Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Cartoon Network (ended 2011)


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  • I remember this show as a child.

    I gave it a 5 because I don't remember this show that much, but I remember watching this as a little kid.
  • Where can I find this show?

    I like this show. The opening song was very touching. It's even better than Dragontales. It's about one kid named Harry, and I believe he has a sister, a nanny, and a very good looking mom he calls It came on my TV on some channel 8 years ago in 2005 before my family switched to Dish Network in 2007. Now I heard many different things that it was on Qubo, then tinypop, I wondered myself if it was ever on Cartoon Network, and those were declined. Then I thought or wondered if it was ever on the Disney Channel like that show where Dennis was the talking fish. I forgot that other boy's name, which was on the Disney Channel, but I find Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs touching, makes me happy to see it back and sad at the same time because it went, and now it's on my avatar and in my sig on PXR, under my account name MichaelXD.
  • Apparently some people don’t understand that this is a “Kids” show.

    Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs is a great show for kids that have out grown Dora but aren’t ready for the older shows like Danny Phantom. The show follows 5 year old Harry and his dinosaurs Taury, Patsy, Pterence, Steggy, Sid and Trike in Dino World. The opening song is very catchy and hooks you from the get go. If you don’t have kids between the ages of 4 & 7 or just can’t enjoy shows that deal with real life issues and tries to teach children how to deal with them than you should find something else to watch. The big selling point for me on this show is that it contains little to no bathroom humor.
  • first let me say this is the most unoriginal show ever.

    who the heck lets there kid wander around into other peoples houses? they must obviously not be worried about child abduction or pedophiles or cars. whats sad is that parents actually do that alot nowadays leaving their kids alone or with the tv as baby sitter. The show is completly unoriginal its an obvious knockoff of dragon tales. Its nice that it promotes having an imagination which oddly enough the people who made this don't have. The art style was decent at least. there are too many shows out there that have terrible art like half of the cartoons on the disney channell. the characters served as a good foil for each other having opposite personalities.
  • Boy jumps into a secret world with dinosaurs.

    Imagination, a child's greatest tool for having fun. The show is about Harry, a regular kid, who like many others has a fascination with dinosaurs. An extinct creature who or extinct creatures who still bring fun to children, and revealing information to scientist about how the world has evolved. I not writing this review for myself but rather my brother who quite enjoys the show and I do not discredit his liking of this show. he usually tells me it is on for the fact that I may watch a scattered episode. Whats better then connecting to a family member through children's programing. Its a good show for those of the younger ages.
  • A preschool boy has grant adventures in DinoWorld with his dinosaur friends who come to life to play with him.

    This is a complete favorite of my two oldest boys (ages three and five). It is fun, educational and a great watch. In the show you will find a lot of problem solving and a great example of where a fantastic imagination can send you... not to mention that something is learned in every episode.

    We have a DVR and many recorded... if my kids could watch it back-to-back all day long, they would! And it's such a good show that I don't mind at all... I even watch it with them most of the time!

    Check it out if you have little ones - and even if you don't!
  • A Great Show:

    A lot of thought was put into this show. And it is actually about something. There are so many shows that aren't these days. It is so sad.

    It is still one of the greatest shows, and also the greatest kid shows. It is so good, that it can almost be watched by anyone that likes shows that aren't boring.

    Sometimes some of the dinosaurs to funny things, like this one that starts counting and he says "twenty one teen, twenty two teen, twenty three teen, twenty four teen" and then he says "one hundred twenty four teen, one hundred twenty five teen, one hundred twenty six teen, one hundred twenty seven teen"....

    That part was very funny.
  • The best kiddie show!

    This show is great and I like it. I like some of this show's episodes. Because it is talking about sportsmanship, being healthy, and it has moral lessons. I like also the sound effects of this show. Some of the episodes I like are " What's for Breakfast" and " Goal!". This show is fun. I know this show was about a kid named Harry and his magical bucket full dinosaurs. When Harry doesn't like the time when he was in our world. He will go to Dino world with his dinosaurs. This is the best kiddie show for me! Not like the boring ones.
  • A Boy with dinosaurs for friends

    I first was introduced to this program by Playhouse Disney (UK version). The program is about a young boy's adventures in a place called Dinoworld (how original!) with his dinosaur friends. Most of the episodes are quite far fetched, but are delightful at the same time - probably due to Harry's child-like imagination. Only Harry knows the dinosaurs are 'alive' - his mum/gran/sister do not know (or do they?) - and after every adventure has been done, he recalls it to one of them, but they just think its his imagination running riot. My daughter absolutely loves this program, although she's just a year old!
  • Adorable show!

    This is the only thing I watch on Cartoon Network's new kiddy show lineup, TickeU next to one called "Gordon the Garden Gnome" which I can't find curtesy of the new programming, and sometimes "Gerald McBoingBoing". Anyways, I think "Harry & His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs" is very cute & fun, the adventures of a little boy named Harry and his bucket of six toy dinosaurs which are 2" tall but magically come to life and Harry is transported into their world through the bucket, the dinosaurs become 5' to 8' tall and they have all kinds of adventures. It's a fun & cute show by my standards.