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    [1]May 29, 2006
    • member since: 06/19/05
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    Ever since I can remember, these pages have been plagued by a certain leechuckle, who more often than not, submitted the wrong infomation (often on purpose) in his attempt at getting as many community points as possible. Well, now that individual has gone, I think it's time we start cleaning up these pages. I've already updated the episode guide and deleted the incorrect 'season 5' and I've tried my very best to make a readable series summary. But that's only the start. If you have any other information, please summit it to the site, and not only gain some valueble points for yourself, but you'll help make the ultimate guide of TV Burp on the internet. Hope to hear from you all soon!
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    [2]Jun 16, 2006
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    I'll help with the guide, i'm transferring the info from season 6 to its proper season 5 and then i'll delete the duplicate information.
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