Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 35

Yo Ho Ho! (Yo ho ho)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Yo Ho Ho! (Yo ho ho)
Harry is playing a pirate game with Charlie. He's declared himself the Captain, but Charlie wants away from the game when Harry won't let her be Captain too. Harry says he won't apologize because pirates never do and he goes with the dinosaurs to Dino World to play pirates there. Once there, Harry becomes an even scurvier pirate Captain and works his dinosaurs to death. They don't meet his demanding standards and he even tries to make Pterence walk the plank. The dinosaurs mutiny and Harry is left on an island. There, he meets a new friend and comes to a conclusion as to how he should really handle the situation.moreless

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      • Harry: Say I'm sorry? But pirates never... Why not? Pirates can do anything they want to do. They're pirates. Besides, I was mean to Pterence.

      • Captain Harry: Pirates can't fly. Come back.
        Pterence: No.
        Captain Harry: Climb up there and get him. You must do as your Captain says, or else.

      • Taury: Harry, this is a great game. And we're having a good time. But you shouldn't treat your friends like this.
        Captain Harry: You're not my friends. You're my crew.

      • Captain Harry: This crew is hopeless. If they don't shape up, they'll just see just how nasty a pirate captain can be.

      • Harry: Pirates never say they're sorry. They're pirates.
        Charlie: Well, have fun playing in that tub all by yourself, "Captain."

      • Harry: Yo ho ho! I'm Captain Harry Horrible, the scariest pirate that ever sailed the wide green sea.
        Charlie: And I'm Captain Charlie Shiver-Me-Timbers, looking for buried treasure.
        Harry: Charlie, you're not the captain! I'm the captain!
        Charlie: I wanna be the captain.
        Harry: There can only be one captain. You can be my crew.
        Charlie: I don't think so.
        Harry: Then you're not playing in my pirate ship.
        Charlie: Then I'm not playing with you.

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