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  • David E. Kelley, dean of legal teleplays, delivers another superb series, Harry's Law, to demand of us, as in abstentia but de facto jurists, exploration of our own inherent humanity. Great writing + great cast = great entertainment.

    With Deus ex machina interjection of suicidal black Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen) plummeting upon noted patent attorney Harriet "Harry" Korn (an apt socio-economic metaphor), Harry's Law rises to explore our criminal justice system's inherent injustice as a commercially-driven career-centered legal factory processing case loads like so much pork sausage. Kathy Bates (with her "Give 'em hell, Harry" Trumanesque language) is superb. Nate Corddry is ideal as Dennis Kucinich-like Adam Branch (legal Everyman offshoot of humanity's fallen primogenitor) engaging Chris MacDonald's ingratiatingly sincere big-name attorney (& none bigger than) Thomas Jefferson, a slick patriotic schmaltz purveyor ala BL's redoubtable Melvin Palmer.
  • As a longtime fan of Kathy Bates, I'm glad she decided to star on this program.

    I've read that when she read the pilot script and saw how Harriet was described, she felt she had to play the character. I enjoyed the first episode, mainly because of Ms. Bates and some of the twists in the script that are pure David E. Kelly. I was glad that Harriet did not win her first case - after all this was her first criminal defense. I like the fact that they operate out of a shoe store - and will continue to sell shoes between clients. Not sure yet about Harriet's partner - the lawyer from the big firm who had seen Harriet try (and win) a civil case, and just had to join her firm. But Harry's Law is off to a great start - hope they can keep it up.
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