Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 34

Who Says My Dinosaurs Aren't Cool (Qui a dit que mes dinosaures ne sont pas chouettes)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

During a recess at Harry's preschool, the attention of the kids turns to what's going to be shown at the upcoming show-and-tell. Harry brought his dinosaurs to show, but Charlie has just informed him about what a boy named Colin Carlisle said. He said that Harry's dinosaurs aren't cool and that his new toy --- Raging Rex 5000 (a robotic dinosaur), is much cooler. As Colin loudly shows it off to a group of fans, Harry is forced to admit that even has said before that he considers Colin to be "cool."

As Colin boasts about the capabilities of Raging Rex, Harry's dinosaurs try to justify that they're cool too. They're finding themselves a bit hard-pressed though --- Raging Rex is made of nuts and bolts and they're just made of plastic. Still, they're a bit annoyed with Harry for being down on them. And when Harry decides he needs a really special dinosaur for show-and-tell, they only reluctantly follow along.

In Dino World, Harry begins work on his own robotic construction. He asks the dinosaurs for help and they agree to grudgingly. Taury, however, really doesn't want any part of it and attempts to sabotage the effort by, among other things, stomping on the battery. Harry doesn't notice Taury's sabotage and just finds other ways to do things. He soon finishes the robotic dinosaur --- Robo Rex. It's a bit big and smashes its way out of the place where Harry created it.

Harry quickly realizes that he's created a monster. He tries to stop it by turning of the power, but ends up simply yanking the power switch right off the robotic dinosaur. Out of ideas, he asks his dinosaurs for help, but they tell him they can't help --- there's nothing special about them. Hary recants what he said before and together he and the dinosaurs come up with a plan to deal with the robot. Finally, Pterence drops a bag over its head and it collapses in a heap.

Back at Harry's preschool, Harry is now showing off his dinosaurs for the adoring crowd. He talks about how they came up with a plan and took down the robotic monster. Now, Colin Carlisle is a bit jealous and comments to his robotic dinosaur that it can't think and can't come up with a plan.

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