Harry's Law

Season 1 Episode 6

Bangers in the House

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Although dealing with serious issues - an enjoyable episode combining passion and humor.

    This show just keeps getting better. When so many of the shows I used to like, are becoming stale and tired, it's nice to add a new and refreshing show to my favorites. Only Kathy Bates could convincingly mediate a dispute with a bullhorn and a .45 caliber weapon. I suspect rival gang disputes are sometimes mediated, but with more somber results. For pure entertainment value, this mediation contained just the right amount of tension and reasoning. I like seeing Malcolm evolve and both teach and learn from Harriet. And it looks like Tommy Jefferson is definitely becoming a recurring character. His case, involving the growing problem of "ageism", was also humorous in just the right spots. The resulting verdict was believable and fair. Another very satisfying episode.
  • There're always 2 sides to a story - often they are both right. The trick is to acknowledge that yet arrive at a solution that works for both parties. Here we have rival gangs in dispute & ageism dealt with through mediation - at street level & in court.

    More often these days people are turning to mediation rather than court room confrontation. In civil cases that do reach a judge or jury, it's become more about fairness than absolutes. Both scenarios require a person(s) able to empathize with each complainant in order to be successful. The plot & sub plot of this episode highlight the process.
    Kathy Bates is an expert at creating down to earth characters & Harry is certainly as no nonsense as they come. Until now in the series, Harry has at times been unsure of herself, but has bulled ahead none the less. In "Bangers in the House" we see her having to admit that she can't do it all, that no matter how much she may want to help, she doesn't have the understanding to do so. Finally we have a solid drama with a hero who isn't always up to the job! The mix of humour & drama achieve a fine balance, evoking strong emotions – a sign of excellence in writing. Many seem to find this show too leftist – to them I say `your loss`. This episode is the finest, so far, in what I hope will be a long running series.
  • Better Counter to Tommy's Lifeboat Argument

    Tommy used the Lifeboat Argument with regards to the laying off of the old employee instead the younger. That the old was thrown overboard because he was old. The closing argument for the defense would have been better if she mentioned that the old employee that was let go / thrown overboard knew how to swim while the others on the life boat cannot. It would put emphasis on that fact the old employee was not let go because he was old but because he was financially secure / can swim while the other employees, who were in this case younger, were financially desperate / cannot swim. The being thrown off the life boat / laid off would not mean death for the old employee since he can swim but to retain him and choosing another would mean death to the one chosen.
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    Harry's Law has been pretty good since its start this season, but this was not that spectacular an episode. I think it is because the premise was not all that good. The gang violence just seemed so unnecssary in my eyes, and the case with Tommy Jefferson was disappointing as well. You had a very Boston Legal ending with Tommy winning (and the fact that it was pointed out he was still undefeated, exactly Alan Shore) and then the $75 damages reading.

    Not a bad installment really, but the problem is this show is just another legal drama, with a slightly different group of characters.