Harry's Law

Season 2 Episode 11

Gorilla My Dreams

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2012 on NBC

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  • Terrific Episode

    i have enjoyed this show since a few weeks after it first premiered and while I came into this episode very interested in the "Wonder Woman" story line, I found myself more intrigued with the "Gorilla" story line. It's a testament to the writer and the actors involved that made this episode so very emotional and great to watch. Both guest stars did great in this episode and I would love to see them come back again.
  • for: sgab1503

    Just a comment for the above reviewer: You can click on Cast & Crew See All, and it lists the actors with a Credits link. You're right about the blond being on Haven, and ironically, the brunette played Lois Lane on Smallville. I guess she likes superheros! IMDB.com, of course, is the other source for finding actor's credits, but this episode doesn't have a full cast listing on that site.
  • Gorilla My Dream

    Okay, so this premise was a little bit over the top, to say the very least, but it was another intriguing case and I found it to be very emotional when they ended up losing. Yes, the law states that they should lose, but it still makes you think about how we treat people and animals in the world today.

    The other case was pretty boring and felt like a time filler in my mind. All those characters deserve better than that.
  • Wonderful Episode

    I thought this episode was the best I have seen in this show, I hope this show get's the go ahead for many more seasons. Both story lines we wonderfully put over, you had to feel for both defendants. I was kinda hoping the story line for The Gorilla would carry on into another episode, who knows maybe it will? I was trying to think where I have seen both the guest actresses from? I think the blond lady with the Gorilla is from the series Haven, can someone tell me if I am right or wrong please? and dark haired woman, I cannot from the life of me think where I have seen her, again maybe someone can tell me in what series she is in or was in?
  • Gorillas and Vigilante Justice

    I enjoyed the program tonight and I got to thinking about the folks that don't like this show because it's way too liberal for them. I understand where they are coming from and David Kelley's work tends to lean that way, but I think they get their rulings right and I'm what one would call a moderate conservative. Case in point is tonight's episode. I though both rulings were right, which I realize is a subjective statement.

    I believe that there are two things at work: mercy and justice and one does not have to preclude the other, although in the polarized culture we live in, they seem to. Harry's Law has always done, I think, a great job at showing the humanity of defendants and telling their story. Everyone has a story and some people deserve maximum sentences and other don't. What I like about the show and have from the beginning is that we get to see the humanity - or mercy - of the justice system in the show and I appreciate that.
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