Harry O

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 1974 on ABC



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      GERTRUDE: Did you think the heel was hollow and a message was in it?
      ORWELL: Something like that.
      GERTRUDE: Maybe the message was in the right shoe.
      ORWELL: Harold doesn't have a wooden leg, does he?
      GERTRUDE: What would he do with a wooden leg?
      ORWELL: If he had a wooden leg, he wouldn't need a right shoe.
      GERTRUDE: Ohhh…Harold doesn't have a wooden leg.
      ORWELL: You're sure?
      GERTRUDE: You're very skeptical.
      ORWELL: I am. You like the ocean?
      GERTRUDE: Sometimes I can't follow your sequiturs.
      ORWELL: Likewise.

      Quote 2
      ORWELL: Here are some sheets for you.
      GERTRUDE: Where are you going to sleep?
      ORWELL: Outside…I do it all the time.
      (Gertrude locks the door, locking Orwell outside)
      ORWELL: Why'd you do that?
      GERTRUDE: To keep you out.
      ORWELL: Look, I'll tell you what we'll do…I'll knock three times like this…Then if there's a man in there and he didn't knock, it's not me.
      GERTRUDE: Because I don't intend to shortchange the man I marry.
      ORWELL: I wouldn't have it any other way.
      GERTRUDE: Thank you.

      Quote 3
      ORWELL [voiceover]: One of the collateral advantages of riding buses is that it's hard for anyone to tail a bus without giving them self away. A bus moves with a different rhythm than somebody's car. When I was on the force, I had to tail a guy on a bus once. It was the worst 45 minutes I ever spent.

      Quote 4
      ORWELL [voiceover]: Most of the time private detectives get cases that involve amateur criminals. And it makes interesting, and it makes it hard too. Especially for me, because I was a cop first, and I had to deal with professionals. Now a professional knows what he's doing and he moves in a straight line. So you just go after him in a straight line. But your ordinary amateur criminal is usually some sort of eccentric. Probably doesn't know himself what he's gonna do next. If you're trying to follow him, you're gonna lose his trail. So what you have to do is keep one step ahead of him, and let him catch up to you.

      Quote 5
      ORWELL [voiceover]: Time went…The phone didn't ring, but on the 11th of March the next year I got a postcard. It said, "Having a wonderful time, wish you here." The card was signed Gertrude and Harold. They had $2340 dollars and that would take them anywhere in the world. I didn't look at the stamp, I didn't turn it over to see the picture. I like to think of them sitting on the beach in Brazil.