Harry O

Season 1 Episode 3

Guardian at the Gates

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 1974 on ABC



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    • Writer: Stephen Kandel

      Quote 1
      ORWELL [VOICEOVER]: Now, jogging isn't a sport, it's a penance. My sins aren't that gaudy, but I'm cautious. That's one way to stay out of trouble.

      Quote 2
      VETERINARIAN: I don't know [if dog will recover]. He's ingested quite a bit [of poison]. Can't tell ya.
      PAUL SAWYER: Doctor, that statement is a pompous advertisement of ignorance. The state licensed you as a veterinarian. I expect you to cure him.
      VETERINARIAN: I can't work miracles Mr. Sawyer.
      PAUL SAWYER: Ahhh, miracles are created by money, of course. Marian, write Dr. Belden a check….

      Quote 3
      ORWELL [VOICEOVER]: He was afraid. Behind all the anger and arrogance, he was terrified: not of being found dead, but of being found no more than human.

      Quote 4
      ROSS: …He was a monster: no loyalty, no friendship, no love. But he's also the greatest architect alive on this earth. He'll walk in here one day without warning…and he'll create a miracle. It's a crummy world, Orwell: you gotta cherish miracles.

      Quote 5
      ORWELL: Why didn't you leave your father?
      MARIAN SAWYER: He needs me….He lives inside himself, in a fortress. And I'm the guardian at the gates….When I was little, he took me with him once. He was building a skyscraper. He took me up in the construction elevator, 40 stories. I was so scared, it tasted like brass in my mouth. He was explaining design to me—I couldn't follow. But I was listening to the sound of his voice: God, it was like hearing electricity, all that confidence. I think he forgot I was there, and he left me, on top of the building platform, 40 stories up. And I saw him walk out on a girder, and it looked like he was in mid-air. And I looked beyond him, and there was nothing but sky—father and sky. If he had said,"Marian, step off the edge," I would have gone. Believing…I need to keep believing. I need to be needed. What do you need Harry?
      ORWELL: Well, not much more than I have…A few friends; a little room; time to find out what I want, what I am.
      MARIAN SAWYER: I'm envious. I'm afraid of time, and too much room makes me anxious. I don't have friends or enemies…And when I start to suffocate, I drink, turn on, or find a man—it's called better living through biochemistry….You interested?...You're interested…
      ORWELL: I don't make love unless I'm in love…just a little. It's gotta be a hell of lot more for me than just therapy to keep from screaming.
      MARINA SAWYER: Sweet, rejecting Harry. I'll crawl right home and make myself acceptable….

      Quote 6
      MARIAN SAWYER: What are you doing here?
      ORWELL: Feeling foolish...and, uh, clumsy…and I'm apologizing. Because I wanted you and I resented it: a beautiful lady with no strings. Well, I need some strings, I need 'em.

      Quote 7
      DEMPSEY: Mr. Sawyer, I believe that man's only excuse for living is to shake the world.
      PAUL SAWYER: Wrong…man's excuse for living is to create the world. Shaking it is the province of politicians...and other psychotics.

      Quote 7
      ORWELL [voiceover]: He walked away from the wreckage and the bleeding because they didn't exist for Paul Armand Sawyer….Maybe that's the definition of greatness: to be always alone and never lonely. Well, that's a hell of a price to pay.

      Quote 8
      ORWELL [to Paul Sawyer, who's affectionately hugging his German Shepherd]: Don't worry, Sawyer, I won't tell on you. Love is only occasionally sinful.

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