Harry Enfield and Chums

BBC (ended 1997)


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  • Harry Enfield and Chums

    This is yet another classic sketchshow with Harry Enfield. It has Harry Enfield who does several characters such as Kevin The Teenager and Tim Nice But Dim. The best one in my opinion is Kevin The Teenager because he really cracks me up and his friend Perry which is played by Kathy Burke. This is another show that had gone of the air and this is one of the best shows along with The Fast Show and The Two Ronnies. I wish they make more shows like these instead of crap like Little Britain which is obviously not funny at all.
  • A Strange Look At Britain, From Some Very Strange Brits

    What an hilarious show. Ahead of it's time it was, and still watchable today, saying things that nobody had either the nerve or creativity to say back then. It was the 90s answer to Little Britain, and of course, with LB around now it could never be fully appreciated as it was back then, but it will always be the show that made me and my friends cringe when we were in school (mainly the sketch The Scousers) and was always talked about in the school yard, and the scaries thing, we were only 7! Loved it loved it loved it! Oh the controversy!
  • Yah, pretty cool, but when Little Britian came on, well, lets just say there was no contest...

    Cool, yeah, I actually liked the episodes I saw, pretty old ones, but none the less, pretty cool. However, I found myself getting...bored by the repetativeness of the show, and after a while a couple of annoying sketches I found annoying beforehand began to get really really lame...REALLY REALLY LAME. And it was about this time that I was watching it (on DVD) that I found Little Britain had come out. Curious, I took a peak and found the series infinitley better. No offense or anything. Any way I still found some of the HArry Enfield sketches funny and origional