tracking the jungle cat?
      Harry: So, guys, what'd ya say?
      (The dinosaurs look at him then at Taury.)
      Taury: Hmmmm... OK, Harry. We're in!
      Harry: And we're off!

    • Charley: He's gone!
      Harry: Buster's in Dino World!
      Charley: Now he's really far away from home.
      Harry: Don't worry, Charley. I'll find him and bring him back safe.
      Charley: But what if he comes back by himself? I'd better stay here, just in case.
      Harry: Good idea. 1 2 3... (jumps in the bucket)
      Charley: Good luck, Harry!
      Harry: Whee! I'm on my way to... (lands on the stomach) Dino World? Where is everybody? Taury? Pterence? Where are you guys?

    • Pterence: It's a new toy.
      Taury: It's not a new toy. It's a new... dinosaur.
      Trike: A new dinosaur? Cool!
      Taury: No, not cool. It's the dreaded fluffasaurus.
      Sid: Oh, please! "Dreaded fluffasaurus."

    • Harry: It's a kitty!
      Charley: Hiya, Harry. This is Buster.
      Buster: Mew!
      Harry: He's so little.
      Nana: Why don't you take little Buster out back? But take care he doesn't run off.

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