Harry's Law

Season 2 Episode 1

Hosanna Roseanna

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Extremely BAD retooling


    This new season's introduction was extremely disappointing. Any charm or wit that made the show unique has been striped away and replaced with all to familiar formulaic characters and story lines.

    All the characters have been reworked. Harry is now just bitter and rude. Whereas before she was a spitfire with a golden heart, and her barbs came off as funny, she is now a beset upon, bitter old woman. Granted there were 1 or 2 places where her acid tongue worked in this episode, and even garnered a chuckle, by and large she was just unpleasantly mean.

    Tommy Jefferson is no longer comic relief. The way his character was written was just pathetic. The writers took away everything that made him fun and funny and changed him into a pitiable buffoon. It is not fun to watch someone on the down and outs like this. I felt they played on the worst kind of emotions; were we supposed to revel in his misery? Yes, they did that last season, too, but let him keep some of his dignity. Now he is just a sad sack loser on his way into oblivion. I see no point in the character at all now.

    Adam is barely utilized and the new attorney is just pretty. Sorry, I didn't feel she had the backbone, grit or intelligence I think the writers were trying to convey. She is just window dressing to replace the blonde.

    This story was similar to the last story of season 1; not emotionally or intellectually satisfying at all. Here the writers played on frustration, anger, derisiveness, hatred, doubt…I could go on, but the point is, why on earth would anyone want to artificially have those feelings evoked unless there were the opposite to balance them? Example: In season one, we got to root for the underdog time and time again and got to feel good when the "little guy" won. Granted it was unrealistic, but it was FUN.

    Gone is the extremely well written dialog and mostly credible and enjoyable characters, portrayed with expertise. That word Harry used to describe her ex's: pathetic choice and indicative of a feeble mind, not a woman of intelligence and esteem. This season dives into a new office, a new practice, a new staff, and feels all too much like a new, and in no way improved, show. This Harry's Law plays to the lowest common denominator and even the brilliant Kathy Bates is wasted on this.