Harry and the Hendersons

Season 1 Episode 1

Harry and the Hendersons

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 1987 on



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: The Henderson's station wagon is clearly already damaged in the close-up of it hitting Harry. The headlight cover is already open instead of coming open in the crash, and damage to the left front panel is grossly exaggerated and inconsistent with hitting Harry the way they did.

    • GOOF: The Hendersons take upon a wrong road when they have to go to the mountains. The road they took leads to North Seattle. They should have taken another 15 miles up the road.

    • TRIVIA: Bill Martin (IV), who co-wrote the screenplay for "Harry and the Hendersons," wrote songs for Harry Nilsson's "Harry" album and is pictured (wearing a bear suit) inside the album's cover. Martin says that the character "Harry" in the film is named after Harry Nilsson.

    • TRIVIA: According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, some characters in the film are based to varying degrees on actual figures in the search for Sasquatch. "Jacques LaFleur" (David Suchet) is a nod to the late Canadian Rene Dahinden, and "Dr. Wallace Wrightwood" (Don Ameche) combines some qualities of John Green, Peter Byrne and the late Dr. Grover Krantz.

    • TRIVIA: This was Vern Taylor's last film.

  • Quotes

    • Pool Man: Do you have a cat?
      Irene: No!
      Pool Man: Good. Then it's just a hairball.

    • Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Well, Jocko, what's next for you?
      Jacques LaFleur: I don't know. There's always Loch Ness.

    • (looking in an anthropology book)
      George: That's Jaques LaFleur, a hunter who came in the store today.
      Nancy: No, that's Richard Smith, the forestry guy who came to our... house today. That lying bastard!

    • George: I have a friend and his name is, um, Jack and let's say there's... this... giant...
      Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Is there a beanstalk involved in this, Mr. Henderson?

    • George Sr.: I wanted King Kong, you brought me a goddamn giant gerbil. I told you exactly what to do. You didn't even come close.
      George: Maybe it's right on the nose. Maybe it's not vicious at all, Maybe it's gentle and has feelings.
      George Sr.: Where'd you dream up that shit?

    • Ernie: Shoot it!
      George: It's dead.
      Ernie: Shoot it anyway!

    • Irene: I need someone to talk to! You know it hasn't been easy with this pool and everything, and Herb is no help! His latest theory is that a condor flew over and took a shit in it.

    • George: I know what I'm talking about.
      Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: And I know it's closing time, so if you wanna talk shop, THEN SHOP!

    • Sarah: Where's the roast?
      George: I'll go get it.
      Nancy: The roast is resting in a shallow unmarked grave in the backyard.
      George: Oh. Well, there's plenty of other stuff.
      Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Are you vegetarians?
      George: Sometimes. It depends on the guest.

    • Jerry Seville: Good morning Seattle!
      George: God, I hate this guy.
      Nancy: I'll turn it off.
      George: No let me hate him. It'll keep me awake before the coffee kicks in.

    • George: Nan, don't you like roughing it in the wild?
      Nancy: Roughing it? George, the only thing rough about it was when the generator went out in the middle of Masterpiece Theatre.

    • George: He walked into our kitchen and was eating out of our refrigerator. I thought we was gonna eat me but he ate our daughter's corsage and then ate our goldfish!
      Sergeant Mancini: And where is he now, Mr. Henderson?
      George: In the bathroom.
      Sergeant Mancini: Oh, of course, how stupid of me.

    • George: We've got some big guns and some big-big guns but I'm afraid I'm all out of big-big ammo!

    • Ernie: Hey, Dad, what if it's him?
      George: Who?
      Ernie: Big Foot.
      George: Big Foot...?
      Ernie: Holy sh*t! Sorry, Dad.
      George: That's okay, I was looking for the right words.

    • George: I have no doubt that you saw him, but what really happened is when you saw him you were so scared shitless that you crashed your precious 10 Speeder into the stop sign, bumped your head on the curb and probably scared him half to the death in the process! All right, that's what really happened, isn't it? Isn't it?
      Bicycle Man: (anguished) Yes!

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