Harry O

ABC (ended 1976)





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  • Harry O was unique

    Harry-O was one of the greatest shows on television. One of the few detective shows with narration by the character. I’ve always liked that Philip Marlowe type narration. David Janssen plays the average ex-cop private eye Harry Orwell. He has a bullet lodged in his back, so he has to supplement his pension with an occasional case. Orwell’s style was unique, and during the flashy days of fast cars, and gun fights. When his car wouldn’t start, and that was a lot in the first year, Harry got to appointments by using cabs, buses and sometimes walking. Janssen took this role and made Harry Orwell and understandable and believable character. It had a superb cast of Anthony Zerbe as Lt. K.C. Trench, Henry Darrow as Manny Quinlan, and sometimes Farrah Fawcett as his next door neighbor. The show lasted two years and was cancelled. Harry O was unique and people are starting to look at it again on some of the cable networks.