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  • Comedy genius or bald pedophile?

    Def the later,this special needs ex GP once again spouts drivile written by others whilst wearing charity shop clothing.

    The average moronic members of the public find this funny???

    A few years ago people like this where inmates of long term institution.

    About as funny as arse cancer
  • this is a great show if you feel down you can just turn tv burp on. i condem those who dislike the show.

    amazingly well thought out show you have no sense of humor if you dont find this funy.
    hary hill is definently one of my fab shows to watch because it simply is the best entertainment and its just simple its a big 10 out of 10 for me. :) lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ROFL LMAO.
  • i lv harry hill it is the high light off my saturday apart from doctor who but i lv it harry hill is so funnyy and i am loving the big collor lol

    well done harry hill i love ur show it is so funny and i'm lv'in the big collor lol u must love ur job like come on u get too take the mik out of othr shows for a job 'but i like harry hill but i like doctor who but which is better there is only one way to find FIGHT'
    love it but i think you should have more things to buy i loved the idea of the ' the K factor that was so funny i was like on the website voting i was like come on peter the duck come on well done keep it up
  • Perfect TV

    For all those who are unaware, Harry Hill's TV Burp is the greatest show on TV...and it is the most simple.
    Helped by the ridiculous shows that air every week and a seemingly endless supply of idiots that clutter up TV, Harry pokes harmless but hilarious fun and no one is off limits.
    The tone is perfect with a family friendly nature mixed with a harmless risque dark side, the timing of his jokes is always spot on and the excellent use of running gags from clips to clips, which is very rewarding for long time viewers, means every episode is a must see.
  • Getting Boring and too stupid

    The clips from TV shows from the past week are quite funny and it is great to see shows that you watched but didn't notice anything wrong until it is pointed out to you

    Every week Harry Hill will say "so what's better....FIGHT!" Then two people dressed up will come in and have a fight. It is so stupid and annoying and pointless!

    I rarely see things and think "That could be on Harry Hill" but my mum occasionally does. The things are so small but can be quite funny once you see them.

    The filming of the show is really simple as it just has Harry Hill sat at a desk but some "characters" walk in. The characters are people who look slightly like some of the people on the shows that we have seen. Rarely it is the actual person. Harry Hill also has a "knitted character" which once appeared in Eastenders. He appears in a show during the week, if you spot it then you can write into the show. I am not sure whether it has really been in the program as sometimes it looks computer animated. A lot of people can't stand Harry Hill, I find him funny but I don't like his personality much. I used to think the show was hilarious but it has definitely gone down hill a lot.
  • Arguably the funniest viewing in decades, Harry Hill is the saviour of Saturday night viewing.

    For decades, Saturday night has been laden with the burden of primetime viewing on ITV; a bargain bin for loud and uncompromisingly up-tempo programs to grab viewing attention, but largely fail to sustain it. I cling to semi-reluctant memories of shows such as Stars in their Eyes and my particular favourite, Blind Date, with a formula so bafflingly awkward it somehow made deeply entertaining viewing. (And you just had to love Cilla Black)

    In recent years, if you don't like talent shows, you might as well turn off your telly box and hide in a hole for half the year. But fear not, there is a saving grace for all those who want to snuggle down on the sofa and laugh themselves to death.

    Harry Hill's TV Burp is classic Saturday night viewing in all its glory. Take a zany host, a studio audience and a brighter coloured set than even the Teletubbies could vomit up, and you have yourself a perfect formula for an average Saturday night flop. However, Burp is different. Oh, so different.

    Partially written by the host itself, Burp takes a satirical look at the highlights and lowlights of each week's tele-visual events. The man is arguably a genius; yes, he has all the charm and appeal of an egg, but it's amazing just what he manages to pick up on that everyone else overlooks. Couple that with his outrageously mascu-camp presenting style and it makes for what I believe is the funniest viewing of the decade. The relentless string of gags hurled in your direction is guaranteed to leave everyone chortling, unless you have less humour than a damp stone. To claim TV Burp is hilarious is an understatement; never have I experienced the internet term of 'rofl'-ing; namely 'rolling on the floor laughing'; to such an extreme that I have the urge to glug Calpol to prevent my sides ripping from my chest – it's seriously that funny.
  • Liked it when it first came out but not anymore.

    When it first came out I thought it was very funny. The thing that I can remember that I liked the most was that Hamelton Challenge thing. Now I think that some of it is disgusting. Some of the clips are filthly and they show some nuderty in them. Harry Hill is still a very funny person though. Another funny moment was a bit where he was playing about with these figers that were counties the the world. He used America as a bat that you hit a ball with and Great Britain as a gun and he pretended that he was shooting with it.
  • absolutley hillarious

    Seriously seriously funny. This guy is a genious!! I never tire of watching his show. If you never have than you don't know what your missing!! Funny on an epic scale. Watch!!!And I really want to know where he gets his collars from. I mean seriously... you can't find them anywhere... I've looked.

    Oh... and see if you can find the Knitted Charactor. So good is this show that loads of celebs appear on it... usually after Harry has just taken the micky out of them. Seek out his DVDs. Every Saturday he is on. Watch it!! PS Who would have thought 100 words was that much?
  • LOL

    lol this show has me in fits every week. i especially liked the time when it was shortest conversation of the week...hello, goodbye. LOL. harry takes scenes from soaps and shows and stuff and takes them completely out of context so much so it is funny. he does halarious impressions and has outrageous facial expressions. the only thing that is a tad lame about the show is when he asks things to fight, like two different types of turtles for one. its men dressed up in lame suits rolling around on the floor. i can see the humour but really.
  • Harry Hill proves to be hilarious when making fun of popular TV programmes.

    I find that Harry Hill's TV Burp is the best to watch if:
    a) Upset and need to get cheered up.
    b) Looking for something to watch with the family
    c) Just looking for a comedy1

    Every Saturday night I am sitting on the sittee watching Harry Hill and he never fails to impress me. Something that always floats into my mind is how he can watch all these TV programmes, enjoy them and make them into a comedy. Harry Hill is most definetly a wizard when it comes to comedy and is one of my favourite comedians of all time! The only thing i would change about it is: make fun of TV programmes that aren't in the channel 1 - channel 5 zone, go wild!
  • Harry Hill is the meaning of the word legend.

    This show is one of the funniest and greatest of all time, I am always ready to watch it without a doubt. Harry very cleverly takes scenes from shows on the TV through the week and absolutley tears them apart, he points out things you would never have noticed and makes them utterly hillarious. I constantly laugh everytime I think of all the crazy and insane things this legend of a man can come up with. He is pure funny and if you don't laugh at him then it is fair to say you have no sense of humour. Watch him and you will see how true I am.
  • A funny show thats well worth a watch check out www.tv-burp.com

    HARRY HILL is regarded as one of the UK's finest and most original comedy acts. His unique brand of humour – interweaving running gags, inventive use of music, short films and far-fetched yarns – has been rewarded with numerous awards, nominations and accolades.  Greatly admired across the Atlantic, Harry made an acclaimed appearance on The Late Show (CBS), and the show's famous host and chat-show-king, DAVID LETTERMAN, has since personally invited HARRY back on the show seven times – a record for a British stand-up.  His pedigree as a live performer is well known, and in 2002 he was personally invited to perform as the only non-music act by DAVID BOWIE at his Meltdown event at London's Royal Festival Hall.

    check out www.tv-burp.com
  • Harry Hill took the TV review format and moved it from cheesey to classy.

    Before I saw TV Burp my last experience was that girl from Emmerdale doing it - reading off the autocue, not funny, awful. Harry has upped the humour a million levels and this show appeals to all sorts of people, regardless of gender and brain size.

    Funniest review ever for me was the news piece about battery farming, which concluded with the journalist's voice over: "Who would want to live in a lace like this?". Cue camera on Harry - "A fox? Some foxes?"

    Also love the weekly fight - how to decide what is better, a cashew or a peanut@ get them to fight. The sketch showing a man in a gorilla suit rolling through various sitcoms and relaity shows was funny as well, I was hooting out loud so much my wife came downstairs to see what all the noise was about.

    Brilliant, and a well-deserved British Comedy Awards 2008 winner.
  • A must see every week. Even if you haven't been watching the shows mentioned.

    We started watching this show in my house years ago, and there is always a hole left when it finished its short airing patterns.
    Sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss with the jokes, but more often than not, it has us in stitches :D
    Harry Hill and the writing team have a unique way of looking at the past week's television, picking out funny things we've missed or managing to make something hilarious out of a normal scene! The only thing that fails the show sometimes isn't the show itself, it's the weeks television it's had to work with. Airing at random different times of year it only has terrestrial shows to pick apart. This is sometimes X factor, Bear Grills and other rubbish like that to fill up the program.
    I hope that this show continues for a long time and i'm glad they have finally brought a DVD out of it.
  • The programme is funny, Harry Hill is not.

    I'm really struggling to say anything positive or constructive about Harry Hill but feel I need to say something because it's such a shame... If they would just show the funny footage on it's own and did not dub the sound with Harry Hill's poor excuse of jokes then the programme would be an excellent one but Harry Hill at the helm, it spoils it for me i'm afraid. Maybe someone like Peter Kay would be good. The sooner he is replaced the better, I may then start watching it again. Am I the only person who feels like this? Answers on a postcard please.
  • Harry Hill in England takes the funny side of tv.

    This is my favorite show for comedy. Harry picks tv shows here in England & makes them funny. I roll around for hours laughting, he is a genius of comedy. Considering he was a doctor before he turn his hand to comedy. I would have liked to see Harry on one of his tours never got the chance, now he also voices You've Been Framed on English tv, we all as a family laught at the misfortunes of viewers sending their videos & making complete fools of themselves, I personally love the animals as you can't tell an animal to start over again.
  • A mystery inside an enigma inside something you wipe off your shoe.

    TV Burp is the most inane, unoriginal, puerile rubbish I have ever seen. Why is it successful? Why is HH successful? Big collar and quasi-Kenneth Williams voice does not a comedian make. TV Burp is not even so bad that you laugh painfully at its badness. It is just pitiful and below the amusement or attention span of a toddler. We are indeed doomed if this loads of pants won a Bafta. I've said my piece but will struggle to maintain interest in commenting on this until I reach the magic 100 words. Switch off Harry Hill. Permanently. Please. Now. And forever.
  • "There's only one way to find out, FIGHT!"

    Every saturday if it's on I sit down and watch Harry Hill. Now, I normally hate modern British television but it's just fun to watch this hilarious bald guy make fun of all the cacky things going on within some of the worst sitcoms which should have ended years ago or should have not been created as a whole. Anyway, I recommend this to anyone living within the UK who has a good sense of humour. Other than that I have pretty much nothing more to say. Just sit down, tune in and enjoy. Oh, and there are some pretty memorable lines like the one I've quoted above.
  • ITV only funny show and only decent saterday program They Finally done something right.

    I cought this show a few times, then liked liked it, now it's became a habit to tune in every saterday as it seems to be the only good thing (along with bond) that ITV has on.

    The show is terrificly funny and surprisingly in-offensive, which, is rare these days, as alot of comedy shows rely on crude humor.

    I hope this show runs for another 7-8 years, it's honestly about the only thing on itv I tune into too, Ant and Dec never appealed, on both sides of the chnnel there are D+ class celebrity reality tv shows, absolutely no difference between the two most of the time, there is no diversity.

    Harry Hill is very funny, well worth tuning into.
  • Absolutely hilarious.

    This week should include Holby's "search for the missing hand" and the poor girl hugging her paedophile (what a position she was in!!!!) Who was the director of THAT shot???

    Love the show, best thing on television - perfect for a saturday night in. Keep up the good work. Look forward to the next series - soon I hope!

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  • Theres only one way to find out....


    Harry Hill's TV Burp is my Personal Favorate Shows for Comedy, Its based Differantly to other Blooper/Gags shows, And like Always, Its Harry Hill who just makes the show Hilarous. One good thing about this Blooper show is that Its recent TV Clips, The Half Hour show is written in Just 6 Days! Its Truey Amazing, Andd you have to give full credit to Harry hill for being able to Write, Host, And find 1/2 of Gags in a week!

    This is my best show of all time, Ive given it a 10/10 for the effort that gos into making this show, How well its hosted.
  • What's best? TV Burp or You've Been Framed? There's only one way to find out...FIGHT!!!

    In this show Harry takes an irreverent look at the preceding week's television programmes, and generally makes fun out of the soaps.
    His unique style of comedy is almost surreal, and he has been described as: 'Ronnie Corbett possessed by the ghost of Salvador Dali'.
    I think this show is brilliant, and every episode has something which reduces me to hysterics! And I especially like the way Harry uses camera placement for comedy effect. He's usually talking to camera in front of him, in a conventional way, but will occasionally turn to talk to a camera showing a side-shot of him, making a silly comment as if letting us in on a secret. Very funny.
    I also look forward to the pitched battle he sets up just before the commercial break. It always starts with a question: 'But what's best?.. There's only one way to find out. Fight!'
    Probably one for a British audience as it's entirely based around lampooning other UK shows. But overall, amusing for all.
  • Weekly TV mag with humour and fights

    Harry Hill's TV Burp is a one man view on TV land the past week. He will pick up the tiniest thing and make it humourous, something you may have missed when watchign the actual soap or TV programme he is referring to. Basically the show is 25 minutes of humour. A fight always breaks out just before the commercial break, between certain storylines each week, and always has someone from part of the shows stroylines at the end as the final credits role. This is remarkable, and probably the best review show around at present. Top marks to Harry
  • This show single-handedly gives some vauge meaning to those many tat soaps and reality shows.

    I was never a huge fan of Harry Hill's standup routine. I didn't think that he was particularly funny, but when it comes to the week's television the man's a genius!

    True there are some shows that mock themselves, like how daft some of the contestants on Big Brother are, or how ridiculous Eastenders gets, but Mr. Hill manages to find obscure jokes and make fun of things most people would miss. This combined with some of his sketches makes for brilliant television.

    I watched it from the start, when it was originally on at night, before it was moved to Saturday evening, after getting the recognition it clearly deserved. It's always been great at mocking everything possible as well as having some unlikely guest stars. It's great to see when the people he's mocking can take a joke and are willing to appear on the show.

    Although this year hasn't been quite as good as previous ones, it is still the most funny show on British television. Keep up the excellent work, Harry!
  • This and Doctor Who are the best things on a saturay night,at the momement.

    Harry Hill is a very funny man,but not in a rude way.That's why ITV put him on every saturday evening.
    Yes,he takes the mick out of some of the very small things alot of the time.And he is always putting shows such as Eastenders and Coronation Street, in the firing line over and over again.But the main thing is,they always have usually hilarious results.And anyway,I hate soap dramas,so the longer they are taken the piss out of,the better.
    Harry Hill's TV Burp is a groin-wettingly funny show,that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Utter disbelief in the cruely included in Harry's usually fun and hilarious show. Cant ever watch it again for fear of a similar horrible experience.

    My family and I were completely shocked and dismayed and sat in disbelief and horror when a particularly cruel and nasty clip appeared in Harry Hill tonight.

    The offending clip was from a survival programme which I imagine is unpopular as it is simply bad television, probably only watched by a small minority. However, as the survival programme is dire it is treated as a joke which usually makes Harry's show hysterical.

    There was nothing remotely funny about the chosen clip tonight however, just sadness and disgust at the agonizing death of a poor turtle being roasted alive. When the poor creature screamed Harry remarked that the terrified shriek of agony sounded like the whistle of a pressure cooker.

    I don't think I can watch Harry Hill again. Why did he not insist such a clip was removed? I had Harry down as a comic genius who was innocent in his sense of fun not a sicko trying to get cheap laughs at any cost. How low can one stoop!

    Our family always looked forward to Harry's TV Burp and never missed it. Never again.

    However, we wish to thank Harry and his team for all the hours of wonderful enjoyment he gave us in the past.

    Thank you for reading this.

  • One of the few, truly funny ways to keep tabs on what's happening on UK television.

    Now in its 6th series, Harry Hill almost defies explanation. At least, without making others wonder why you would ever suggest they watch this show. Harry is unique, from his over-sized glasses to his balder-than-Kojak head to his very oversized shirt lapels. He is a human cartoon full of wit, insight, and facial contortions that defy description. The typical program has him showing clips from popular UK television shows broadcast that week, commenting on each one and finding the inate humor in scenes and situations even among the more serious 'soaps' like EastEnders. In between some clips he does little skits that hit the humor mark about 80% of the time and only just miss the rest of the time.

    And, even though a typical clip may only run a few seconds, after watching several episodes I have been able to discuss shows with friends in the UK, shows that I have never actually seen.

    Not sure, yet? I did say that TV Burp (and Harry hill) almost defy description.

    Before watching an episode, prepare your eyes and mind for one of the most colorful sets on TV. I keep trying to picture what might have happened to the future of color TV had TV Burp had been one of the first colo(u)r programs broadcast. It would have either driven up sales astronomically, or would have turned people off to the idea of color TV. Yes... the set is that colorful.

    There are some programs destined to be remembered for their drams, tense situations, and award-winning acting. Or for their famous comedian leading cast members and catch phrases ("I don't believe it!" "Brilliant"" and others come to mind). Harry Hill's TV Burp is none of those, but my bet is that TV Burp will be fondly remembered by those of us who watch even in 20 years.
  • Not so much a review, more just a comment. Surely a Pat Butcher/scorpio hybrid would not be a Scorpipat, it would be a Patio... I need to get out more.

    Erm... See above. Very funny as usual - thanks. Oh dear I need another 86 words. 84 Now. It's Sunday, what do you expect? I don't use my brain over the weekend. Right, now you want another 63. We love the TV highlights of the week. Erm... Are you doing anything nice this Easter? I shall of course be celebrating in the traditional manner of eating chocolate until I get a migraine, then spending the following day reviewing programmes just so I can pass on a comment about Pat Butcher/scorpio hybrids. Nearly there now - see you next Saturday! Byee!
  • Makes my Saturday Night each time.

    I love this show. I sadly never got to see every single episode there was, especially in the earlier seasons, but judging from the later ones I could never go through a Saturday night without watching it. It's basically British funnyman Harry Hill snarking bits and pieces of the week's UK TV, namely shows like Eastenders, Coronation Street along with many others, rendering said shows unintentionally hilarious. At various points he also reconstructs a scene playing either as himself or a character from said TV show and changes it so it's even more funnier.

    Most of these snarks he does can be hilarious, depending on what part of a TV show he's talking about. These are often followed with short parodies of whatever quotes were found to be rather silly using small objects, such as "Jade Goody Cola" and a structure of cheese.

    Some parts are very recurrent, like "Fight" - Harry would ask which of two things are better, and then says "there's only one thing to find out, FIGHT!" and two people dressed up as said things would come down and actually fight before the break starts. There is also TV Highlight of the Week, in which a very unintentionally hilarious part of a show is played and is supposed to be the best TV clip of the week! TV Burp is probably the only thing I watch on ITV on Saturday nights, and a good thing too. In fact, it's one of very few TV programmes in the UK I find really funny. Plenty of laughs to be had throughout, especially if you've watched one of the week's shows Harry picks on beforehand.
  • Harry Hill's TV Burp

    This is the funniest show on ITV1. Harry Hill is just a funny man making fun of program like Emmerdale and crap like that. I like his gags on pretending to be a Deal Or No Deal (UK version) he pretends to use the phone and then select a random clip from the show and does crazy things.