Harry's Law

Season 2 Episode 9

Head Games

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on NBC



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    • Tommy: (arriving at the office) OK, it's think thank time. I need everyone in the conference room ASAP.
      Harry: Whoa.
      Tommy: Harry, I have a crisis. Kim Mendelsohn won't budge on my bank robbery, not even by a little. I need to come up with something creative and I need it fast. (looks at Cassie) You, smart one – give me something.
      Adam: What about necessity?
      Oliver: It would apply if she had no other choice, but holding up a bank? I doubt it.
      Adam: Self help?
      Oliver: Works for civil, not criminal.
      Adam: Jury nulls.
      Tommy: Smart one, come on. What have you got?
      Cassie: Well...
      Tommy: I like it.
      Cassie: You said that she lost all of her money in the mortgage crisis.
      Tommy: She did, yeah. Keep going. What?
      Cassie: There's a theory, it's out there but it's used in drug cases.
      Tommy: Perfect. We'll go with that one.
      Cassie: I haven't told you what it is.
      Tommy: Doesn't matter. I've got nothing else. What is it?
      Cassie: It's called – don't laugh – outrageous government conduct defense.
      Harry: Come again?
      Cassie: Basically you argue that the government's conduct is so outrageous that it violates fundamental principles of fairness to prosecute the defendant.
      Tommy: This is real?
      Cassie: It's an affirmative defense. You have to plead it but, yes, it's real. It's used in drug cases, usually police stings that have gone awry.
      Tommy: Outrageous government conduct.
      Cassie: You could that the government played a role in the whole mortgage meltdown, which lead to your client's desperation, which lead...
      Tommy: Can I borrow her? Please?

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 30, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: March 12, 2012 on Universal Channel/Universal Channel HD
      Finland: July 1, 2014 on MTV3

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