Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Season 1 Episode 35

Yo Ho Ho! (Yo ho ho)

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network



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    • Harry: Say I'm sorry? But pirates never... Why not? Pirates can do anything they want to do. They're pirates. Besides, I was mean to Pterence.

    • Captain Harry: Pirates can't fly. Come back.
      Pterence: No.
      Captain Harry: Climb up there and get him. You must do as your Captain says, or else.

    • Taury: Harry, this is a great game. And we're having a good time. But you shouldn't treat your friends like this.
      Captain Harry: You're not my friends. You're my crew.

    • Captain Harry: This crew is hopeless. If they don't shape up, they'll just see just how nasty a pirate captain can be.

    • Harry: Pirates never say they're sorry. They're pirates.
      Charlie: Well, have fun playing in that tub all by yourself, "Captain."

    • Harry: Yo ho ho! I'm Captain Harry Horrible, the scariest pirate that ever sailed the wide green sea.
      Charlie: And I'm Captain Charlie Shiver-Me-Timbers, looking for buried treasure.
      Harry: Charlie, you're not the captain! I'm the captain!
      Charlie: I wanna be the captain.
      Harry: There can only be one captain. You can be my crew.
      Charlie: I don't think so.
      Harry: Then you're not playing in my pirate ship.
      Charlie: Then I'm not playing with you.

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