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  • Harry's come-arounds

    I'm glad the show got cancelled! The show did a dis-service to the original viewers by abandoning the original cast. The first season worked well enough not to be changed. This weeks episode about the car crash again, was some crap the average person did not want forced down their throat.
  • Where is the shoe store? Where is Malcolm and Jennie. I love the that part and the staff at the shoe store along with the story lines. It was great. If was very different. Please go back to the shoe store and practice law with the first staff.


    The new show and staff or ok but I love the first season better.

    Bring back the first staff and let us know why she is no longer practicing in that community.

    She was terminate from a large law firm and has now returned to another one. WHY !!!!! It does not hold my attention like the first season did.

  • Unfortunately it's just too cheesy.


    I like most/nearly all of the actors, so the acting is solid but the plot and script are terrible (maybe ok in small flashes). The show has no depth; just too shallow to have any honest feel. However, the worst part may be the music in the show. The music is repetitive to let us know how we're supposed to feel but it usually just pisses me off and sometimes even seems offensive. I watch too much tv so I'll probably still watch it for the actors (even with 1 good one down).

  • Disappointing developements.


    When Harry's Law debuted last spring, I was thrilled to see something with a new twist on the legal practice, and thrilled to see Kathy Bates in the starring role.
    I loved the first season, which showed the cultural diversity of our times condensed intoa dewdrop-sized neighborhood, viewed under a microscope.
    This season, the rallying cry is "OUT OF THE GHETTO!!" "Get rid of the struggling law firm, that gets its payment through sockfuls of cash, or protection from neighborhood crime!!"
    Ms. Bates' wonderfully cranky character was expelled by her former elite lawfirm, and is now tucked intoANOTER elite lawfirm's suite? What's with that?
    Harry's Law has gone from wonderful, energetic and diverse, to just another lawyer show, white as the driven snow, and disappointing to watch. I tried it this week, "The Queen of Snark", and it didn't do anything for me.
    Sorry, Harry. You deserve better.

  • Quaint.

    this show made me laugh a few times and that's good, but the shoe store thing is a bit excessive, but the quirkness is not that bad, at least is not boring or a buzzkill. Another thing: how to they finance themselves? they've take money from their clients (which never look to be able to pay much anyway), I guess Harry is tapping in her reserves, but...

    I like the way the bald prosecutor embraced being a "douchebag", becoming more humane (heck, even likable) in the second episode. Good thing about the chinese laundromat which didn't got resolved in a single episode. A point to this show goes for having cases pouring from an episode into another.

    theme poor against system ? too much. Many things are unfair in this world, but the old lady pronounced "not guilty" for armed robbery (when she admitted doing so), is over the top. A couples of times this mechanism was bearable, but it seems that it'll be the trademark of this series (and I find it annoying).
  • Cherry flavored Koolaid. Entertaining but the Agenda is so far to the left it is a little hard to watch witout getting really angry.

    On episode two... They defend an old Woman who comitted Armed Robbery. Their defense: She is old and poor and her Country has failed to take care of her. The repeal of Healthcare is highlighted, the fact that we are not completely a Welfare state is the main point, apparently she had tried to take care of herself, by begging from Neighbors and writing her Congressman and asking for a Bailout. When that didn't work she robbed a liquor store and was found not guilty. The other case on the docket for the Firm is a Chinese Employer who fired a worker for getting pregnant with her 2nd Child, violating the Employers (and Chinas) 1 Child rule. They defend Chinas Polulation Policies as the most forward thinking policy to save the Planet ever implemented. WOW!!! Why oh Why can't we just have a little entertainment without someone aways trying to force their political agenda down our throats.
  • I was so excited...then dismayed at the leftist viewpoints so blatantly displayed.

    love the quirkiness and situations presented, along with the diversity of the personalities. Someone is writing good lines for Harry. She gets away with saying things that I know a real lawyer in a real court room would be held in contempt for saying! However, the outward disdain for conservatism is over the top. And the "in your face" liberal viewpoints are hard to take, even for this middle of the roader. Turned off the program after Harry started in on the gov't abandoning the elderly woman...but she did committ armed robbery...found not guilty? I could have lived with finding her guilty with a suspended sentence. But not guilty? Give me a break. Why not try to work thru some points with some realism involved and a possible solution that satisfies both sides? Or pose a question at the end to think about...
  • This show has some good qualities and some real potential.

    I see in Harry's Law some of the qualities that made Boston Legal such a favorite of mine, but the show doesn't quite make it into the same league as Boston Legal as far as I'm concerned. Kathy Bates is a damn good choice for the lead role and casting is to be commended for their choice. Harry's Law, though there is some attempt at light humor in the script from time to time is a bit more serious minded than Boston Legal. It's a bit quirky too, but not nearly to the point that Boston Legal was. I guess I'm looking for something that will fill the void that Boston Legal left behind when it went off the air, and Harry's Law, though not a bad show, has a ways to go.
  • Another quirky Kelly dramedy goes away

    There were some good reasons to like the show and there were some reasons why the show probably got cancelled. The good is that it was reminiscent of Boston Legal, which I loved! The first season gave us an original take on yet another lawyer show, it had some good stories, good characters, and a unique setting. Here comes the bad. Losing the original team of the shoe store law firm in the second season was upsetting, probably for many viewers as well. I'm a fan of Boston Legal but there were probably too many references to that show to allow Harry's Law to stand on it's own. Speaking of the title character, why did Harry have to stay so ornery? She left (or got pushed) out of the old life that she hated and got bounced (by a car no less) into a new life path. A path she seemingly/grudgingly accepted and welcomed, but her character never expresses much outward joy or satisfaction. That is really a small criticism on the character which didn't take away from the show very much for me. The biggest flaw for me was that show started to leave me unsatisfied. There were too many loose ends in many of the episodes leaving me with no closure. Granted, I haven't finished watching all the episodes yet but so far they do not seem to go back to old cases at all. I still want to know what happens to the great ape! I can appreciate that you can't always get a clean and satisfactory ending all the time but there were just too many loose ends. This is what probably killed the show in my the move away from the original premise.
  • As a longtime fan of Kathy Bates, I'm glad she decided to star on this program.

    I've read that when she read the pilot script and saw how Harriet was described, she felt she had to play the character. I enjoyed the first episode, mainly because of Ms. Bates and some of the twists in the script that are pure David E. Kelly. I was glad that Harriet did not win her first case - after all this was her first criminal defense. I like the fact that they operate out of a shoe store - and will continue to sell shoes between clients. Not sure yet about Harriet's partner - the lawyer from the big firm who had seen Harriet try (and win) a civil case, and just had to join her firm. But Harry's Law is off to a great start - hope they can keep it up.
  • Arghh!

  • A pleasure to watch

    I'm very sorry to see this that this show is cancelled. It was such an intelligent show; loved how it shined a spotlight on some serious questions, and battled them out in court. Also doses of humour, a bit of romance, interesting characters with depth, good acting, and good writing. Icing on the cake was that it featured an intelligent, strong and successful woman who happened to be older and looked normal (ie not the usual anorexic tight-outfitted protagonists of David Kelley shows!). You just had to root for Harry Korn as she brilliantly argued her cases this last season. I don't know what NBC was thinking-- but clearly they're aiming to sink even lower in the ratings! Loved how they went out; that last episode had class.
  • "Harry's Law" is BACK!


    I am excited to see that "Harry's Law" is back. I wonder if David E. Kelley has hired on some new writers because the pacing is different and for the better in my opinion. Loving the additions ofKaren OlivoandMark Valley, too. Although, I too, loved the way Harry's Law began, I am enjoying the transition. Harry is stepping up, and I feel as if there's a little more magic in the air. Looking back on it, I do think the show can survive without Malcolm and Jenna, and the additions of Cassie and Oliver will not replace them, but will take the show in a refreshing direction. This is not to say that Jenna and Malcolm were boring or dull, but I do think the writers got together to see what they could do to make the show more interesting. And that it has accomplished. Loved the cliffhanger ending and the previews for the season have me wanting more and more. Can't wait!

  • Loved the Show!!!

    Hated to see it end. Loved the 3 part episode of Kathy and Jean Smart fighting over a presumed murderer, for me it was a total tear jerker. I hope they release the whole series on DVD. Great show!
  • Love This Show!

    NBC finally puts a show on with a cast of grown-ups and then tosses it. What a shame! I really enjoyed the show and the actor who made up the cast. Bring it back!
  • cancellation

    As usual, another quality show cancelled because of so-called bad ratings. Who rates these things? I've never been asked. What will it be replaced with? Mindless reality shows or sex filled sitcoms that appeal to the mindless me generation. Thank god for cable networks like tnt, usa, a&e and others that don't care as much about ratings as they do quality. Also, thank god i can watch the quality of shows that bbc puts out. nbc you suck!!
  • Target group, where art thou?

    Harriet Korn: "I miss the days when I was between the ages of 18 and 49."

    So did NBC. :-(

    I'm gonna miss that show!
  • thank god for harry's law!!!!!

    love the show its unique and kathy bates its the best!!!!!
  • Great

    At first i thought that this would be another Law and Order, but to my surprise this is a great show. it is not just another law show but a mix of a comedy show and serious law. The cast is amazing and extremely dynamic. I think that my favorite is Tommy Jefferson because of his self centeredness. It makes for great dialogue and the acting is fantastic. This is true for the rest of the cast as well. I was very surprised about this show and i will continue to watch it every week. I just hope NBC does not run it into the ground like it does with most of its shows.
  • Incedible series! Amazing cast!

    I loved Harry's Law so much! I really wish it was coming back!!! Kathy Bates is phenomenal as Harry Korn. Here's hoping that she wins an Emmy for the role no matter how short lived it may have been.
  • Harrys Law

    What a great show this was. Thought Boston Legal couldn't be bettered. How wrong was I. Great cast and wonderfully funny stories. We in the UK are going to miss this show. David E Kelly should start his own network! :-)
  • Sick about cancellation

    I can't believe that you would take Harry's Law off. The baby boomers are the ones that watch TV in the first place. The 20 -30 yr olds don't even watch TV. Please reconsider. A group of us, in mid 50's are just loving the cast. The stories are well written and delivered seamlessly. There is a ton of other junk on, and Harry's Law gets cancelled? Where is the logic in that?
  • Bring it Back!

    This is one of the best shows on tv this season and it's a shame it's been cancelled because of the "age" of its fans. Kathy Bates and the cast were perfect in their roles and the issues addressed were current and of interest to the general public. Yes, some crazy fun, but that makes the show easier to address the tougher scenarios. Why do the networks keep canceling shows that make sense and leave the Bachelor/Bachelorette, Runway models, and Kardashian type things wasting air space & time? What a shame to lose this show! I hope the network will be overrun with complaints and reconsider bringing it back. I, for one, will definitely miss it greatly.
  • Perfection!

    Harry's Law is a perfect combination of comedy and drama. The cast is superb. Kathy Bates is extremely lovable as Harry Corn. The storylines are intriguing and suspenseful. A must watch!
  • Great Show!

    This show should definitely be renewed for next season. It is both well-acted and well-written with cutting-edge storylines. We finally have a primetime network drama that appeals to people with brains who like to think about and discuss the varied issues that are raised. And we finally have a primetime network drama where the star is an older female who is one of the best actresses around. Long live "Harry's Law"!
  • Too Funny

    I love this show it is funny and the cases are interesting why take off the good shows.

  • Renewing Harry's Law

    I am so thankful that Harry's Law was renewed. I just love this show. There is so much to learn from each episode. Kathy Bates does an outstanding job in playing Harry. You can see how the character has developed. I really like the original cast. The verdict is still out on the newcomers.
  • A look at our legal system that except for "The Good Wife" is unique in today's market.

    At the current time (it seems) only Harry's Law and The Good Wife seems to deal with all aspects of our legal system. So many series limits itself to dealing with criminal law, which disappoints me as most law work in this country is non-criminal.

    Honestly Harry's Law is in many ways not as good as "The Good Wife," but at the same time it is better. I find it easier to sit through an episode of Harry's Law than The Good Wife 2 out of 3 times (or so). Yet, Harry's Law seems in some ways a fluffy series, while The Good Wife has a serious drama feel to it. I'd appreciate seeing Harry's Law grow up, gain some more drama, and also expand its view of issues by looking at different aspects of a specific issue, follow it through the appeals process, and yes maybe even how lawyers can help write laws ....

    Who knows maybe if the series looked a lawmaking, there could be a spin off looking at a state legislature, getting elected, making laws, interaction with the executive branch, etc.

    While I'm giving Harry's Law a 10 (Perfect) honestly, it is below 10 and above 9.5. Since we lost the ability to give a more exact rating, I believe in rounding up instead of down. Hence 9.51 to 9.99 rounds up to 10.
  • Wow...NBC has a hit show??? YUP! HARRY'S LAW is Awesome!

    When I first got wind of 'Harry's Law', I was not interested in the least,,,THe Plot seemed very silly to me. And when I saw the first trailer well I did chuckle a bit, but I did not even want to watch. or DVR to check it out later. It was just that NBC shows well...for me were just BAD ( with exceptions to 'my name is earl' first season and 'Chuck' first 2 seasons ). Then a co-worker told me I had to give HARRYS LAW a shot. Long story short I did, and I LOVE IT! Its Funny, Heart felt, and you really feel for the characters. THEN I saw who co created the show David E Kelly. ( Boston legal ) AH!
    Hopefully this show will have a long life, and NBC will treat it with respect. TIme will tell. Very few shows get the' watch when aired' treatment from me, this show is really worth it!

    Good Stuff!

    Samuraikuroi U.S.A.
  • Harry's Law is another hit for David E. Kelley. I really love Harry's Law. At first I wasn't sure about how they got together but it works. I love the characters and the stories. Keep em coming.

    Harry's Law is another hit for David E. Kelley. I really love Harry's Law. At first I wasn't sure about how they got together but it works. I love the characters and the stories. Keep em coming. Harry's Law is another hit for David E. Kelley. I really love Harry's Law. At first I wasn't sure about how they got together but it works. I love the characters and the stories. Keep em coming. Harry's Law is another hit for David E. Kelley. I really love Harry's Law. At first I wasn't sure about how they got together but it works. I love the characters and the stories. Keep em coming.
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