Harry's Law

Season 2 Episode 4

Queen of Snark

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • The show starts to repeat the failings of Ally McBeal - meaning this will be the last episode I watch



    This episode was disgusting. When it started I was excited to see the return of Paul McCrane and was hoping for a fun episode which had Puck and Harry working together.

    Instead he passes Harry a case where a girl has committed suicide and his client is being charged because she revealed the girl was gay on a blog.

    This start expanded quickly to reveal that this girl had not just revealed someone else to be gay, but hadorchestrateda bullying campaign against her. The DA made a good case, and then Harry went for her closing remarks.

    Her message seemed to be everyone does it, so why blame this one. Let this girl go because, even though she knew what she was doing, we all do this so what is the harm.

    Ally McBeal had the same problems with the lawyers winning cases they had no right to (morally). This episode even has two other lawyers arguing about morals and yet continues to have Harry defending a bully. The worst crime was the ending - just as Harry is about to talk about this being a bad day (and I was hoping was going to have her say she felt the girl should go to jail but they were lucky) they cut to an overlong and pathetic scene with a character leaving and suddenly everyone is broken up.

    David E. Kelley should be ashamed of this episode and the message it sends (apparently we should all be ok with snarky blogs and just accept them instead of making a stand). A disgusting episode of TV, especially from a writer I expected more from.

  • Harry's Law radically changes it's cast.


    Harry's Law has gutted it's cast and apparently it's writers. Instead of the goofy, sweet unusual entertainment that we got last season, it's now painfully earnest. They had the kind of ensemble cast that is magical together, like Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld. Now they've taken the goofy bits out, gutted the cast and brought in the pretty people, Mark Valley and whoever the new female attorney is (no offense, personally to you guys).

    I didn't watch this show to hear about headline cases, 'evil blogging teens who push other kids to suicide'. There's enough pain in the world and I see it every day. I watched this show to hear Harry say "peep toe f--- me pumps" and pull a gun out at a meeting of rival gang members.

    I liked Adam, his earnestness was sweet and not in your face in a heavy handed way, which is what the show's raison d'etre seems to be now. He's been pushed into the background. Jenna's been kicked out, no more running into the back room. Malcolm never even came back. And what happened to the neighborhood guy with the ballcap on backwards! I really liked him! I even liked the prosecutor who said everything three times! Now they're all so professional! Betcha Tommy Jefferson goes next, but it won't break my heart, because I'm done watching! Fie upon the producers!

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    "Queen of Snark" was a solid episode of the show, but to me there were a few glaring flaws. It is way too early in the life of the series to have an emotional farewell, so seeing them mope over the loss of Jenna was a little bit forced. Also, the idea of Harry losing this case was ridiculous as there is no basis to that claim. Those things aside though, I liked the show tonight.