Harry O

Season 2 Episode 9

APB Harry Orwell

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1975 on ABC



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    • Star Trek fans will have to look fast to recognize Rosanna Soto as Edwina. She played Azetbur the Klingon Chancellor in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

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    • Writer(s): William R. Stratton

      Quote 1
      ORWELL [VOICEOVER]: I was waiting for a potential client out on the pier. Piers are good places for pondering the eternal enigmas of the universe. Like why are women usually late…particularly after specifying a precise time, as in ten o'clock sharp. And my conclusion was…they have smaller wrist watches.

      Quote 2
      GROVES: …This ought to be very strange for you. I hear you're looking for a witness to alibi Orwell.
      TRENCH: The man is my friend…I am capable of stating the facts as they stand: I'll do my job….
      GROVES: That will include no further communication with the prisoner [Orwell].
      TRENCH: Orwell will have mixed feeling about that.

      Quote 3
      ORWELL [IN A JAIL CELL]: Hey, what does the District Attorney think about you taking all this time [to help Orwell].
      TRENCH: I have six weeks accumulated leave. What I do with it is none of the DA's business.
      ORWELL: Well you did put in for leave didn't you?
      TRENCH: Yes, I did.
      ORWELL: You said you needed a rest.
      TRENCH: Well…it is relaxing, Orwell, knowing where you are at all times. Officer!!!
      ORWELL: What about the request [for leave]?....
      TRENCH: It uh...it was denied. I am not on duty 24 hours a day: I will find the time.
      ORWELL: In the mean time, what am I supposed to do?
      TRENCH: Be a model prisoner.

      Quote 4
      ORWELL: …I need a car to get by
      SPENCER: Take that one…Yes, that's my car, but take that one, because the owners of the other cars would take a dim view of you zipping around in theirs…
      ORWELL: I'll treat like it was my own.
      SPENCER: I hope not…

      Quote 5
      ORWELL: You know the terrible thing about all this is, I can't really remember Eldon Bardach.
      ORWELL: I don't remember him either.

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