Harry's Law

Season 1 Episode 7

American Dreamers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on NBC

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    "Tommy Jefferson!"

    An interesting storyline here tonight with the Albinos, and I was shocked to see them actually lose. You really do not see that too often on primetime legal shows. I hope this is the end of it though as I have no interest in seeing the case revisited. I don't want this show to turn into The Practice where they scream, "Appeal! Appeal!" after every case they lose.

    The Malcolm character continues to be annoying though. They did a horrible job of casting that this character annoys me everytime he gets on screen. One of the few they did not do a good job with on this program.
  • They have certainly had some interesting cases, so far, on this show.

    This episode was one of the best - highlighting an issue, of which few people are aware. It was about four African albinos, who have been detected by I.C.E., and are about to be deported. They enlist the services of Tommy Jefferson, who, in turn, asks Harriet for her help. The albinos tell how, in their country, their bodies are thought to have magical properties. Albino hunters find them, cut off their limbs, and sell them to local medicine men. While the case Harriet presents, attempting to keep them in this country, is handled very skillfully, in the end, the judge orders them sent back. There is a side plot involving the stolen car of Harriet's assistant - thrown in I suspect for it's humorous value. But this show just keeps getting better and better.
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