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Harriet (Kathy Bates), Adam and Malcolm are three very different people from completely different walks of life. After Harry is fired from her job as a patent lawyer, she encounters some strange occurrences which lead her to decide to open a new law firm. The location she chooses happens to be an abandoned shoe store. Adam, a lawyer from a big firm hears Harry has started her own practice so offers to help the new place get its feet off the ground. After only one case, he decides he wants to stay. Malcolm is a young man in his first year of law school whom Harry met during those strange occurrences after she was fired at the beginning of the show. Together with the help of Jenna, their assistant, they run Harry's Law and Fine Shoes. These folks were brought together by fate to serve the people of the neighborhood in which their business resides.

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates

Harriett "Harry" Korn

Nathan Corddry

Nathan Corddry

Adam Branch

Karen Olivo

Karen Olivo

Cassie Reynolds

Mark Valley

Mark Valley

Oliver Richard

Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald

Thomas "Tommy" Jefferson

Justine Lupe

Justine Lupe

Phoebe Blake

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  • Another quirky Kelly dramedy goes away

    There were some good reasons to like the show and there were some reasons why the show probably got cancelled. The good is that it was reminiscent of Boston Legal, which I loved! The first season gave us an original take on yet another lawyer show, it had some good stories, good characters, and a unique setting. Here comes the bad. Losing the original team of the shoe store law firm in the second season was upsetting, probably for many viewers as well. I'm a fan of Boston Legal but there were probably too many references to that show to allow Harry's Law to stand on it's own. Speaking of the title character, why did Harry have to stay so ornery? She left (or got pushed) out of the old life that she hated and got bounced (by a car no less) into a new life path. A path she seemingly/grudgingly accepted and welcomed, but her character never expresses much outward joy or satisfaction. That is really a small criticism on the character which didn't take away from the show very much for me. The biggest flaw for me was that show started to leave me unsatisfied. There were too many loose ends in many of the episodes leaving me with no closure. Granted, I haven't finished watching all the episodes yet but so far they do not seem to go back to old cases at all. I still want to know what happens to the great ape! I can appreciate that you can't always get a clean and satisfactory ending all the time but there were just too many loose ends. This is what probably killed the show in my the move away from the original premise.moreless
  • Harry's come-arounds

    I'm glad the show got cancelled! The show did a dis-service to the original viewers by abandoning the original cast. The first season worked well enough not to be changed. This weeks episode about the car crash again, was some crap the average person did not want forced down their throat.
  • Arghh!

  • Loved the Show!!!

    Hated to see it end. Loved the 3 part episode of Kathy and Jean Smart fighting over a presumed murderer, for me it was a total tear jerker. I hope they release the whole series on DVD. Great show!
  • Incedible series! Amazing cast!

    I loved Harry's Law so much! I really wish it was coming back!!! Kathy Bates is phenomenal as Harry Korn. Here's hoping that she wins an Emmy for the role no matter how short lived it may have been.

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