Harry O

Season 1 Episode 15

For the Love of Money

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 1974 on ABC
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Episode Summary

For the Love of Money
A woman hires Harry to find her boyfriend, who has disappeared after she helped him steal $25,000 worth of bonds from her employer.

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    David Janssen

    David Janssen

    Harry Orwell

    Henry Darrow

    Henry Darrow

    Det. Lt. Manuel "Manny" Quinlan [eps 3-15, 23]

    Farrah Fawcett

    Farrah Fawcett

    Sue Ingram [eps 21-42]

    Anthony Zerbe

    Anthony Zerbe

    Lt. K.C. Trench [eps 17-46]

    Paul Tulley

    Paul Tulley

    Sgt. Don Roberts [eps 17-46]

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      • Writer: Gene Thompson

        Quote 1
        PAULINE: You're the one that invited him here, remember? What do you treat him like that for?
        BERNIE: Maybe I'm sentimental. I guess I'll stay that way as long as he keeps on earning twenty-five big ones a week.

        Quote 2
        [Harry Orwell and Lt. Trench meet for the first time.]
        TRENCH: Harry Orwell?
        ORWELL: Yeah, who are you?
        TRENCH: Trench…Lt. Trench.
        ORWELL: What do you want?
        TRENCH: Maybe you. Just what do you think you're doing?
        ORWELL: Trying to get some sleep.
        TRENCH: You do a lot of that down in San Diego… is that it? The balmy weather kind of go to your head sometimes?
        ORWELL: You know my name. And you know I'm a private detective…and I gotta license, you wanna see it?
        TRENCH: Number M83456. San Diego P.D., good record, retired. Why don't you just keep it like that?
        ORWELL: You did your homework.
        TRENCH: We don't have a lot of palm trees….You know, I'm about to book you as an accessory, Orwell.
        ORWELL: Accessory to what?
        TRENCH: Don't play dumb.
        ORWELL: I'm not playing dumb. That's the real me coming through.

        Quote 3
        TRENCH: I like the way you operate, Orwell like a cop.
        ORWELL: Thank you.
        TRENCH: Who knows…maybe we'll get along. Just don't ever keep anything from me.
        ORWELL: And you?
        TRENCH: Well, I'm simple. What I want you to get, you get. What I don't, you don't.
        ORWELL, to Sgt. Roberts: Hey, how about you…don't you ever say anything?
        ROBERTS: Well, if I do, I guess that would answer your question, wouldn't it?

        Quote 4
        BETSY: Why are you looking behind me?
        ORWELL: I want to make sure Walter isn't behind you.
        BETSY: Oh…did you meet Walter?
        ORWELL: Yeah…he came by this afternoon.
        BETSY: Isn't he cute?
        ORWELL: You can shave a 400-pound gorilla, but that don't make him a house pet.
        BETSY: …Would you like me to make dinner for us?
        ORWELL: It depends on where Walter is? Where is he?
        BETSY: He went to Santa Barbara.
        ORWELL: Not far enough away…

        Quote 5
        BETSY: …Boy, has your line ever been busy…Well, first Kathy called…no, she called twice. And then Cindy from the Central Credit Bureau called, and she'll call again. Then a Pauline Fielding called…Is she a blonde, Harry?
        ORWELL: How'd you know that?
        BETSY: Girls can tell…Are you over stimulated or something

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